Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Living on a budget and organizing my life....

Needless to say I do not have the time to be sitting here this very moment, but what can I say I am addicted! I usually try to wait till the evening to do this blog, but considering my hubby is home with me today, I thought I would take my "mommy" time a little early.

The purpose of today's blog is to share with you some of the ways I have created sanity in my life when it comes to living on a budget and organizing my household. My mother (a wanna be Martha Stewart) introduced me to the Household Notebook when I was going through the "nesting stage" prior to my son's birth four years ago. The household notebook is a great way to have all addresses, birthdays, phone numbers, takeout menus, business cards, etc. in one place in your house. I suggest you follow the steps below to taking the first step to organizing your household:

1. Purchase a three ring binder preferably with the clear slip pocket on the front to put a label.

2. Purchase clear page protectors to keep important papers from being torn out or spilled on. Believe me...this will happen! My Household Notebook is out there for the world to see!

3. Go to Organized Home for easy to print worksheets to organize your information. Some of their worksheets didn't work for me. I like to type my phone numbers and addresses together on a spreadsheet and print it.

4. Put together your notebook in the order you would like. Phone numbers and addresses are nice at the front for easy access. :)

Now this Household Notebook is how I keep myself organized. Plain and simple :)

Secondly, I researched and researched a way to keep my budget organized and easy to follow. It was so difficult to find things that would work for me and my family. Because I am staying home with my children, we need to watch a little closer on what we spend each month just so we aren't living paycheck to paycheck. So, I created my own book for my budgeting on the same principle as the Household Notebook. It is called Mommy's little Budget Book. I created forms to go into my budget book. The first sheet is our projected cost of each bill we have a month. Then I created a form which allows my hubby and I to write down each expense, the date it was made, how much, a check # column, and then a column to keep a running tab. Then, I created a grocery list/menu plan sheet to keep my new biweekly grocery list under control and plan my menu. I am planning on sharing these with you as soon as I figure out how to attach them to my blogs. Hopefully, this will be my next one!

I usually plan my menu for the week and keep it posted on a white board on the fridge. This allows the family to know what will be for dinner when. Works great! The last thing I created was a daily to do list to keep myself focused. It is so easy just to get up and do a regular routine and forget important things to do, so I am using this to GIT R DONE! (Sorry I had to add a little redneck in there) !!!!! Hope my ideas help someone in desperate need out there to regain control of his/her household!

Sneak peak into tomorrow's blog....FOOD FOR REAL PEOPLE!!! So come back for some great dinner ideas :)

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Cameron said...

I think you are THE next Martha Stewart!!! Very cool ideas! You ROCK! You should write your own book. (= Cameron told me to tell you that.