Monday, August 27, 2007

My First Bachelorette Party!

Yeah! NO KIDDING! I am 29 and I just attended my first bachelorette party ever! I have been in five other weddings (counting my own) before this one and have never been to one! On top of that no one I was close to who got married had one! Crazy huh?? I guess that shows you how boring I am! But I'm not I??? Seriously???

My dearest friend, Kim, is getting married on September 1st, and being the Matron of Honor (which I don't do a good enough job at), I had to make sure I was there for this party. She is from Pittsburgh, PA and has grown up there all her life and refuses to ever leave! I guess that is pretty common with the folks from Pittsburgh!

Well, the night was great! We started off at the most delicious/expensive Italian restaurant called Buca di Beppo. It was wonderful! We started off with yummy salads, mozzarella garlic bread, fried calamari, then to the entrees (like I wasn't already stuffed to the max!). We had Fettuccine Alfredo, chicken parm, and cheese manicotti! Then finally we got the cheesecake for dessert! ABSOLUTELY wonderful! It was hilarious because the one bridesmaids brought these great penis straws...very interesting I might add! Should I attach a picture of one? Sure, why not??

Well, maybe it wasn't always used just in the drinks! LOL....After dinner we headed to Saddle Ridge for a country rocking time! Our night consisted of line dancing, drinks, shots, girls, creepy old man getting frisky, a married man showing his hiney to us, a stripper looking chic in a white dress, Kim taking off her bra and giving to a man and had to do jumping jacks to get it back, Kim getting phone numbers from five men, and doing a sexy butt test! We kept her busy with accomplishing tasks all night! She handled herself with respect and dignity, but still had a blast!

We then headed back to the Hilton in Pittsburgh. Let me tell you, I had the most comfortable, relaxing sleep ever! However, I think there was a bull frog in the room! HA! I wish there were more to tell, but losing my Bachelorette Party Virginity to Kim was fun and clean! (except the penis straws!) LOL...

Even though I had such a good time celebrating my best friend's last night as a bachelorette, I realized one thing, I am SO over this partying thing and I was SO out of my element. It felt so weird just being "out". I enjoyed my time away from being a mom and a wife, but I couldn't even remember what I would need for a weekend away when I was packing to leave. I didn't know I needed cash to pay for drinks at the bar. HELLO! I use plastic for everything! I couldn't remember that I "should" put on lip gloss. I dressed like a "mom" and not with a "party" shirt while going out. I wore flat Dockers sandals, while others had cute heels or cute flip flops. I danced and couldn't find my ol' groove I once had. I didn't know what to tell the bartender when he asked what I would like to drink, so I said, "Surprise me." I thought it was like riding a bike, and you never forgot...well, I forgot how to be fun and exciting....But...I must say I tried my best!

Overall, I had a blast! I enjoyed my night away from my husband and kids, but the entire time I missed them! What gives?? HUH??? Seriously...this was my fun weekend to spend with my BFF ever and I couldn't even think of what to say or do around her and her friends. Weird huh??? I wanted to tell her that she will love being married so much that even when you leave your husband for a weekend, you still can't get him out of your mind. And when you bring beautiful children into the world, the extra belly chub and stretch marks are the last things you think of as important. I want to tell her that I am the happiest and most proud Matron of Honor ever because I get to be there next to her through ups and downs, even though I sometimes seem distracted and can't get the words out how I feel about her. She is the best and I wish her and her fiance the best ever.

Kim and I dancing the night away! Isn't she beautiful??

Jamie, Kim, and I

Can you believe this guy?? If this were my hubby, that ass would not be coming home! And..I have a more revealing picture that this! If interested, I will email it to you! LOL

Kristen, Elena, Lori, Jamie, Kim, Me, and Nicole outside the Hilton. We were waiting for our shuttle to take us to Buca di Beppo.

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Cameron said...

I am afraid to ask to see the other pictures of the mans butt. He obviously has no shame....but then again he only showed half of his face. (= The food looks awesome...glad you ate prior to that pic. (;