Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My son's first day of preschool!

Today was my son's first day of preschool. He was so excited! We have been talking about it for the last month and spent time discussing the things he would be learning. We went school shopping for new school clothes, bought a new Go Diego Go backpack, school supplies, and new shoes. My little man, so brave and proud, walked up to his school. His eyes were gleaming with excitement! He wasn't the only one feeling pride. I was so proud of my Little Buddy (a nickname I call him). He went right into his classroom with his head up high. Then it started, or so I thought. I told him to put his lunch box on the table and then go sit on the rug. He did what I said, but got mesmerized by the other kids sitting on the rug by the teacher. He just stood there. The teacher assistant saw him stalling and told him (kinda sternly for talking to a new student on the first day of school, in my opinion) to put down his box and go sit. He freaked! He hid behind my legs and wouldn't move. I thought, "Way to go woman! He was so ready!" I said to my son, "Listen, she just wants you to put down your box because you are going to have lunch in a little bit after you wash your hands. Come on let's go sit down and listen." Well, she must have realized that she was too rough with her tone and words, because she sat down on the itty bitty chair beside him and tried to explain that it was her first day too like his. I walked him over to the rug where the other diverse group of little boys and girls were quietly listening to the teacher. He wanted to sit, but wanted me to sit too. I told him I had to go, but he was excited about that. The teacher recognized his separation anxiety and asked him if he'd like to come sit by her. That was PERFECT! He ran over and sat right beside her, I mean ON her, HA!

Do you see him hanging on her? So cute...like a cuddly puppy!

He didn't shed a tear all morning and the first thing he said when I came to pick him up was, "Mommy, I had fun today, but I didn't learn about my letters." I just chuckled and told him that he wasn't going to learn everything on the first day! He was so proud of himself and frankly, I could not have been more proud of my little guy! He is all grown up already! *tears*

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Cameron said...

Your son looks so sweet on his teachers lap. I am glad he felt safe again and went to be by her side or should I say on top of her. (= I am glad he had a good day and did not learn a thing. (=