Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Writing to me is...

Blogging is a semi new thing for me, and I am very excited about it. So, I will begin my first blog about what writing is to me.

As a young girl until now, I have always loved to write. I wrote stories, diaries, and letters to friends. It became an obsession. I would write and type my diary entries and enjoyed being free in writing about my fears, feelings, and emotions on every topic ranging from friendships to loves many trials and successes. But writing was a negative thing as well. Getting the "grade" in high school English classes decreased my self-confidence, or maybe it did the reverse...maybe it made me work harder to prove myself. I want to believe that is how I got where I am today. High school teachers did not see my love for writing as much as I did. I didn't do as well as my friends did, and I internalized that I wasn't a writer and never would be. But writing was and is more than just grammar and mechanics. It is about releasing thoughts, visions, emotions, and sharing with others what one is going through. After many years of proving myself through writing in my undergradate classes, graduate classes, and taking the teacher certification tests to certify myself as a teacher for writers in the special education class, I have seen that I have what it takes to be a writer. Now, it is time to practice. This is my place to practice. For those of you wondering, I want to be a writer for myself, not for others. I do it because I love it. I love getting down what I am thinking whether it be ridiculous, helpful, or just venting. I guess you could say it is my "drug". What is your "drug"?

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