Sunday, September 30, 2007

Does Barney have purple privates??

I truly thought that we were through the coloring where we shouldn't color stage until tonight! I can't even recall what Shane and I were doing...he probably watching the Steelers lose and I probably cleaning, but Sydney and Noah were quietly playing together (first cue that something wasn't right). Next thing I knew Noah was purple! He was purple on his hands, face, back (Sydney apparently the blame for that), feet, jeans, shirt, and we later found out (while in the bathtub) that he also colored his privates! He thought having a purple private would be funny he said.....Then, we noticed that Sydney was also purple. She had purple hands and feet. Here they decided that they would color each other while sitting in their little hole in the front room. I have to giggle now that I think about it. It was pretty funny, however Noah did get in BIG trouble for this one!

Purple hands (couldn't take a picture of the privates LOL)

Sydney's arm

Okay blogger won't let me upload my next picture. I will edit it later! Just another day with the Shaffer clan!


Cameron said...

YES!!! Cameron says, "Barney, has purple privates!" Cameron can't say that but if he could, I know he would. (=

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