Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Great Weekend!

Do you have friends who you have known for awhile who just live too far away, but seem to always pick up where you left off?? Well, I particularly have two that come to mind--my best friend Kim and our friends Matt and Amy from Clarion, PA. We met Matt and Amy when Shane and I went to college there and we have been friends since...approximately 10 years now. We only get to see each other about 4-5 times a year, and sometimes go a month without talking, but every time we get together it feels just like home. The story of us meeting is a funny one, so I have to share. Shane and I signed up for basketball classes at Clarion since we both loved it so much. Shane's class was right before mine, so I made it a point to arrive about 10-15 minutes early just to watch him in the gym. The one day I was there another girl was also standing there and I had recognized her from my class. She was also looking in the gym (obviously there were not a lot of people staring in at the basketball class, most girls pick up a man at the bar, LOL) however she was looking and smiling. I thought, "Maybe she knows someone in there." I can't remember who said it first, me or her, but one of us asked, "Which one is yours?" And from that moment on, we clicked as friends. We started hanging out as "couples" and Amy and my friendship grew. We joined Weight Watchers together, watched movies, went to basketball games, and so forth. Over the years, the friendship has blossomed and though Matt and she having a little girl shortly have Noah and now they expecting a child after we had Sydney, I look back and remember all the good times and how truly blessed we are to have them in our lives. The distance is tough, about 4 hours away, but when something is just meant to be, it works. I believe in soul mate friends and Matt and Amy are ours. :) Below are some very VERY cherished pictures of their little one playing with ours.

Noah stealing a kiss...ahhh...

At Morgan Grove Park

They never forget each other

Playing Playdoh at the table...

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