Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Husking the Corn with Farmer Jojo

Corn on the Cob Fun!

(You can make fun of me...Shane and Jolie already have) :)

Tonight we had a dinner date with our closest friend Jolie. She brought the corn on the cob, I made the porkchops and macaroni, and the kids terriorized the house! We had a good time!

Noah enjoyed helping with the husking, but he wouldn't eat it. He tries it and pretends he is a deer! Too much little buddy...too much!

Jolie and Shane made fun of me because I took pictures for my cob blog :) I, personally, enjoyed my picture taking of us husking and eating the corn on the cob and would like to share it with any of you out there who feel like you need to waste some precious time reading my COB blog :) LOL....

Enjoy, because we sure did!

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