Friday, September 14, 2007

You moms will understand...

Picture this.... Palms are sweating, eyes are darting from one area to another--the chair, the floor, the table, the child--blood pressure is rising, breathe mama breathe....thinking it better not get mashed into the floor, keep it in one pile, and for goodness sakes, please don't eat it! Reminder to the children (smiling at them) you know the rules you not mix it and keep it on the table....BREATHE.....Let it be fun...let it be fun...let them enjoy it because you enjoyed it. Wait a minute...I only had the primary colors...what is this?? Black, white, light pink, dark pink, fluorescent pink, six shades of purple??? And all this equipment that goes along with Mama and take the pictures!

Yep you guessed it...PLAYDOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The terrible, smelly, smooshy, crumbly playdoh! Why can't the kids just keep it together in one ball?? Why does it have to crumble into itty bitty pieces?? Even though we go through all the stress, you have to admit there is something wonderful about time with the Playdoh... the creativity, the adventures, the hands on experience, THE MESS!!! Well, we took that adventure this weekend as a play date with Daddy....this is how it went :)

Playdoh Date with Daddy

We had a Playdoh Date with Daddy this past weekend. This was Sydney's first experience with Playdoh and frankly, it was quite amusing. Eating it, smashing it, crumbling it, and putting it on her head where the highlights of our date with Daddy. Noah made some wonderful animals and also made us create some as well. The giraffe is definitely my favorite (I made it of course). Daddy's creations were very interesting and made us all laugh!

Playdoh on the head :)

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