Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Understanding people

I think I have officially given up on understanding people and their actions. From the start, I want to say that I am not perfect by far and never would say I was or even that I was a "princess" because I am not. I make mistakes, I don't do things that are always right, but I have learned to live by caring about other people and looking out for others as much as I have time for. I stretch myself thin worrying about others and trying to do for others. However, when that rock came flying through my daughter's window in the backseat and hit her in the head, I gave up on trying to understand why people don't think about other people and care about others. Not everyone is like me...I have to face that, I have to see that the people in this world are not has kind and caring as I. I am...I am caring and loving. And still almost 2 weeks later, no one has been caught. No one to blame.

At this point, I don't care if they are caught as long as they saw us on the news and saw my baby girl and her head and how the doctors said she was lucky because it could have been a lot worse. No, this wasn't like a driveby or a innocent person being murdered, but it was my girl, it was my life. No one deserves to be hurt, whether it be a gun, rock, or by the human hand. We are all human and we all deserve a happy, safe life. So, if and when these people are caught, and if I could talk to them (which won't happen if they are juvies) I would ask the million of questions I have that keep me up at night. Like did you sit up there and laugh when you did this? Did you think about how it might seriously injure someone? What did you use to propel that rock so hard and fast at the windows? Was it a slingshot? Couldn't you find something better to do with your time? How about volunteering at a nursing home or humane society? How about telling my son you are sorry for scaring him everytime he gets in the car since he wants to know who the bad people are in this world and if they are going to throw rocks at us again? How about that??

Just becareful out there in this crazy world and give up on understanding why people hurt others because I am not sure there is an answer. Well, unless you are a psychologist. Then again, maybe it is a lack of morals and values. Something to think about.
Thanks for listening.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Unfortunate Event

Today was one of those days that makes you appreciate all that you have and allows you to reflect on what values and morals you work so hard to instill into your children. The day began as normal as can be. The hubby was scurring around the house cleaning up while I got the kids ready to go out for breakfast at a new country diner in our town. We finally were able to get the four of us in the car, shoes, coats, and all. We, however, forgot the coupons to go grocery shopping after breakfast, which changed our plans for the day. Hubby needed meal worms for his classroom science lesson on the life cycle of a beetle. So, after enjoying a delicious, sorta pricy country breakfast, we headed for Hagerstown to locate meal worms at Petco. The kids had a blast looking at the animals and Noah dreamed of hampsters someday roaming our house! We moved on, deciding to hit Target to look for a dual screen portable DVD player with the extra money the hubby and I made this past week. We were so excited to spend our money on the kids and get them something they would use. We priced the ones at Target and Noah got to buy two small meerkats. The hubby felt guilty when we left Target because Syd didn't get anything, so he wanted to swing by the Dollar Tree to get her something. I tried to persuade him that she is only 17 months and doesn't get it yet and don't teach her it yet. But he insisted. So if anyone out there knows Hagerstown, when you turn out of Target and out to the red light, you turn left onto Massey Blvd which takes you directly to the Dollar Tree and then continues on to the resturants, like Red Lobster, Boston Market, etc.

Shane proceeded through the light, merged to the right lane after going through the light, and Sydney was fussing for her baby doll, so I turned around and handed her her baby. At that instant I saw the window beside Sydney bust through and hit her. It happened so fast that both kids and we were in shock! There was glass everywhere, all over Sydney and Noah in the back seat. I looked at Sydney and her head and her ear were bleeding. I yelled at the hubby to pull over but there was nowhere to pull over so we stopped in the middle of Massey Blvd and put the four ways on. I proceeded to exit the car and pull my little girl out of her seat. I screamed at whoever the bastards were that threw whatever they threw at our car and hit my baby girl! This of course was more for me to get my anger out than to actually affect the type of people who did this. Because obviously people who do these things do not care about the consequences that occur. I never felt so angry or disgusted in my life.

I looked back again at Noah who was crying and shaking. His ear was bleeding as well from the glass. The hubby called 911 and within minutes an ambulance, fire truck, and police were there. Unfortunately, whoever did this got away and were not seen, that we knew of. We still at this point were unsure of what went through our window. The sound and impact it made sounded just like a gun hitting it. Noah thought someone had shot at us. The police searched the car and found a rock in the front seat by the driver's side. It had come through the window, hit my daughter, bounced off her head and hit my hubby. The rock was big enough to fit into a teenager/adult's hand and could easily had been thrown at our window. Off to the right of Massey Blvd there is a railroad track and a "rougher" housing area. So, the cops believe that someone is doing this for "fun".

The car that was in front of us were also hit but the rock missed their window and pierced the top of their car, same window, same side of the car. They were outraged as well. A couple other couples stopped to check on us and our daughter and son. They were the nicest people ever! They helped me wrap my kids up and keep them warm and comfort them (since at this point, we were outraged!). One woman informed us that a month and a half ago, her daughter was driving through there and also had her window busted through in the same spot, also the same window, however, she was the only one in her car fortunately. It seems that this is something people do for "fun" in the area.

After police reports, ambulance checking the kids, tow truck taking our car, and the in-laws picking us up at the Dollar Tree (yeah we finally made it down there! ), we made it home and our daughter is doing well. We just have to watch her for the next 24 hours and make sure everything is okay. We are all shook up and are disgusted that the world.

I feel saddened and sickened at the same time. Sad because these people/kids/teenagers do not have the direction needed in life to do what is right. Sickened because they don't think that someone could be seriously hurt from this and it is more than just a broken window and a little chuckle from them in the trees. Whatever happened to just playing in the woods and building a treehouse or riding bikes?? My children now see that there are terrible, ugly people in this world. Something they shouldn't know at 1 and 4. Please becareful if you are driving through there! I think cutting through the mall parking lot or the road beside the mall is safer!

Sydney's head

The rock

Sydney's Car Seat

The floor of the car

Friday, November 9, 2007

Old McDonald Pumpkin Patch 2007

Every year since we have had Noah we have gone to a pumpkin patch in our area. Through 2003-2005, we went with friends to the Ridgefield Pumpkin Patch and Farm in Harpers Ferry, WV. Last fall, 2006 we tried a new pumpkin patch at Orr's Farm in WV. That year we visited it with our closest neighbor friends and our friends from Clarion, PA. We were not impressed as much with that one as we were with Ridgefield! This year we tried a new one again. We were very pleased with the Old McDonald Pumpkin Patch in Inwood, WV. They had a corn table for the kids to play in, a playground, a huge corn maze, a small hay maze for the kids, pumpkins, a very long hay ride through the countryside, tire swing, tractors, and a petting farm for the kids. It was wonderful! We went this year with Shane's sister Heather, her husband, Matt, and their son, Isaac. This was the first year we broke tradition and didn't go with our friends from Clarion, PA. She was tied up having a baby...please! LOL..below are some pictures from our trip to the pumpkin patch.