Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Understanding people

I think I have officially given up on understanding people and their actions. From the start, I want to say that I am not perfect by far and never would say I was or even that I was a "princess" because I am not. I make mistakes, I don't do things that are always right, but I have learned to live by caring about other people and looking out for others as much as I have time for. I stretch myself thin worrying about others and trying to do for others. However, when that rock came flying through my daughter's window in the backseat and hit her in the head, I gave up on trying to understand why people don't think about other people and care about others. Not everyone is like me...I have to face that, I have to see that the people in this world are not has kind and caring as I. I am...I am caring and loving. And still almost 2 weeks later, no one has been caught. No one to blame.

At this point, I don't care if they are caught as long as they saw us on the news and saw my baby girl and her head and how the doctors said she was lucky because it could have been a lot worse. No, this wasn't like a driveby or a innocent person being murdered, but it was my girl, it was my life. No one deserves to be hurt, whether it be a gun, rock, or by the human hand. We are all human and we all deserve a happy, safe life. So, if and when these people are caught, and if I could talk to them (which won't happen if they are juvies) I would ask the million of questions I have that keep me up at night. Like did you sit up there and laugh when you did this? Did you think about how it might seriously injure someone? What did you use to propel that rock so hard and fast at the windows? Was it a slingshot? Couldn't you find something better to do with your time? How about volunteering at a nursing home or humane society? How about telling my son you are sorry for scaring him everytime he gets in the car since he wants to know who the bad people are in this world and if they are going to throw rocks at us again? How about that??

Just becareful out there in this crazy world and give up on understanding why people hurt others because I am not sure there is an answer. Well, unless you are a psychologist. Then again, maybe it is a lack of morals and values. Something to think about.
Thanks for listening.

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