Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Day 1 of Plan B

I crashed...I crashed the diet..I lost the 7 lbs and in 2 days put 3 of them back on. Here is the deal, I can't live without SOME sugar and No salt for 2 weeks and definetly not forever. I can't do this one! It was super after I got the 7 lbs off not to mention 3 inches around my waist, 1 around each thigh, 1/4 inch around my neck (that is where I see it the most!), 1 around my chest, 1 3/4 off my hips, and 1/4 around each calf. Now this is great, but a little too good to be true deals! I lost it, but it is too hard to keep that off just with this the metabolism is jumpstarted so here is my next plan....Plan B!

I found a great article about walking the weight off. Since, I have a tredmill, which I jog on, but doesn't seem to help with the weight loss, this should work for me. I HAVE to be doing something wrong, Right?? Yep! I need to add more to my walking/ here is the deal.
First, I researched and found a plan that works for me titled Natural Health: How to walk off 10 lbs. I have about 10 to 15 to lose and diet alone doesn't not work. WW got me to where I am after the birth of my daughter, along with a week of this 6 week body makeover which has helped me with a few more pounds, but doesn't allow me to eat the things I like the way WW did. I can't live without salt (and I am not a salt person...just a little for flavor). I tried a salt substitute and thought I was going to throw up! I gagged the whole way through my meal while washing it down with water after each bite. So, after much dileration I decided that I am going to eat sensibly (heading back to WW) and doing this walking program to fight the last 10-15 lbs. I took the article and made myself a chart to follow over the next 12 weeks to see where I get with it.

PS I am, however, much more successful with my ANTI nail biting goal. I haven't bitten them since last 1 week and 2 days...they are looking great! :)
For those of you who know me and know how much I bite my nails....(boredom, nerves, and hunger) you know this is success....wait till next week! :)
I know you are thinking, "God this girl has too much time on her hands." But I don't. I just sacrifice the things I should be doing right now to waste this time to do this :) LOL...actually I work better if I get things off my mind so now I better go get some housework done...or actually I think I am going to hit the tredmill for today is Day 1 of Plan B!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Food and my body....

Food is something I love...I can't live without it, and when I see it, I have to try it! But for the past 5 years I have struggled with my weight, mainly due to pregnancies and living with a hubby that can scarf down a box of Hostess cupcakes and never gain a pound...

With each pregnancy (gaining 60 lbs with my son due to a love of cereal and milk and 40 lbs with my daughter and that was "trying" to make good choices) I have struggled to get the weight off. I get down but never below 161 lbs...I have not been below 160 since 2002 when I got pregnant with my son. I have always been able to drop "most" of the weight, but the last 15 lbs won't leave.

I have been a member of Weight Watchers (a firm believer) oh about 6 times...LOL...yeah I am a quitter, only because of is quite pricey to be a part of WW....but it works...until you hit a plateau...then I didn't know what to do. I run about 2 - 2 1/2 miles every other day, do a work out with Denise Austin, and a workout on one of those exercise balls....but the lbs won't shed...I get the muscle, but the chub remains blanketing the entire area.

My body is top heavy, I call it, I carry my fat on my back, breasts, and midsection. My legs are to die for, but my top...ahhh!!! Until......

Sunday, my neighbor and very close friend Amy, got me on the lifestyle change (not a diet) that she is on. She has lost like 14 lbs (correct me I am wrong Amy) in the past few weeks. Anyway, to get my metabolism in gear I started in Monday morning and within the past 5 days, I have lost 7 lbs...

I have yet to measure myself because I want to wait to get the full effect on Monday. I am scared in a way, because losing that much weight that fast is new to me and I am also scared to begin eating things I enjoy like cake and dairy!! I am, however, going to continue exercising next week on top of this diet and see how that goes. I just need this to get my body jump started....

And come to find out that I am able to make better choices with food and I proved that at the Crackle Barrel last night! I got grilled chicken tenderloins, carrots, mashed potatoes (gravy on the side and didn't even try it), and 2 biscuits (no butter)! I was proud of myself for not engorging myself in food...and I was satisfied and not overfull and running to the bathroom when I got home! I can do this and I think this lifestyle change is going to help me get there! Get this metabolism moving!

And By the way..I stopped biting my nails on Monday too...I have little stubs LOL :) YEAH FOR is a good day!

I can't believe I just shared that picture BLAH!!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

First snow of the Winter

Today was a super day. It started off beautiful! The snow started to fall this morning upon awakening. I told Noah to look out the window because it was snowing...he jumped out of bed so fast! He has been waiting for awhile for the first snow to come! So, of course, we had to get all dressed up and go outside to get the real exprience! Here are some photos I took while we were outside!

this photo was taken off my back deck at 10:00 this morning...the photo below was the same spot at 11:00. We

Monday, December 3, 2007

First Thanksgiving Dinner

I did it...I finally did my first Thanksgiving dinner at my house...and I was little Ms Martha Stewart Jr. This year my husband's family came here for Thanksgiving dinner. Noah and I even created cute little turkeys with every one's name on them and set the table as beautiful as I could.

I was so afraid that my turkey would be like the one on Christmas vacation where they cut into it and it fizzles to nothing, but it didn't happen!

I went all out starting with a plan...when things needed done and how. I first asked my in-laws to bring something so I had a little less to do. They all brought things that we all look forward to each year. I even did a turkey brine! Impressive huh? I know..I didn't even know what a brine was until I started researching roasting a turkey on Google! The menu included: Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, sweet potatoes (mother in law), broccoli casserole (Shane's aunt), and dessert was covered by Shane's grandmother HERSHEY CAKE and pies!, and finally I had pumpkin roll and cheese and crackers for an appetizer. Things went well. I remembered to take pictures before the dinner, but not during. Actually come to think of it no one brought a sad!

The day after Thanksgiving Noah, Sydney, and I decorated for Christmas. I think we saw Shane for about 10 minutes..ya know football takes precedence over decorating! Noah and Sydney both enjoyed hanging ornaments on tree and Sydney enjoyed taking them off more! We are just about ready for Santa to come!