Monday, December 3, 2007

First Thanksgiving Dinner

I did it...I finally did my first Thanksgiving dinner at my house...and I was little Ms Martha Stewart Jr. This year my husband's family came here for Thanksgiving dinner. Noah and I even created cute little turkeys with every one's name on them and set the table as beautiful as I could.

I was so afraid that my turkey would be like the one on Christmas vacation where they cut into it and it fizzles to nothing, but it didn't happen!

I went all out starting with a plan...when things needed done and how. I first asked my in-laws to bring something so I had a little less to do. They all brought things that we all look forward to each year. I even did a turkey brine! Impressive huh? I know..I didn't even know what a brine was until I started researching roasting a turkey on Google! The menu included: Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, sweet potatoes (mother in law), broccoli casserole (Shane's aunt), and dessert was covered by Shane's grandmother HERSHEY CAKE and pies!, and finally I had pumpkin roll and cheese and crackers for an appetizer. Things went well. I remembered to take pictures before the dinner, but not during. Actually come to think of it no one brought a sad!

The day after Thanksgiving Noah, Sydney, and I decorated for Christmas. I think we saw Shane for about 10 minutes..ya know football takes precedence over decorating! Noah and Sydney both enjoyed hanging ornaments on tree and Sydney enjoyed taking them off more! We are just about ready for Santa to come!

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Cameron said...

Your Thanksgiving dinner looks scruptious and your Christmas Tree is beautiful! GREAT JOB, MARTHA!!!