Thursday, January 31, 2008

My word of the day....

Today's word of the day is Flatulence.

Say it three times out loud to yourself....(giggling like a little girl in 7th grade)...Love that word. It is a word of 3 beautiful syllables that sounds nothing like FART. Why can't we just use the word Fart? What is so wrong with that?? I truly like it, but find myself using "stinker or passing gas". I guess growing up with a father and 2 brothers can cause a girl of such manners to like the word FART and do if often...ehhehehe...I just admited that I fart...Read on....

Ladies don't FART do they?? NEVER!! Do we not teach our daughters to not have Flatulence? Hold it in...muffle it....cover it up....go to another room (like I would ever make it there)

For those women out there, Farting...I MEAN having Flatulence is not normal is it?? Wait, who was the woman in Martin's next to me who left a big one ? I mean...did you seriously think your cough would cover up the fact that you had Flatulence? It sounded like a sick dump truck driver dumping 20 ton of gravel....I heard it...I heard your FART!

I found a great website to explain the digestive system and what Flatulence and gas really is. You will find the much needed information on Flatulence! IF you don't have the time to visit Gas in the Digestive Tract, then just note that:

Another common complaint is passage of too much gas through the rectum (flatulence). However, most people do not realize that passing gas 14 to 23 times a day is normal. Too much gas may be the result of carbohydrate malabsorption.

So, please don't be shy...let er loose no matter where you is normal right?? Even if it means you do it on your hubby while lying on the couch, do it on a student's desk you just don't care for (J.S) LOL, or do it under the covers and cause a Dutch Oven...right dad? Oh wait, there was someone looking in the windows right??

Definition of Dutch Oven:

Blowing hard ass wind under the covers several times and building up stench while your old lady is brushing her teeth and getting ready for bed, then when she gets into bed, pull the covers over her head and yell "Dutch Oven" and let her enjoy the stench of your ass gas for at least 30 seconds.

So your assignment: Give your significant other a "Dutch Oven" tonight and then say, "but honey, didn't you know that passing gas 14 to 23 times a day is normal?" Report back to how he/she reacted :) OMG...I seriously can't wait....

(Running to the cupboards to see if I have any cans of beans....)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Made My Day!

On Monday night, I took my kids to the Rec Center to watch a friend of ours play in a basketball game. While there, I bought Sydney and Noah a bag of Skittles to eat and entertain them. Noah handed Sydney all the green and yellow, of course cuz he doesn't like those ones. Sydney was eating them away when she dropped one and it rolled and bounced down the stairs on the bleachers. Noah looked at me so seriously and said, "Mommy it is going to fall on the soccer port." I looked at my friend Jolie and we almost died laughing. Yep, we will stick with the animals. ROFL!!! Gosh, I just love him cuz he made my day!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Embracing my child's spirit....

I have been stuggling lately probably more with myself as a parent than what I thought was the original problem. I vented to my mommy's group online and feel better much better about embracing my child's spirit.

I want to describe my husband and myself. This will make it easier to see how the two of us parent and why this has been such a struggle to me as a parent. My hubby sees the world as a win-lose situation. He stands for competition, sports, strategy, and and lacks a creative/artistic side...but very book smart. Then, there is me. I am creative, loves to read, finds competition to be a waste of time, enjoys doing things that are hands-on, etc. My son is very much like me. He has a wonderful imagination (Loves to pretend), creative when he makes up stories, very intellectual about topics he very much enjoys (like animals), and super sensitive like me. He enjoys playing sports if it is with Mommy, primarly because I make it fun and not competitive. However, he talks about playing with Daddy when he gets bigger. His self-esteem is low at times especially in larger groups or new groups. Socially, he has grown, but gravitates toward the girl groups. He makes comments about the boys being mean to eachother at school, like kicking each other's feets and smacking their fists together. He is not very aggressive (unless you put him in that situation). He is loving, sweet, and senstive. That is how his preschool teachers described him.

My struggles have been his overload of imagination at age 4 1/2. He loves to be an animal and tends to be a different one everyday. I only began to think it was a "problem" because of my circle of friends and hubby. I always thought it was normal and a part of a preschooler's development. I felt uncomfortable with making him stop pretending and killing his "spirit", what makes my son who he is.

Because I don't get magazines in the mail (except the scrapbooking magazine my mother got me for xmas), I don't read much unless I go looking for it. So, I went looking. I had briefly read an article in Parents magazine months back at the doctor's office and went searching for it. It was exactly what I needed to read and share.

First, I took a quiz to find out what kind of intellegince my son has....this is what it told me:

Your Child's Strength Is Creative Intelligence Your little one has an aptitude for the creative arts, which can include music, visual art, or drama. His strongest assets may be one or all of the following: verbal skills (reading, writing, and telling jokes); musical skills (repeating tongue-twisters, reciting rhymes, and singing songs); or visual aptitude (coloring, painting pictures, imagining vivid images). The wonderful imagination that accompanies a child with high creative intelligence can manifest itself in an imaginary friend or delight in telling stories. And good news for parents: Children with Creative Intelligence can usually stay perfectly entertained when left on their own.

Then, I proceeded with my search...since this began to make me feel better. I have to say finding this type of information is not easy. I have failed in my attempts, so if anyone has read an article or has ideas for me please comment! :)

My little man is a Moose :)

Did you know that Tator Tots make great animal hats?

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I am "interested", I call it...

I am a snooper.
I am nosey.
I like to read other peoples' blogs.
I like to look in peoples' windows.
I often wish I could be invisible, so I could go into other people's houses and look around.
I wish that there would be an open house for everyone in my community, so we could snoop.
I like to know how other people live.
I love when people tell me their problems.
People fascinate me.
I want to learn from others.

And when talking to my mom about this fetish, oh I mean...fascination of mine, I find out that it must be hereditary. My grandmother also liked to do this as well. Is this genetic? I wish she was here so we could snoop together :) LOL I would make her have a blog too!

Painting is complete!

Yeah!!! I finally got the painting done with some help from my brother, Mike, and my neighbor, is awesome!!! I have to admit that I did my two front rooms on my own, but the kitchen was completed by the three of us within in a couple hours. I am so pumped that I am moving onto my next project...GOODWILL dropoff! Time to hit the basement and say BYE BYE to some toys!

Photos below of my painting of the other two rooms! NO MORE CREAM!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Accomplishing my Project List!

I have been so motivated first I thought I was pregnant, but no chance of that.... well, there is a chance, but a BIG FAT one! So, it must be the new year, tired of sitting around on the computer (which I do way too much...45 mins a day is RIDICULOUS!!). Making this project list and having a hubby who is very supportive of my completing my projects is motivation enough! For those of you who are wondering what happened to my emails, blogs, mommy board, and myspace....I have now found a new calling...PROJECTS!!! LOL

My Updated Project list is as follows:

January/February Project List
1. Put Christmas Away DONE
2. Clean-out Junk Drawer DONE
3. Clean and organize Garage DONE
4. Repair wall marks in the house DONE
5. Goodwill (Toys & Clothes)
6. Paint front room and Dining room ALMOST DONE! This is a big one, but I am working hard on it! Below are pictures of the Dining DONE!...I am working on the front room now!
7. Make a brown paper back album for someone special
8. Organize my pantry
9. Paint the kitchen
10. Read a good book :) ALMOST DONE! Debby referred me to Family Tree by Barbara Delinsky. It is really good so far...

I have always been a list kind of person, but putting it on here somehow makes me more...oh what is the word...responsible for making sure they are met. No, that isn't what I am looking for. Well, as for the brain farts and not being able to think....I am almost done with this list and it isn't even February yet...I can't wait to start List #2! Make those lists ladies!!!!

Obviously, the impact of my plain on Dan Ryan cream (i call the paint color they put in when we built the house) to the beige with extra white is better seen when you walk in my front door, however, for most of you who never come to visit :( the pictures will have to do!

Who would have thought??

Who would have thought that going to a Mary Kay party with Mary Kay herself (my mother) would be so much fun?? On Wednesday night, my mom (Mary Kay) LOL came down from PA to visit with us, but I pulled her along to a Mary Kay party at my friend, Jolies. The Mary Kay consultant, of course, thought we were crazy taking picutres, but we were having a good time, or so I was (whom doesn't get out much and others can tell) HA! The best part was my daughter, she loved participating with us the entire time...she is such a girl!

Now for our practice "middle school myspace default pictures"
I know I know...don't ask! You just had to be there!

Friday, January 11, 2008


Noah borrowed my camera the other day to take some pictures he said. It is quite interesting to see the world from a 4 1/2 year old's perspective...check out my son's photography skills...I think he is learning to be a great photographer like his Aunt Ashley! Please excuse my lack of showering that day and the messy house (LOL!)

This is my favorite!
 done with diaper

Me cleaning the kitchen or something

Me changing Syd's diaper

Syd's head

Syd going somewhere

Sydney signing more more


Noah's funny

The dog :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Project list

Good job for all of you who took on the dirty vs. clean project :) I am so proud and excited to see your successes!

I am not one for resolutions..I believe in making them all year long not just on New Years. So, this month I have a project list that looks like this:

January/February Project List

1. Put Christmas Away

2. Clean-out Junk Drawer

3. Clean and organize Garage

4. Repair wall marks in the house

5. Goodwill (Toys & Clothes)

6. Paint front room and Dining room

7. Make a brown paper back album for someone special

8. Organize my pantry

9. Paint the kitchen

10. Read a good book :)

Okay I have now accomplished putting Christmas away, cleaning out the junk drawer (pictures below), repaired the walls, and now I have just got done Organizing and shop vaccing the garage!! BIG TASK I tell ya! Thank goodness for 72 degree weather because it made the job so much easier! I also threw stuff away :) YEAH FOR ME!!! I am so pumped and motivated! Now for The goodwill project...this will take time and everyone's help!!! Wish me luck!!!




Thursday, January 3, 2008

Tornados strike again!


It truly didn't take long before the tornados hit the house! I have to admit I was one of those tornados, but I at least clean up after my destruction. I did accomplish #2 of my project list.... THE JUNK DRAWER!!! It is now clean and that will explain why the kitchen is a mess...

Here is what I suffer through on a daily basis! You will notice that the master bedroom and bathroom are clean b/c only we go in there! The places the hardest hit by the tornados....every other room in the house. I have now locked 4 rooms in my house so noone can go in there to dirty them...the spare bedroom upstairs, the upstairs bathroom, the basement bathroom, and the basement spare bedroom. I gave up...I can barely keep what I have unlocked clean!

I am putting the first few pictures up to compare from yesterday's pictures. *Side note: This is not an exaggeration...


BEFORE: lunchtime






THE KIDS' ROOMS AHH!!! (I said the same Debby about no toys in the bedroom rule, till Xmas came!)


Any suggestions on how to deal?? Let's put it this way...I have given up on keeping the house clean all day long except for dishes and laundry...My secret: I wait till Hubby calls and says he is on his way...I have approximately 1 hour to get what you see accomplished....LOL...Do NOT tell him!!! LMAO!! OMG!!!

MY CHALLENGE TO YOU FELLOW BLOGGERS: I want to read about your day keeping up with your house and see PROOF that you DO do the housework! EVIDENCE LADIES AND GENTS!!! I will be checking those blogs!!! Please make me me see that I am not alone!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Evidence to prove I work usually stands up in court, so if I go crazy when my husband complains that the house is a disaster and hear the comment, "What do I do all day?" and something happens, THIS IS MY EVIDENCE! Today was Hubby's day back to work after the long and drawn out holiday season. However, our county did not have school today so I didn't have to babysit or have after-school kids (oh yeah, that is part 1 of the evidence to disprove that I do nothing all day, I have 2 rounds of babysitting.) Part 2 of the evidence are the photos. After spending the day on myspace...did I say that?? I mean cleaning and REorganizing my house, I took a few photos of the main rooms that are hit the hardest by the tornados (AKA my kids). First one is the dining room (and yes Tracey I need color...but I am afraid and hubby likes BLAH). ...Second is the front room...this is where my son and daughter (mini tornados play on the couch, take the pillows off the furniture and stash the toys they are to keep in the basement and I know I know Tracey, I need color...but my neighbor Debby moved to Pittsburgh too quickly and I need her). The third is the main living room where we do the living....this room is never clean or "read up" as we call it in south central PA. This is PROOF that I DO clean!! I truly TRY to keep it looking like this!! And finally the kitchen...the catch all for "things I don't know what to do with and germs". I got it clean....ignore the few dishes in the sink...I need to UNLOAD AND LOAD the dishwasher for the 2nd time today! And I think it can wait till the morning! So, this is my evidence to my hubby and all those women out there that understand what I go through. Tomorrow I will make sure I take some photos of what my tornados do while I am working on a different room. NEVER ENDING STORY!!!