Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Made My Day!

On Monday night, I took my kids to the Rec Center to watch a friend of ours play in a basketball game. While there, I bought Sydney and Noah a bag of Skittles to eat and entertain them. Noah handed Sydney all the green and yellow, of course cuz he doesn't like those ones. Sydney was eating them away when she dropped one and it rolled and bounced down the stairs on the bleachers. Noah looked at me so seriously and said, "Mommy it is going to fall on the soccer port." I looked at my friend Jolie and we almost died laughing. Yep, we will stick with the animals. ROFL!!! Gosh, I just love him cuz he made my day!


Mary said...

See what I mean about being a wonderful kid! Love you!

~~~d said...

It took me like t-minus 4 seconds to GET it but when I did. Quite a chuckle I had. LMAO! gO nOah! lol oUR NEXT little Beckham Bird Jr? !? Or maybe Jerome the Bus Beckham?? How bouts Big Ben Jordan? lol
too cute