Sunday, January 20, 2008

I am "interested", I call it...

I am a snooper.
I am nosey.
I like to read other peoples' blogs.
I like to look in peoples' windows.
I often wish I could be invisible, so I could go into other people's houses and look around.
I wish that there would be an open house for everyone in my community, so we could snoop.
I like to know how other people live.
I love when people tell me their problems.
People fascinate me.
I want to learn from others.

And when talking to my mom about this fetish, oh I mean...fascination of mine, I find out that it must be hereditary. My grandmother also liked to do this as well. Is this genetic? I wish she was here so we could snoop together :) LOL I would make her have a blog too!


tracy said...

what grandmother is this? Is it grandma ritchey....because if it is john was unaware that she was like that and also because he always says his family is not as nosy as

Cameron said...

Now I know why you don't mind letting my dogs out!!! HEHEHEHEHE Let me know if you find anything interesting in my house. I might have to place a bid on eBay. J/K

BTW, I think most people are like is human curiosity.

Mary said...

Grandma would be proud. John probably doesn't remember driving by the house near Martinsburg where she used to make dad slow down so she could see in the window!
I'll join you on a window tour someday.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I love this one becuase we used to talk about this on our walks...oh to see into the lives of others..what a treat hahah:)