Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Got Crabs?

I meant to put this down earlier, but I kept forgetting.

Every morning on my way to drop my son off at school, I pass this little restaurant/carry out place that is a Chesapeake Crab place. Before Valentine's Day, they had a sign out front and it read, "GIVE YOUR SWEETHEART CRABS THIS VALENTINE's DAY!"

OMG it was freaking hilarious! Love the humor!

It made me smile and still makes me smile every day I pass the place!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Scrapbook Motivation

It seems that a few times a year I lose my ambition to scrapbook. And all it takes is my friend Kim to come down from Pittsburgh to stay for the weekend. We have our own little "retreat", then all the sudden I am back into it! I was pretty proud of the layouts I accomplished with her a couple weekends ago and would like to share them below.

Plus today I finally found my way across the street, a whole 100 feet, to my friend Amy's house because she was holding my 2 boxes of Schwann man chicken fries for hostage! While there, she introduced me to a cool website for page layouts, so not only am I more motivated after my "retreat" with Kim, but I am ready to pull my stuff out tomorrow and get CROPPING!! No more moments of being stuck EVER again! LOL...the website is Page Maps by Becky Fleck.

MOTIVATION IS KICKING IN!! Now I just wish I was motivated to lose some weight..maybe that will be next!

I did this one at my mom's. It got me started on the next few.

History of Assateague Island with the wild horses....

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Can you imagine how a mother in the 1950's, 60's, 70's, and 80's even coped with being a woman without the assistance of the Internet?

Seriously, how did they do it?

How did they handle the ups and downs of motherhood and being a woman without the ability to read others experiences and blogging about their own issues in life?

I just can't imagine they lived and dealt with the everyday trials and tribulations. Just don't want to picture it...OMG!!

From the perspective of being a mother from 2003-present, I struggle with desires to go back to the workforce and feeling that being home with my children is best. We all know that women felt the same all the way back in history. I remember when I was pregnant with my son, I was hearing several people asking me... are you going to stay home with him, don't you want to?? All along I felt like they were TELLING me to be a certain kind of woman. When at that point in my life, I didn't want to be home. I liked my independence as a woman, making my own money, opening my mind to new experiences, and growing as an individual. So, the debate of whether a woman should stay home (as my grandmother's generation and some of my mother's generation often did) or remaining in the workforce is a very touchy discussion between many women.

So for my own curiosity and educational purposes, I began my research to compare the roles of a woman in the 50's and our role today.

The Internet has made it possible for me to vent and cope with all the good, bad, and the ugly of being a mother. And also to learn to appreciate my own mother as well as my grandmothers and their mothers.


A Woman's Role in the 1950s (taken from the Associated Content)
The role of women in the 1950 was repressive and constrictive in many ways.
Society placed high importance and many expectations on behavior at home as well as in public. Women were supposed to fulfill certain roles, such as a caring mother, a diligent homemaker, and an obedient wife.
The perfect mother was supposed to stay home and nurture so society would accept them.
A diligent housewife had dinner on the table precisely at the moment her husband arrived from work.
A wife was a "good" wife only if she carried out her man's every order and agreed with him on everything. In fact, even if she wanted to voice an opinion, he education, or rather lack of thereof would not allow it.
Another reference is the 1950's American High School Home Economics textbook.
An essay found in the book is entitled "How to be a Good Wife." The television shows aired at this time reflect the publics need for stability and conformity.
The main character of the most watched show at the time, I Love Lucy, portrayed a woman as the stereotypical woman-in-distress, who always needed her husband, the man, to bail her out. She also was symbolic of the inept woman: the "woman driver," the "over-spender" who cannot budget, and the basic downfall of man.
Pleasantville's Betty was an appropriate example of a 50's mother. Following is an excerpt that applies to motherhood.
Prepare the children: Take a few minutes to wash the children's hands and faces, comb their hair, and if necessary change their clothes.
They are God's creatures and he would like to see them playing the part.
Minimize all noise…eliminate the noise of the washer, dryer, dishwasher or vacuum.
Try to encourage the children to be quiet.
Every morning she woke them up for school, cooked breakfast for them, and sent them off to school.
The breakfast however was far from the cereal and milk often enjoyed today. This was feast that consisted of towers of pancakes, piles of eggs, and platefuls of bacon and patties, all topped with a pound of syrup.
Another example of women who longed to be good mothers was the contestants on Queen for a Day.
They competed for pity points, but some of them genuinely wanted to make life better for their kids.
Such over exaggerated behavior was typical of women at this time.
They wanted to appeal to men and society and therefore felt they had to be perfect and overworking.
They only felt secure when they were praised for their house keeping or kids.

The article continues for several more pages...very interesting to read....and all I gotta say is WOW!! HOW DID THEY FREAKING DO IT??

Women today...the debate between whether woman should stay home or go to work

This is a huge debate discussed on many talk shows (like Oprah), message boards, blogs, etc...It is amazing how you compare the woman's role from the 50s to now and how much life has sped up. How we no longer have the "time" to talk to our kids, help them with homework, or even go to their activities. But finding that time and dedicating yourself to it is what counts, whether you are working fulltime, parttime or staying home. I know for myself that it is a decision that is to be made between the husband and wife on what works best for EVERYONE! However, I feel for those mothers who are single mothers who crave nothing but to be with their kids as much as possible but are working fulltime or 2 jobs to just make ends meat.

For me, staying home when my son was a baby was not an option financially or emotionally. I was not ready to deal with being a "stay at home mom". But when my daughter was born, I was very ready. I had my time to grow as a woman, as a mother, and as a wife. Do I wish I would have been ready when my son was born, yes...but do I think a mistake was made?? No. We loved him and cared for me even more than we may have if I was home. We tried to make up for missed time, spent our sleeping and waking moments with him, shared memories with him, loved him, and most importantly we CHERISH our time with him. I enjoy staying home with the 2 of them now, but I still have feelings of guilt that I am not working and helping enough with the bills. I try my best with babysitting and working an online job, but to a point, that is quite overwhelming. I think working might be less stress for me at times. However, I would not give this time up with my kids for the world!

For an understanding of this debate check out this link to one of Oprah's past shows titled My Baby or My Job. There are some interesting facts and stats on the subject!

Then, I would love to hear about your opinion of how you feel regarding this debate. What side are you on?? Do you feel strongly about one side or the other?? Spill it...either as a comment or on your blog. I will be waiting!

PS...I just gave my kids a bowl of cereal for breakfast and I stay home! LOL...I gotta have my time to blog (*giggle*) Also, you must visit this website...I am having way too much fun! Check it out! I will keep you posted regarding topics on this site and stories I and my friends have posted!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Speedy Assumption

I saw the funniest thing today.

I was coming through town after dropping my son off at school and while sitting at a busy intersection (Queen and Moler for those of you who know it....I was heading toward Weis market and Dairy Queen). Off to my left I saw what looked like a green chevy car flying about 45 miles per hour down one of those back street alleys that contain about 350 potholes! The car flew so fast over the holes bouncing up and down as it hit each one!

I thought, "What is that guy in such a hurry for?? Did he rob the bank??"

Then it occurred to me that he was probably trying to beat us through the green light up ahead by detouring the rest of us.....I watched ahead to see if he made it through before it turned red.

Nope....up came the nose of the car in the intersection as the light turned red....

So, my second thought was, "I gotta get a good look at the idiot who beat the shit out of his car just to hit a red light!"

I proceed through the intersection and look to my left to see: A little ol' woman about 85 in age sitting in the driver's seat!! OMG!!! I almost lost it laughing!!!

Imagine my surprise....and my explanation to the cops if I were to have caused an accident! "Oh sir...I was just so in shock when I noticed that it was a little ol' woman in that green car who drove down the back alley going 45 over pot holes to try to make the light and beat the rest of us!!"

Don't ever assume that a man could make such stupid decisions!! LMAO....Gosh I wish I could have videoed it!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The video of the disaster!

The Cleanup!

I knew the best thing to do with Noah was to have him clean up his own mess, but sometimes you have to be careful with him on this, because he happens to like cleaning. And this time he enjoyed it way too much!

Using the vacuum and reorganizing all his toy was an enjoyable activity for him! I hope this doesn't mean that he will make more messes just to clean up LOL

Here are the pictures of the cleanup! The basement and the trail of foam up the stairs and in the rest of the house is now gone! Thank goodness! We worked for 2 hours straight on this! He did about 90% of the work, but I went back through and vacummed again and reorganized what he had 1 1/2 hours for him and 1/2 hour for me!

Here it begins.....

Having way too much fun!

Back to normal! Almost better than

All worn much

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Say Cheese!

One of my afterschool kids had one of those fortune teller things and when I did it it read that I would have bad luck. I can't wait to tell him that he couldn't have forseen the future better than he did!

For about 15 minutes today I left Noah and Sydney play alone in the basement. And I should have known that something was wrong when the entire house was silent. Debby, you don't have nothing on me with your styrofoam mess!!!

I went down the stairs only to see this.....

then this....the dog where the stuffing came out of!

then this.....following the trail!


only to find Noah hiding here....from his very shocked and pissed off Mommy!

And Sydney looked like this....

I wasn't sure if I should cry or laugh...I just wanted to scream. I just went upstairs and tried to breathe. Hubby came home and I said, "Just go to the basement." He walked down and his mouth dropped as far as mine did. We sent Noah to his room until we could figure out what to do with him.

Hubby went upstairs 15 mins later to talk to him. He asked, "Why did you take all the stuffing out of the dog?"

He replied, "It was cheese, Daddy."

Hubby bounced back, "Even if it were cheese, then why did you put it all over the basement?"

Noah had a response. "I was trying to catch a mouse."

OMG ! We just lost it when our friends came over for dinner! They couldn't believe their eyes! I tried to get the girls to clean it up but they looked at me like I was crazy! It is now 4 and 1/2 hours later and the mess is still there! I can't even think about going down there and beginning to clean it up. I suppose that tomorrow Noah and I will be vaccumming and cleaning all day!

I am working on the video to be posted! It is taking forever to upload!!

Mary Freaking Poppins...

Going grocery shopping is usually a Sunday job for me by myself (my little getaway) however, we were over budget for our credit card and had to wait a couple days (today) till we got groceries.

So, I dropped Noah off at school and took my daughter and the one I watch to Martins and then to Wal-mart (which I hate with a passion). It started out well. I piled both the girls (21 months and 7 months) into a cart and headed into Martins (first destination).

Life was going well until about the frozen food section. This is wonderful considering I only had 2 more aisles to go. Baby decided to give me a big poo with a cart full of food! She squealed at me to get the darn thing off. Then, a little ol' man very interestingly stops to tell me how beautiful my girls are...giggling to myself because only one of them is mine! Gosh, that 2 close together 24/7 AHH!! ahhahaha.... moving on....we hit the milk aisle and Sydney starts to throw things from the cart....I tell her No, we don't do that. She says, Ahh....and sorry. We move she is stacking cans in the cart...too is good.

We get in is now yelling at me about the poo in her pants...I tell her I am hurrying and that I am sorry. Sydney is helping me with the food. And yet another cute little ol' man stops to say hello to the girls.

I start out the door with both girls and a cart full of bags...NOW THE FREAKING WIND is blowing about 40 miles per hour! GOOD GRIEF!! I hold down the girls and put up hoods...I feel like freaking Mary Poppins minus the umbrella!

Baby in the car, bags in the car, then Sydney in the car...all the while the wind is blowing my freaking hair all through my face and I can't see a darn thing! SERIOUSLY today is the day I chose out of the other 365 days to wear my hair down! I start the car and change the baby...wind blows in and hair in the face hand goes in right in the poop! AHH!!! PUKE PUKE...(now adding hand in poop to my Wanna Puke list)! I clean myself up and finish the diaper. By now I am breathing hard and sweating (even though I never bothered to put a coat on this morning and the temps went from 50 to 39). I get her back in her car seat, start the movie, and now decide that I have earned the right to a Sweet Tea. However, I have one more stop. WALMART!

I pull in...looks less busy than usual...take both kids out again, up go the hoods, and in the cart they go. Sydney freaks out when we get inside cuz she wants to ride on the work half the time and steal your money rides inside Walmarts almost shut my ass in doors. So, I allow her to sit in them for a few minutes and then we tell them bye. Walmarts trip goes well..I get in and out with 8 items that total to a freaking $67.00 even! What the heck!??!!

As we head out the little ol' greeter gives the girls smile stickers and politely says, "You have your hands full!" ANd I am thinking...this is NOTHING compared to when Noah is with us HAHHAHAHA

Out the doors we go and now it is freaking SNOWING! We make it to the car with only about 2 bags almost blowing out of the cart and get inside. I cuss under my breath at the world and the wind and the snow and take off to McDonald's cuz damn it I DESERVE That freaking sweet tea!

I am sticking with Sunday shopping alone!


I love to live vicariously through other peoples' lives...for example, a very close friend of mine significant other has an ex who is fighting with another woman for a guy in prision. I know who she is to see her on the street, but I like to stalk her on myspace and read her blogs LOL...It seriously makes my day to watch and read about a REAL LIVE Jerry Springer show.

Monday, February 18, 2008

TOO freaking funny!

This commercial is too darn funny! We crack up everytime we see it!

Don't Judge Others

This is a blog I wrote on my myspace awhile back and I wanted to share it once again. I cleaned up my myspace. This blurb is important to me cuz it still speaks how I feel regarding people and their secrets and how I feel about judging others.

If I could chose just one thing I have learned as an adult it would be that you should never assume that others don't have secrets just like you. Sometimes it is so easy just to assume that you are the only one walking down the crowded street who has secrets or "dirty laundry" when really if you could read everyones minds you would be surprised on how much they hold inside...deep inside.... hoping it will never be revealed. And as they all walk to their destination they contemplate how they will explain their secrets if they are ever revealed. They go day by day just praying that they will forget or be able to keep it safe inside. But sometimes the secret become so intense that you must must tell must find just someone to share it with..someone you can trust..someone who can keep it safe inside as well..until they need to burst out with it..but you hope they dont have that inane desire to tell..and you think about that before telling that person..but you just cant hold back anymore..someone must know that you aren..t perfect! '

And when you finally do are reassured that you arent the only one with a secret deep inside. Somehow that validates your feelings, your secret(s), your fears. But there are still people who cant admit they have secrets, the people who want the world to believe they are perfect citizens, the most ..moral.. people in the world, people who believe that secrets are sins, the people who just cant imagine talking about such secrets.

You know these people in your life and these are the people you dont tell..the people you avoid personal conversations with. You know why you wont tell..they may judge you; they may make you feel guiltier than you already feel. And really those of you with secrets know that you dont need to feel worse than what you already feel, you need someone or a higher god to tell you that you are are normal..validate your existence.

What I know now is that I am a woman with secrets. I am okay with that..I know that I will be just fine..I know who I can tell my secrets too.. I know whom I can trust not to judge me..and that is what will help me get through everyday life. This is where I have learned to NEVER judge others and their decisions because you have not walked in their shoes, felt their feelings, or cried their nights to sleep. Judging people is not my job. I may have opinions and feelings about how people live their lives and look out for them and be honest to them, but I don't judge. That is not my job!


Everyday I am reminded of the things that make me want to is my on-going list of things that repulse me. Here's my countdown!
10. The gross crunchy bits of food that falls inside my stove :P
9. People who don't dress appropriately...ew...I don't wanna see some of that stuff.. keep it to yourself!

8. Music videos of half naked women rubbing on themselves and on nasty men HAVE SOME RESPECT!

7. The smell of peanut butter mixed with dish soap :P

6. The piss around the potty after Noah goes BLAH! THE STENCH & Stickiness

5. Low rise jeans on women who bend over CRACK KILLS!

4. When men wear their pants so low I can see their butt hair and underwear!

3. The smell that dirty women leave behind in a bathroom stall!

2. Body Odor

1. Gross men wearing tight sweatpants in Wal-mart!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fact #1

I sacrifice my comfort at night in order for the dog to be happy.

The Devil

This is what I saw outside...(Debby, you notice anything different about your ol' house?)

So, the depression set in and I allowed the devil in......

And that was an entire tube of them...all today, I am one pound heavier....the devil, I tell ya!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Success 2 years ago vs. Today

Two years ago success to me was being able to write an IEP, getting the parent to show up, and all the others, conduct the meeting, fix the IEP to please the team, then utilize the IEP, make sure the child was receiving his/her services, and checking progress on that child in each of his classes...all this times 20 kids.....and on top of that teach language arts to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students on different levels....with one planning period of 45 minutes a day and doing everything I could to make it through the day and get out on time.....all the while being 9 months pregant and missing my son so deeply.....

Today, success today is keeping a 3024 square foot house, 3 1/2 bathrooms, 5 bedrooms, 3 living areas, a dining room, kitchen, laundry room, and garage clean and organized on a daily basis. My biggest success today was making my Grandma Ritchey's oven fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn, setting the table, making sure everything was served at one time, keeping an interesting conversation going at the dinner table, catching the mashed potato spoon before it hit the carpet (I know...dumb that there is carpet in our dining room), make sure the kids ate what they needed to eat to be full, smiled all over when hubby said dinner was delicious, and then was able to clear the entire table by myself and had it cleaner than I started! That was success.....I stood back looked at my sparkled.....the kids were happily playing together upstairs, hubby was laying on the couch in front of his pride and joy (50 in) LOL...I mean the television...not his....EW!!!..., and all I could think was this was a successful day!

2 different worlds....2 different successes....

Monday, February 11, 2008

Thank you!

Thank you guys so much for your help with the party! I will take you up on the tshirts Mary, and Mom and Debby thank you for the super ideas! Jamie...I might borrow 1 or 2 of them when it gets closer! You guys are the best!

I want to take a moment...

I want to take a moment to brag about my most handsome little nephew in the world. He is so sweet, so happy, and has the most amazing way of lighting up a room. His name is Isaac. He lives in the same state, however, he is 2 and half hours away...even though it is that far, he always remembers us! I could just eat him up! Seriously...he is that freaking cute!
Good job Heather and got a cutie and we just love him!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Need your help!

My son is turning five this April and...let me just take a deep breath...cuz I just can't believe that my little man is going to be 5 already!! We started talking about what to do for his birthday party this year and I was really trying to get away from the "Jungle Animal" theme that he was pushing for since we did this last year. His second pick was Tom and Jerry. This is his ultimate favorite cartoon followed by Scooby Doo. So, as the super mom I am I figure I better get researching since this isn't a big one that kids pick...or they do and parents give up! NOT THIS ONE!

So, I am asking for your help and ideas to make this party happen and be a success! Debby, you are great with this stuff so GET ON IT!! LOL...

The rest you have super ideas too and I NEED YOU!! I am trying to keep this a little cheaper than past anything I can do with things around the house or discount prices...I AM ALL ABOUT IT!

Here is what I got so far....

1. Serve different cheeses (yeah creative huh? considering Noah doesn't eat cheese) LOL
2. Have him wear a T & J tshirt (HELP ME FIND this..or teach me how to make something an iron on....)
3. Take an image of Tom and Jerry to Shane's school and blow them up using the projector & color
4. Get the mousetrap game for the kids to play.
5. Copy images of Tom and Jerry on big white paper/poster board for kids to color on

What I want is:
A fun cake or cupcakes (I am all about the cupcakes if need be)...
Goodie bags for the kids (hopefully no more than 8-10 kids)
Maybe pin the tale on Tom or Jerry?? Something quarky, but a fun game...or chase with them dressed up in Tom or Jerry ears???
What about balloons and plates?? You have to order this stuff from other countries and that makes me should I go plain and emphasis with the details??


Thanks friends and family!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Furniture Arrangement

Back in the good ol' days of high school, there is one thing I remember the most about my home ec class and that was a lesson on arranging furniture in a room. Mrs. Raible gave us graph paper and furniture templates. I remember learning how to draw it to scale with 1 square would be 1 foot. I used to do it over and over again attempting the most interesting arrangements in my bedroom!

Well, with watching HGTV, my all-time favorite, I got inspired to Google this same concept to see what I could come up with. After an extensive search, I found a great document that is helpful and easy to print.

I thought I would share it with you in case you are looking to buy new furntiture or rearrange what you have! Sadly, it is the highlight of my day! LOL

Have fun! :) Seriously...go won't be a waste of time!


Friday, February 8, 2008

Toddler Food List

Okay...something positive in my life....There are only 2 articles in this lifetime that I have actually torn out and kept before the magazine either got rolled up and became a permanant fixure in my couch cover or was passed on to someone else. Both articles were from Parent's magazine. The first one was about the latest research on about removing the tonsils and how they are associated with sleep apnea, ADHD, and ear infections. You can find this one on on the actual website titled Check Those Tonsils. We actually took this article into Noah's ENT specialist to prove to him the latest research...because obviously he wasn't aware. The second article I have yet to find so I am going to recreate this one within this blog.

I love this article because it took away all the fears I had with feeding my, at the time, 9 month old table food. When I had my son, almost 4 years ago, feeding table food was scary! You were to just stick with the basics till age 1 or so that is what my peditrician pushed. Therefore, I now have a son who won't much of anything....

Article 2 is titled Fabulous Finger Foods by Sally Kuzemchak, R.D. in the October 2006 issue.

The article begins by discussing that you can start early introducing your baby to the kinds of nutritious bites you'll want him/her eating for a lifetime. Things should be cut into small pieces like the size of a pea (at first) and try serving a few at a time. Kuzemchak even says to begin the softer foods to babies between 6 and 9 months and then to firmer foods at 9 to 12 months. She also states to remember to stay away from the choking hazards like hot dogs, popcorn, raisins, seeds, nuts, and hard raw veggies. Also, supervise your child while he/she is eating. Here is a list of foods:

small bites of cherry tomato
sliced blueberries or raspberries
whole-wheat rotini pasta
corn niblets
avocado (blah LOL)
well-cooked diced carrot
teething buscuits or zwieback crackers
whole-grain toast with all-fruit spread
fruit cocktail (slice cherries and grapes)
whole-grain waffle
grated or shaved apple
small oranges, fresh (remove membranes) or canned (after 12 months)
canned or very ripe fresh pears
tiny chunks of turkey meatballs
matzoh crackers
shredded cheese or cheese crumbles
fork-smashed canned beans or chickpeas
graham crackers (avoid honey varities till 12 months)
ripe honeydew, cantaloupe, or watermelon (remove seeds)
bites of whole-grain muffin
ripe peaches
cooked pearl barley
whole-grain couscous
ripe Mango or papaya
whole-grain French toast
cooked green beans
cooked and peeled whie or sweet potato cubes
chopped hard-boiled egg (after 12 months)
cooked zucchini or squash
mozzarella cheese
well-cooked asparagus tips
sliced grapes
mini rice cakes
grilled cheese sandwich, cut into strips or cubes
brown rice (daughter's favorite)
ripe apricot
whole-grain pancakes
tiny well-cooked broccoli florets
whole-wheat macaroni and cheese (another favorite of my daugter)
cucumber (peel, remove seeds, and slice)

I hope this article is also helpful to any of you who have babies/toddlers starting to eat the real deal.

This Just In...


Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Trusty Lysol....

It all started Saturday night of last week. We went to the Discovery Station in Hagerstown... that night we came home and Sydney was fussing....midnight...wouldn't go down to bed....Shane is holding her and....

PUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL OVER SHANE!!!

I clean her up, take her upstairs, go to put her in the tub....

PUKE AGAIN!!......

Shane comes up, cleans up, we crawl in bed with Sydney and

she PUKES on our bed....I clean it up and disinfect the bed...and all I wanna do is PUKE....we then wrap her in towels LOL Poor baby!

Sunday morning comes....she PUKES....
Sunday afternoon.....doing good....
Sunday evening, she has diarehea. NICE!!!

Monday....Sydney is still having belly pains.

Tuesday....Noah has a cold...kept him home from school.

Wednesday....I am down and out with only 2 episodes of diarehea, body aches, and stomach pains. Noah is home cuz I am too tired to take him to school....can't get off the couch....

Thursday....I am doing 98% better, I even ate McDonald's for supper (but had a grilled chicken sandwich...kept it mild!) Sydney is eating like a hog, but still squirting out her rear end....

I research...and thinking it could be the Norovirus...since we all did have the "Flu" shot. A kid I watch after school and his whole family had it all weekend as is going around!

Noah wakes up at 8:30 and says, "Mommy, I gotta poop and my belly hurts." I think, "GREAT!" He goes to the potty and tells me, "Mommy, my poop melted." OMG! Dying of laughter here....Not that he has diarehea, but the way he described it LMAO!!! So he gets in the tub...a bath cures all right?? Maybe...

He comes down stairs stays he feels better. I try to explain to an active 4 1/2 year old that he is sick and needs to rest...YEAH RIGHT!!! He is bouncing off the walls.

I disinfect the entire house with the trusty Lysol! EVERYWHERE AND EVERYTHING!! Pull new toys out for him to play with that neither child has played with in the last 2 years LOL....

9:30: My friend drops her son off....praying to God above to keep him healthy. I wash his little hands a zillion times and keep him in a "bubble" while at my house. This was repeated a million times to Sydney and Noah, "NO touching, kissing, or breathing on Cameron." They were wonderful...except I had to dodge Sydney a MILLION BILLION times to stay away from the boy of her dreams. (One she makes do what she wants him to do LOL) SO FAR SO GOOD!

I continue to disinfect, change Sydney's diaper and wash my hands for the BILLIONTH time today! THEY ARE HURTING!!! NO TIME FOR LOTION!

9:40ish: The baby I watch is dropped off...praying to God again to help me out once more. I wash and wash and wash..keep her up and away from the children...I don't breathe....I am holding my dirty, germy breath....I keep her in a bubble....Don't get sick, don't get sick....

I disinfect again...this time doing the bathrooms and doorknobs again for the MILLIONTH time.

Oh 10:30 rolls around and hubby text me..."I don't feel so well." SHIT!!! LITERALLY...that is what he has. the SHITS! He says he is holding it in and telling himself that he just has to make it through the day.... SIDE NOTE: The man has a basketball game tonight...hmm....

Day goes well....noone is sick. Noah no longer has melty poop and Sydney SCREAMS for milk, so dumby me gives in...ONLY A LITTLE! She has little squirts in the diaper. Everyone is active and happy...but still quartanining and disinfecting the house as the day goes on.

Afternoon: Now the fun begins. Friend comes to pick her son up. Noah has a slight fever (so I think) I try to give him chewable Tylenol...A BIG NO NO!! My son has a sensitive stomach anyway...he begins to chew them and starts gagging on them....

PUKE ALL OVER THE FREAKING PLACE!!! Thank goodness most is caught on the blanket.. straight to the washer! Upstairs I take him, in the tub again...thoughts run through my mind... MUST DISINFECT THE TUB!

Come downstairs, Friend cleans up...I warn her to wash her hands LOL..EWW!!! Noah comes downstairs, she points out that there is PUKE on his back BLAH BLAH!!! LMAO!! Okay this is too damn funny now...I just have to laugh!

Chase her out! DO NOT GET SICK!!! PLEASE LORD!!

3:15: Hubby calls. He is sick and leaving work....not feeling good.
3:30 has a bottle. She fusses, I lift her up, I try to burp her, and she doesn't, so I lay her down....and.....

PUKE!! Carrots and brocholli on my carpet! So, I clean her up and the carpet...thank God for that carpet cleaner we purchased! But I am thinking this puke was a result of her doing so much floortime right after she ate....just didn't "smell" like sick puke.

4:00: Hubby calls saying, "HELP ME!"


He is dehydrating on the side of a back road in Clarke County, VA. The only thing he drank all day was a sweet tea and is now dehydrating...can't feel his fingers and body is going numb. Should I call 911? Should I throw all the kids in my car?? I call my neighbor answer....he calls back..."I think I am okay....I am going to drive to a gas station and get water." GREAT!! "Are you sure honey, be honest..." "Yes, I can make it." I am freaking out..I got 2 kids afterschool coming in minutes, a baby, and my 2 kids....with a matrix....

2 of my afterschool kids come...I read them the riot act....sit, be quiet, and wash your hands!

4:15: Hubby got water, went to the bathroom, and is feeling a little better...he is almost home!

Okay, life is going better....time to relax. I sit with the baby and we chill...she sleeps and I wanna sleep.

4:40ish: Hubby comes home, goes straight upstairs, I take his shoes off, give him gatorade..he crawls in bed.

Baby leaves, girl leaves, and then boy leaves.

5:15: Take care of bathwater, get his clothes for his basketball game, make him drink....

6:00: Load kids and hubby in the car, wrap Noah up in big blanket (this comes in handy later), and Sydney, as happy as can be cuz she knows I am getting her a Happy Meal!

6:30: We get to the game. I stop the car, Shane goes to get out, and we hear.... PUKE!!!! Noah pukes all over the flipping place! Thank goodness for that blanket I wrapped him in cuz it caught it all but a little that was on his shirt. Again I am reinforced for never cleaning out my car. Because in the back I find another shirt for Noah, baby wipes, and another blanket for him. Plus a Wally-World bag for the stench!

Life is good once we got home. Noah is feeling a ton better. He lays on the couch watching Scooby-Doo...thank you Jackie...LOL...

7:45: Load the sick child and Happy go lucky Syd into the car to go pick up Shane. This is beneficial, cuz I need to pick up some stuff at the grocery store for the sickos. Noah is feeling 98% better. He doesn't shut up the entire ride home, so I make him talk to Mimi, where he tell s her his whole life story!

8:30: Shane comes out...he looks a little better, but still sick. He lost his game, but they played good.

I miss Lost, my favorite, cuz I am taking care of everyone else :( Finally, we all get to bed. I can't sleep...I have indigestion from the bacon at McDonald's. :( Everyone else sleeps like a rock. Well, except for Shane, I keep hearing an occasional flush....and all i can think is...I gotta disinfect some more....

Friday: Hubby is home, Noah is home from school, and baby is here and she is healthy SO FAR and hopefully it stays that way! It is almost 9:00 am and Syd is still sleeping...the whole night through...thank you God! and I get to vent. Things are unwinding. Got lots of cleaning to do, so I will end my venting on the nastiness of the Norovirus!

Wanna trade???
PS. Pictures to come....

Tuesday, February 5, 2008



The house is silent, Sydney is sleeping, Sara J is sleeping, and Noah is watching cartoons. The only sounds to be heard is my Pepsi by the computer fizzing and waiting for me to slurp, the crunch of my Tostitos in my mouth, the humming of the dishwasher, and the faint noise of the cartoons. SILENCE!! A sound often not heard in the Shaffer household. Where once silence was the only thing heard before the kids came....

I should get up and clean, organize something, prepare for my new challenge from Debby, or maybe put those 3 loads of laundry away sitting here absorbing sound in the living room, but instead I will sit here and enjoy.... barking....(I ran to the front of the house flailing arms to shut the dog up!) DO NOT INTERRUPT THE PEACE DAMNIT!! Just Sara's Papa....coming to pick her up...he is is peaceful again....Ahh............................even the dishwasher is silent...just waiting for me to come unload....Nah......

Peace out!

Thanks for pointing that out kid....

As with any trip to the bathroom around here, my daughter trails behind. With this trip, she pointed something out which she apparantly thought was artwork. While going to the bathroom, she tried to help me wipe as usual, but with this extra sweep of the thigh and knee, she glared at my thigh with such confusion. She looked at me, pointed at my leg, and said, "UT-OH!". I looked down and realized that she was pointing at a veirocose vein on my leg! LOL....I almost died! Thanks kid for pointing that out! I guess my veirocose vein on my leg looks like the artwork she put on my basement wall and on her body the other day!