Monday, February 18, 2008

Don't Judge Others

This is a blog I wrote on my myspace awhile back and I wanted to share it once again. I cleaned up my myspace. This blurb is important to me cuz it still speaks how I feel regarding people and their secrets and how I feel about judging others.

If I could chose just one thing I have learned as an adult it would be that you should never assume that others don't have secrets just like you. Sometimes it is so easy just to assume that you are the only one walking down the crowded street who has secrets or "dirty laundry" when really if you could read everyones minds you would be surprised on how much they hold inside...deep inside.... hoping it will never be revealed. And as they all walk to their destination they contemplate how they will explain their secrets if they are ever revealed. They go day by day just praying that they will forget or be able to keep it safe inside. But sometimes the secret become so intense that you must must tell must find just someone to share it with..someone you can trust..someone who can keep it safe inside as well..until they need to burst out with it..but you hope they dont have that inane desire to tell..and you think about that before telling that person..but you just cant hold back anymore..someone must know that you aren..t perfect! '

And when you finally do are reassured that you arent the only one with a secret deep inside. Somehow that validates your feelings, your secret(s), your fears. But there are still people who cant admit they have secrets, the people who want the world to believe they are perfect citizens, the most ..moral.. people in the world, people who believe that secrets are sins, the people who just cant imagine talking about such secrets.

You know these people in your life and these are the people you dont tell..the people you avoid personal conversations with. You know why you wont tell..they may judge you; they may make you feel guiltier than you already feel. And really those of you with secrets know that you dont need to feel worse than what you already feel, you need someone or a higher god to tell you that you are are normal..validate your existence.

What I know now is that I am a woman with secrets. I am okay with that..I know that I will be just fine..I know who I can tell my secrets too.. I know whom I can trust not to judge me..and that is what will help me get through everyday life. This is where I have learned to NEVER judge others and their decisions because you have not walked in their shoes, felt their feelings, or cried their nights to sleep. Judging people is not my job. I may have opinions and feelings about how people live their lives and look out for them and be honest to them, but I don't judge. That is not my job!


Mary said...

You are right, judging is not our responsiblity or our right as a human being. My secrets are safe as are yours...Love you!

Cameron said...

BRAVO GIRL!!! There is only ONE true judge and we all know who HE is! (=