Monday, February 18, 2008


Everyday I am reminded of the things that make me want to is my on-going list of things that repulse me. Here's my countdown!
10. The gross crunchy bits of food that falls inside my stove :P
9. People who don't dress appropriately...ew...I don't wanna see some of that stuff.. keep it to yourself!

8. Music videos of half naked women rubbing on themselves and on nasty men HAVE SOME RESPECT!

7. The smell of peanut butter mixed with dish soap :P

6. The piss around the potty after Noah goes BLAH! THE STENCH & Stickiness

5. Low rise jeans on women who bend over CRACK KILLS!

4. When men wear their pants so low I can see their butt hair and underwear!

3. The smell that dirty women leave behind in a bathroom stall!

2. Body Odor

1. Gross men wearing tight sweatpants in Wal-mart!


Mary said...

#11 Close talkers who have breath that would knock a 100 year old oak tree over.

tracy said...

i cant believe you put about women who leave a stench behind in the stall.....the dr. on oprah says if the stall smells its because they dont wash down i was at work and went in the stall and was almost knocked over and it was not #2....i think that may have smelled a bit more pleasant....