Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mary Freaking Poppins...

Going grocery shopping is usually a Sunday job for me by myself (my little getaway) however, we were over budget for our credit card and had to wait a couple days (today) till we got groceries.

So, I dropped Noah off at school and took my daughter and the one I watch to Martins and then to Wal-mart (which I hate with a passion). It started out well. I piled both the girls (21 months and 7 months) into a cart and headed into Martins (first destination).

Life was going well until about the frozen food section. This is wonderful considering I only had 2 more aisles to go. Baby decided to give me a big poo with a cart full of food! She squealed at me to get the darn thing off. Then, a little ol' man very interestingly stops to tell me how beautiful my girls are...giggling to myself because only one of them is mine! Gosh, that 2 close together 24/7 AHH!! ahhahaha.... moving on....we hit the milk aisle and Sydney starts to throw things from the cart....I tell her No, we don't do that. She says, Ahh....and sorry. We move on....now she is stacking cans in the cart...too cute...life is good.

We get in line...baby is now yelling at me about the poo in her pants...I tell her I am hurrying and that I am sorry. Sydney is helping me with the food. And yet another cute little ol' man stops to say hello to the girls.

I start out the door with both girls and a cart full of bags...NOW THE FREAKING WIND is blowing about 40 miles per hour! GOOD GRIEF!! I hold down the girls and put up hoods...I feel like freaking Mary Poppins minus the umbrella!

Baby in the car, bags in the car, then Sydney in the car...all the while the wind is blowing my freaking hair all through my face and I can't see a darn thing! SERIOUSLY today is the day I chose out of the other 365 days to wear my hair down! I start the car and change the baby...wind blows in and hair in the face again...my hand goes in right in the poop! AHH!!! PUKE PUKE...(now adding hand in poop to my Wanna Puke list)! I clean myself up and finish the diaper. By now I am breathing hard and sweating (even though I never bothered to put a coat on this morning and the temps went from 50 to 39). I get her back in her car seat, start the movie, and now decide that I have earned the right to a Sweet Tea. However, I have one more stop. WALMART!

I pull in...looks less busy than usual...take both kids out again, up go the hoods, and in the cart they go. Sydney freaks out when we get inside cuz she wants to ride on the work half the time and steal your money rides inside Walmarts almost shut my ass in doors. So, I allow her to sit in them for a few minutes and then we tell them bye. Walmarts trip goes well..I get in and out with 8 items that total to a freaking $67.00 even! What the heck!??!!

As we head out the little ol' greeter gives the girls smile stickers and politely says, "You have your hands full!" ANd I am thinking...this is NOTHING compared to when Noah is with us HAHHAHAHA

Out the doors we go and now it is freaking SNOWING! We make it to the car with only about 2 bags almost blowing out of the cart and get inside. I cuss under my breath at the world and the wind and the snow and take off to McDonald's cuz damn it I DESERVE That freaking sweet tea!

I am sticking with Sunday shopping alone!

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