Sunday, February 10, 2008

Need your help!

My son is turning five this April and...let me just take a deep breath...cuz I just can't believe that my little man is going to be 5 already!! We started talking about what to do for his birthday party this year and I was really trying to get away from the "Jungle Animal" theme that he was pushing for since we did this last year. His second pick was Tom and Jerry. This is his ultimate favorite cartoon followed by Scooby Doo. So, as the super mom I am I figure I better get researching since this isn't a big one that kids pick...or they do and parents give up! NOT THIS ONE!

So, I am asking for your help and ideas to make this party happen and be a success! Debby, you are great with this stuff so GET ON IT!! LOL...

The rest you have super ideas too and I NEED YOU!! I am trying to keep this a little cheaper than past anything I can do with things around the house or discount prices...I AM ALL ABOUT IT!

Here is what I got so far....

1. Serve different cheeses (yeah creative huh? considering Noah doesn't eat cheese) LOL
2. Have him wear a T & J tshirt (HELP ME FIND this..or teach me how to make something an iron on....)
3. Take an image of Tom and Jerry to Shane's school and blow them up using the projector & color
4. Get the mousetrap game for the kids to play.
5. Copy images of Tom and Jerry on big white paper/poster board for kids to color on

What I want is:
A fun cake or cupcakes (I am all about the cupcakes if need be)...
Goodie bags for the kids (hopefully no more than 8-10 kids)
Maybe pin the tale on Tom or Jerry?? Something quarky, but a fun game...or chase with them dressed up in Tom or Jerry ears???
What about balloons and plates?? You have to order this stuff from other countries and that makes me should I go plain and emphasis with the details??


Thanks friends and family!


Cameron said...

Sounds like a cool plan. If you give me a plain t-shirt, I can make it for you. I have made tons of t-shirts in the past with Cameron on it for relatives. It is easy. I can get an icon or pic of Tom and Jerry from the computer, you can approve which one you like, and I will make the t-shirt. You have GREAT IDEAS. I will keep thinking too.

Mary said...

You could play a game like duck duck goose only all the circle kids could be tom (cats) and the one that gets tapped coulc be jerry (mouse). Goes something like this....tom, tom, around circle and sit!

Mary said...

You could make a big cardboard face of tom with his mouth open and toss beanbag Jerry's thru it, or maybe that's too violent for 5 yr. olds...i'm not sure but it would be fun!

~~~~~d~~~~ said...

pie in the remmeber that??

You could make that cake I bet. In THE MOUSE head shape.. i bet it wouldn't be too bad lish.

hobo sacks??? for prize bags?? ikeep picturing the mouse with the bandana sack on a stick...

you could draw nose and whiskers with face paint on each kid.

Mary pulled it out for the shirt.. puter iron is is easy.

Id just go with colors for decoration... and details of tom and jerry..

you could make felt tails.. and pin them on each kiddo.

umm......still thinking.
You could just have cheese sticks.. lol..

jamie said...

I have six or eight actual Mousetrap games at school. I know that sounds crazy but I use when I teach simple machines. If you want to borrow them just let me know....