Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Say Cheese!

One of my afterschool kids had one of those fortune teller things and when I did it it read that I would have bad luck. I can't wait to tell him that he couldn't have forseen the future better than he did!

For about 15 minutes today I left Noah and Sydney play alone in the basement. And I should have known that something was wrong when the entire house was silent. Debby, you don't have nothing on me with your styrofoam mess!!!

I went down the stairs only to see this.....

then this....the dog where the stuffing came out of!

then this.....following the trail!


only to find Noah hiding here....from his very shocked and pissed off Mommy!

And Sydney looked like this....

I wasn't sure if I should cry or laugh...I just wanted to scream. I just went upstairs and tried to breathe. Hubby came home and I said, "Just go to the basement." He walked down and his mouth dropped as far as mine did. We sent Noah to his room until we could figure out what to do with him.

Hubby went upstairs 15 mins later to talk to him. He asked, "Why did you take all the stuffing out of the dog?"

He replied, "It was cheese, Daddy."

Hubby bounced back, "Even if it were cheese, then why did you put it all over the basement?"

Noah had a response. "I was trying to catch a mouse."

OMG ! We just lost it when our friends came over for dinner! They couldn't believe their eyes! I tried to get the girls to clean it up but they looked at me like I was crazy! It is now 4 and 1/2 hours later and the mess is still there! I can't even think about going down there and beginning to clean it up. I suppose that tomorrow Noah and I will be vaccumming and cleaning all day!

I am working on the video to be posted! It is taking forever to upload!!


Mary said...

I'm so happy you blogged this. You'll laugh about it forever. What a funny story. I love you Noah!

Tracy said...

Alicia, i take back you staying at my house....i'll start hotel shopping for you : }