Sunday, February 24, 2008

Scrapbook Motivation

It seems that a few times a year I lose my ambition to scrapbook. And all it takes is my friend Kim to come down from Pittsburgh to stay for the weekend. We have our own little "retreat", then all the sudden I am back into it! I was pretty proud of the layouts I accomplished with her a couple weekends ago and would like to share them below.

Plus today I finally found my way across the street, a whole 100 feet, to my friend Amy's house because she was holding my 2 boxes of Schwann man chicken fries for hostage! While there, she introduced me to a cool website for page layouts, so not only am I more motivated after my "retreat" with Kim, but I am ready to pull my stuff out tomorrow and get CROPPING!! No more moments of being stuck EVER again! LOL...the website is Page Maps by Becky Fleck.

MOTIVATION IS KICKING IN!! Now I just wish I was motivated to lose some weight..maybe that will be next!

I did this one at my mom's. It got me started on the next few.

History of Assateague Island with the wild horses....


tracy said...

Keep up the good work....can you tell us what month you used.... : }

Mary said...

Nope, no motivation here. Even looking at your really cool pages doesn't give me the slightest urge to scrapbook a page. Sorry....LOL!

tracy said...

Hey mary you could start scrapbooking the hole in your