Thursday, February 21, 2008

Speedy Assumption

I saw the funniest thing today.

I was coming through town after dropping my son off at school and while sitting at a busy intersection (Queen and Moler for those of you who know it....I was heading toward Weis market and Dairy Queen). Off to my left I saw what looked like a green chevy car flying about 45 miles per hour down one of those back street alleys that contain about 350 potholes! The car flew so fast over the holes bouncing up and down as it hit each one!

I thought, "What is that guy in such a hurry for?? Did he rob the bank??"

Then it occurred to me that he was probably trying to beat us through the green light up ahead by detouring the rest of us.....I watched ahead to see if he made it through before it turned red.

Nope....up came the nose of the car in the intersection as the light turned red....

So, my second thought was, "I gotta get a good look at the idiot who beat the shit out of his car just to hit a red light!"

I proceed through the intersection and look to my left to see: A little ol' woman about 85 in age sitting in the driver's seat!! OMG!!! I almost lost it laughing!!!

Imagine my surprise....and my explanation to the cops if I were to have caused an accident! "Oh sir...I was just so in shock when I noticed that it was a little ol' woman in that green car who drove down the back alley going 45 over pot holes to try to make the light and beat the rest of us!!"

Don't ever assume that a man could make such stupid decisions!! LMAO....Gosh I wish I could have videoed it!!


Mary said...

Hey that's gonna be me someday, never underestimate the power of old age!

~~~~~d~~~~ said...

That was me. Sorry I'll slow down.