Monday, March 31, 2008

I need some control in my life...

With this battle with Noah, I realized how much I need some type of control in my I headed to the basement. This is an area in my life that has no organization or logic. No flow or function is served down there. Just total chaos and a I started my afternoon right after lunch on Sunday and ended about 4:30 that afternoon.

As I began tearing things apart:

After my transformation was complete:
Money spent- $0
Feeling of having control in my life- PRICELESS

Licorice Legs here...

My fellow blogger and friend, Debby, calls me Licorice Legs...this cracks me up...I have been called everything under the sun (never original) like bird legs, chicken name it...but Licorice Legs?? I do happen to know that they taste sweet like Strawberry licorice and not bitter and dark LMAO...

As Debby blogged about her and her treadmill, I thought I would share some of my thoughts that I had while venturing for a long run this afternoon. As I ran these thoughts ran through my mind....

1. Is that Debby up ahead giving me the finger or Katie?? (Mary...that was fu**ing funny, I don't care who you are!)
2. Thank God my kids are playing nicely together...hopefully they allow me to go as long as I want.
3. BURP...OMG that is my celery I ate earlier...RETASTE
4. I can do this...gotta do this...gotta be a skinny Stonebridge Mom
5. What is that smell??? Oh dear God...that is me...I have the running farts....This is why I am glad I am at home and not in a gym! PHEW!
6. I can do this I can do this
7. My damn left knee hurts...
8. Wow, this is getting easier the further I go....
9. NOOOOOOOAHHHHHHH Leave your sister alone...
10. This Gloria story on Y &R is getting old..I can't stand her!
11. There is that sweat again..where is that coming from?? It is dripping down my forearm...
12. Hold the belly in...hold the belly in...hold the belly in
13. That smells like eggs LMAO
14. Focus on the numbers...look the name of my treadmill is TX 4.9.. is that God telling me I should run at 4.9 instead of 4.8...I pump it up....
15. Noah's birthday much I need to get done by Saturday...
16. There is that smell again...Damn...ehehheheheh

Now hopefully, the rest of my body will look like licorice too instead of licorice with an apple on top!

Getting better...

Last night was the first time that I have felt that Hubby and I have made progress with Noah's sleeping. Short and sweet people...back to reality before/afterschool kids and the baby (who I can't wait to give a big hug and kiss too!)

8:35: Asleep
11:00: Awake (this time it wasn't Sydney's fault) I go sit with him in the middle of the room on the MOST UNCOMFORTABLE 1970's chair....
11:15: He is back to sleep
11:15-1:00: He sleeps in his own bed. (This bloggers has improved from 30 mins to 2 hours!)
1:00: He is BAAAAAAAAACKKKK!!! (This time the persistancy continues....My ears are stomping...I am scared....I have to pee...I need to blow my nose....My ears are stomping....I need Simba (his lovey)....My ears are stomping...blah blah blah......
1:15: after his warning, Hubby picks his 50 lb whiny butt up and starts to carry him down the stairs...kicking and screaming (holds his mouth shut past Syd's room, whom BTW never woke up! opens the garage and asks him if he'd rather sleep in there. He says, "NO NO NO." Hubby says, "So, our floor and your bed doesnt look too bad now does it?" He brings Noah back up and tells him to sleep on the floor or his bed with no talking or whining or crying. I repeat it, hand him Simba, kiss him, cover him up.
1:25-5:00: He sleeps on our floor (Yeah Hubby put the fear in him but he still wanted his own bed at 5:00 this morning.)
5:00: I take him to his bed, tuck him in, kiss him, and sit on my chair... miserable lol
5:10: He is asleep, I leave and go to my bed...he sleeps till 7:30!! YEAH!

Getting better people....

For the record...It is only working because Hubby and I are working together and I am not a lone soldier anymore...I just wish he wouldn't use his "naughty" words in the middle of the night....I don't want Noah to turn into a potty mouth cuz of this. He has yet to know what those "naughty" words are and how to use them!

But Hubby and I are a team! :)

PS...Courtney...maybe the fan in the room on low is helping for the longer stretches of sleep in his own room!! YEAH!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008


I can't even discuss last night because it was frustrating VERY VERY frustrating....

All I gotta say is 8 freaking times till I went all Supernanny on his ass!
42 times putting him back and forth in his own bed till he agreed that he would sleep on my floor without complaining....

Longest stretch of sleep: 3 hours
Total sleep: 4 1/2 hours

No nap today...reorganized the basement out of frustration and the need to "control' something in my life. I will add those pics tomorrow!

Tonight we added: fan in his room, chair in the middle of the room, consequence if the animals aren't working: Lock him in a room, probably basement bedroom. I know we have to have something to scare him with cuz us saying we are taking his favorite toys away DID not work! AHH!!

From books to sleep took 30 mins....he is out....I hope Syd doesn't wake him tonight!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Going to watch Big Brother...night people!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Nightmare Be-Gone Powder

Tonight's bedtime routine took only 30 mins instead of an hour!
He is so positive about the night! He was asleep by 9:00!! :) YEAH!!!

We read If You Give a Moose a Muffin and Moose's Loose Tooth (don't likes Moose :)) But I know another particular person who likes Moose or at least used to when she was my neighbor!

Then, I told him a story about his birthday party.....

After I was done, he said, "Mommy, my heart doesn't want bad dreams tonight."

Quick thinking....oh man....I know...Use my brother-in-law Matt's idea. He said about using powder to sprinkle around the room to get rid of the bad dreams. He said like "Bear Be-gone" or something but since his bad dreams are about lots of things, I called it, "Nightmare Be-Gone Powder." Tracey...your idea was the air freshener...I might do that when the powder loses its novelty! :) Thank you...Oh and Courtney, I do run a fan outside the room on low to drown out the hall way noise and my daughter has an oscillating fan in her room, so I might have to buy a small one to create more white noise for him :) Thanks!

Anyway...back on Topic Lisha...these people got better things to do than hear you ramble!

So, I sprinkle the Nightmare Be-Gone Powder (great visual cuz he sees it floating thoughout the room...probably not good for the lungs, but I did VERY little). Then he asked me to put it on his head cuz that is where his bad dreams come from...AHHHH!!!

He said (Uncle Matt you will love this...), "My heart likes the powder. Sydney doesn't need it in her room anymore. I need it now."

He fell asleep faster and cuddled all up...regardless that my chair was 2 feet from the bed tonight....he didn't need me laying or sitting next to him in bed!! YEAH!!!

Another step forward in my fear is It usually gets worse before it gets you think??? I will fill you in tomorrow on the rest of the night.... 1 hour down and still asleep! :)


Supernanny ain't got NOTHING on this BITCH!

Thank you all for your ideas, advice, and thoughts regarding our sleeping issue with Noah.

Jamie-you had a great point about the diet. I have thought about that because Noah is NOT a good eater, but we limit junk and sugar as much as possible (cuz we all know there is hidden sugar in EVERYTHING we eat!). I make sure he has his 3 meals, a snack here and there, and his drinks are mainly milk and 1 juice box a day.

So, I am thinking that maybe the constant thoughts of animals are contributing to the nightmares. I once read somewhere that 80% of kids' nightmares involve animals....But how in the world do you eliminate animals in a child's life? They are everywhere!

Anyway, let me tell you fellow followers how last night went!

We spent the day yesterday discussing over and over again what would happen that night. Noah loves to know what is going on at all times and does better when he is expecting it ( many of us are like that?? for real already.)

After talking to several friends, especially Hilary (behavior plan QUEEN lol) Hubby and I came up with a plan of action.

1. We created a flip book of Mommy drawn/Noah colored pictures of what would take place before bed (bedtime routine all the way up to me leaving his room and he sleeping in his bed). However, Hilary gave me a better idea of actually taking pictures of him doing his routine and making the flip book with the photos! AWESOME! I am so on that.

2. Then, I talked to Noah about how I would sit SIT (not lay anymore)with him until he fell asleep at night. Then, the following night I would sit in a chair by his bed, etc. (going with that approach cuz Noah is just too drama for the Supernanny approach. We can try that one if this doesn't work). Then, I would leave and go to my own room where I would be if he had a bad dream. If he woke up, he could come to our room, sleep on the floor, but was not to wake us or whine by our bed.

3. If and when he came to our bedroom, he was to lay down on the floor and go back to sleep. The consequences for waking us were as follows:

Hilary gave us the idea to have 2 jars. One for Noah's sleepy jar and the other for our jar. Because Noah has been bugging us for 3 days for this pack of animals at Weis market, we went and bought them. We had him pick 4 of the animals and put them in his jar. Every time he woke us up, he got a warning to lay down and go back to sleep. If he continued whining (which he LOVES to do), we took an animal out of the jar and it put it in our jar. Then, by morning he could have whatever was left in his jar.



I took the flip book everywhere we went last night as we got ready for bed. We kept asking him what would happen if he did this or that. He knew the answers, so we knew that he understood the plan. He loved looking through the flip book and seeing what came next.

After we did the bedtime routine, I sat at the bottom of his bed until he fell asleep which was about 9:15 pm.

I left, shut the door, and went downstairs to discuss what happened with Hubby. Everything remained quiet till we took Sydney up to bed at 11:00 (I know that is late, but she sleeps 12 hours so no biggy). Put her in she screamed cuz she lost her binky...err....woke Noah up (whose room is next to hers). He came over..didn't say a word, laid on the floor, and went to sleep!! AMAZING!! So far so good.

He slept on our floor from 11:00 till 2:00 am. Second awakening... he states, I can't sleep because Daddy is snoring (which I couldn't either so it was tempting to just go to Noah's room and sleep, but I stayed tough!). "Noah, your talking either sleep on the floor or go to your quiet bedroom." "Mommy, come sit with me in my room until I fall asleep." "Noah you lost a toy."

I went over with him, sat till he fell asleep, and returned to my bed where my snoring hubby slept like a rock. A LOUD ROCK!

At 4:00 am. Over comes Noah, lays on the floor, tries to sleep, complains of Daddy's Snoring. I say, "Last warning, go to sleep." He whines and complains...."Sit with me in my room till I fall asleep." I say, "You lost a toy, but I will sit with you." He falls asleep, and I leave.

30 mins later, he comes over and lays on our floor and sleeps there till 7:45 am. No complaints....

He was not happy to see he lost 2 toys, but is ready for tonight. He put 4 more animals in his jar for tonight and is already talking about earning them. Tonight I will sit in the chair further from the bed. So far so good!

I will fill you in on Night 2!

Friday, March 28, 2008

1980's Reviews

I am telling you...reliving the 80's is a totally rad thing to do! Check out some fellow bloggers trip down memory lane!

Courtney's Trip back to the 80's

Debby's Mother May I

Come on people jump on the bandwagon!

Sleep Problems

Okay...I am So tired today and I know that Noah has to be struggling. So far his behavior is OKAY with only incident where he put the car window up on his friend's finger as we were outside talking to a neighbor. He felt really bad and wasn't paying attention...honest boo boo. Right now he is having a blast playing with his sister in the basement as I research his sleep problems, or should I say our problems as parents trying to put him to sleep. This may be a long blog....if it bores you just don't read it HA! Easy huh??

From day one when Noah was born he was terrible at sleeping. I blame being a new mom on the fact that I was pretty much alone with dealing with him at night. Hubby worked and I was on maternity leave, so it was me and me alone. Hubby tried some nights to help, but the man can't handle wakings in the middle of the night..he is a different person. I had my breaking points too and didn't like who I was at that point.

And as a new mom, I was exhausted. A tough labor, a child who wouldn't sleep, and a body that never recieved the rest it needed to get better contributed to me becoming a co-sleeper with Noah. He slept with me first for the first several months...we went to the spare bedroom, I attempted to breast feed, but the child was never satisfied...he ate and ate and ate...I was too tired to make enough milk for him. So to bottle feeding it was...he woke every 3 hours and always had problems with sleeping. Ear infections was a HUGE issue with Noah. He had infection after infection after he began day care. He was on antibotic after the next. Then as an older baby/toddler, the Febrile Seizures began. This Debby can testify on because the first one occurred when I picked him up at her hous. It was the SCARIEST thing in the world. Something in me remained calm knowing that I had them as a child as well.

At this point, for my own securities, cosleeping continued... this time with Hubby and I. I needed Hubby and Noah by for my security which eventually, I suppose we were security for Noah.

These seizures continued up till age 3ish. He had a total of 4 of them. We were still scared he would have a 5th until recently. We didn't want to take him out of our bed at around age 3 because that is when his sister was born....we wanted him to continue to feel special.

1. Let me begin by saying that a bedtime routine is ALWAYS in place...bath, brush teeth, go potty, 2 books, 1 story, and then lights out....

2. We have started to wein him out of our bed around Christmas time (2007) because frankly, there is just no more room in our Queen size bed for 2 adults and a 50 lb almost 5 year old! We first started letting him fall asleep with us and then moved him to his own bed. This worked well, and he only got up once and came back over around 3 am and slept the rest of the night with us...I know I know...I should have done something at this point, but I didn't.

3. This was working out well, so we kept reinforcing him with praises of being a big boy sleeping in his own room. So we moved to the next step. I laid with him in his bed till he fell asleep (after bedtime routine). He would get up and come to our room. I would go back with him, stay until he fell asleep again. Usually only one waking or two tops.

4. You might be wondering about my DD...what is she doing at this time?? SHE IS SLEEPING 12 hours straight in her crib. I did something right there...either that or it was because she didn't need me as a constant comfort at night. I honestly think it is because I have NO insecurties as a mother at this point in my life. She sensed that and Noah sensed my insecurities as a new mom (which frankly, I think I did awesome given unwanted advice from others and following my own instincts seemed to work best, however this was my WEAKNESS...I freaking needed sleep!)

5. Okay so about a month ago, nightmares began....bad nightmares....examples are there was a bear in the house, his Mimi got sick and he was upset, I turned into a monster (which is probably true in the middle of the night), a saber tooth tried to eat him and he swung it around by his tail and killed it and it melted into the ground, someone was trying to chase him. He is waking oh about 8 times a night...NO JOKE....I told my mom cuz I know that my brothers and I (mainly them) would come to their room and try to sleep with them, so she told them they could but they had to sleep on the floor beside her. We started that a week ago.

6. Bedtime goes like this: Bedtime routine, off go the lights, I lay with him till he is asleep, leave the room, about 1 hour later, he is downstairs whining that he can't sleep. I take him back up, lay with him till he falls asleep (Please I know I should not do this), hubby and i go to bed, an hour or so later, in comes Noah, we say, "You can sleep in here but you have to sleep on the floor, there is no room in our bed for you." He would lay down on his little made bed on the floor and fall asleep. He would wake several hours later around 4:00 and wanted to go back to his own bed and asks, "Can you stay with me Mommy till I fall asleep?" "yes, honey." I stay till he falls asleep and the child slept till I woke him. We thought it was getting better....progress.... Till like every behavior plan it got worse (Hubby an educator, I a am former one).

7. The last 3 or so nights....goes like this.....bedtime routine, lay till he falls asleep, i leave, he comes out 2 minutes later...DONT LEAVE ME MOMMY. I go back in...he lays there with his eyes wide OPEN, I tell him to go to sleep, he finally falls asleep, I leave, he sleeps an hour or so, comes into our room, tries to crawl in bed, we say no on the floor, he cries and whines that there are monsters under the bed and he is scared, he serioulsy sounds FRIGHTENED, we fight with him to sleep on the floor, he won't stop crying and saying "My ears are stomping, my ears are stomping, my ears are stomping...over and over again." "My ears don't like it on the floor or in my bed." He slowly tries to creep up...this goes on for HOURS!!! We try to ignore, we try to bribe...I mean reward him for sleeping on the floor or in his room. Then, I take him back to his room to sleep.

8. This went on last night especially from 12:00 till 4:20 this morning.....Hubby finally got him to listen out of scaring him with a basement consequence. We were tired....we knew nothing else to do.....patience was worn thin.....

This is taking a toll on Noah's behavior, our marriage cuz of parenting styles, and our tempers with him. This HAS to stop....

So, I began my research this morning.

First thing I found was I have two problems:
1. Breaking a child from co-sleeping
2. Teaching a child to fall asleep on his own

Second thing I found was he has several parasomnias (disruptive sleep-related events, and usually not too serious). These include:
1. Bruxism (Teeth grinding)
2. Bedwetting (regardless of taking away fluids before bed and making him go before and when he wakes)
3. Nightmares

We got through the sleep apnea when we got his tonsils and adenoids out in Feb of 2007. So now just 3 more to tackle.

The last thing that will help guide me through this is remembering (Thank you Hilary) is:

Consistent enforcement is key to help your child feel comfortable sleeping in her own bed, you must first make a rule that she does in fact sleep in her own bed. Then you need to enforce the rule consistently. If your child comes into your room in the middle of the night, gently pick her up or take her by the hand and lead her back to her own room. You may have to do this several times a night at first, but if you give in and allow your child to stay in your room, or in your bed, you will have only taught her to be more persistent.

--This is much easier during the day with timeouts, etc, but at night when you are tired...God give me the strength!

I found 2 approaches to begin my nightly journies with I must decide which one... FIRST APPROACH: I can go all Supernanny on his ass where you keep taking them back in and putting them to bed with no talking or comfort till they give in and go to sleep...
SECOND APPROACH: I can sit with him the first night till he falls asleep, then sit in a chair by him, then move the chair closer and closer to the door the following nights till he learns to sleep on his own....

Okay, so IT IS ON NOAH!! Hubby with me or not....SUPERMOMMY is on TONIGHT!! Wish me luck and sorry for the helps me make my thoughts and decisions clearer!!

ADVICE IS wanted by the way LOL

It is on!

It was a very bad night. A very, Very, Very, Very VERY VERY bad night with Noah last night. Bedtime is not a fun thing...nighttimes for that matter. Supernanny has met her match.....I have her number in speed dial!

SNORE...SNORE......Oh sorry, started to fall asleep there.....

Any ideas you have on keeping your child in his/her own bed and staying there all night please pass along....

PS...That sweet tea...going to get it soon.. I REALLY REALLY need it today.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


I am sitting here working online and all I want is a freaking sweet tea....I want the smooth sweetness running down my throat! I need it NOW!! And hubby won't get me one cuz he is watching WVU play wah wah!!


I am buying some BITCHIN clothes!

Back a couple of months ago, my sister-in-law mentioned to me about a type of clothing for babies that are the new "in" thing. I wasn't sure what she was talking about because you see, I am not an "in" person. I don't follow the fashion magazines or even buy magazines at that. Jeans and t-shirts baby all the way, on me, my hubby, and kids. We even throw on some sweatshirts once and awhile!

So, when she brought this up, I was a little intrigued. Babylegs she tells me. yesterday she sent me a link to check them out. So, I click the link and all the sudden I felt that I was taking a trip with Michael J. Fox in a time machine car to the 1980's.

There I am sitting in a pink bedroom, waiting by the radio to hit the play/record buttons so I could catch my most favorite song that the dj promised would be after the 50 thousand commercials. I hear a note and smack down the play and record button. WHEW...I caught it. I head over to my bed and pull out my diary. Writing in a diary is what girls in their childhood/preteen years did in the 1980's. We didnt have text messaging, blogs, or myspace. I write about how my brothers are driving me nuts and how my parents won't let my best friend spend the night cuz she was here last what who cares! So, I decide to write her a note hehehe and tell her about how terribe and rough my life is. When I am done, I turn on my little black and white television (which I might add the screen was smaller than this computer screen I am looking at now). MTV... there is Cyndi Lauper bouncing around in her video singing her heart out and what are those MOST AWESOME THINGS on her legs, TOTALLY?? OMG...those are so freaking RAD! And Hello...FLASHDANCE?? That has to be how these things became so popular...that was the LIKE TOTALLY Gnarly movie EVER!

I gotta have some of those....."MOM" I yell out my bedroom door! I think they are totally BITCHIN! I am year 2008 clicking on this link to Babylegs. They are legwarmers for babies/toddlers/kids! And all I can think about is how much I want these for Sydney!! cute would she look in these under her little skirts this summer/fall??

But seriously?? We kids from the 80's-90's loved our toys (My Little Pony, Cabbage Patch Kids, Strawberry Shortcake, TMNT, Care Bears, Pound Puppies) and fashion items (jelly shoes, jelly bracelets, slap bracelets, friendship bracelets--seriously cheap accessorizing!!! denim jackets, tight rolled pants, frizzy BIG hair, and using words like NOT, PSYCHE, GAG ME WITH A SPOON OR BARBIE DOLL LEG, VALLEY GIRL, CHILL PILL) And this stuff is COMING Back! Is it because we loved our STUFF that much that we want it for our own kids??

HELLO of course! Sydney will be a valley girl for sure!

What are you favorite 80's fads/slangs/toys?? etc??
Check out this site to take you back in time!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Did she look like this??? LMAO!!

OMG I AM PEEING my pants...Check out Debby's blog.....Piggy rides at the Mall. Thanks for helping me waste some time today! HAHAHAHAHA

My Treadmill and I

My treadmill and I out went for a jog. Today, I must admit Debby, I only could jog at speed 4.8. You totally could have got me on the inside lane!

Dying...body hurting, knees stinging, shins pulling and tightening. However, I only wish other parts of my body were tightening. My back, belly, and hips along with my feet hitting the treadmill sounded and felt a little like this.....

Step, BOUNCE, Step, BOUNCE, Step, BOUNCE, Step, BOUNCE (the bouncing is the extra layers that I have accumulated over the past few months)


My ultimate goal is to have no more bounce! I want a solid body jogging away on that treadmill with the only thing bouncing is my breasts (which will be WAY smaller).

Tonight...both kids played throughout the basement and allowed me to get my 30 minute, 2.25 mile workout accomplished. At one point, at my most disgusting, sweat dripping moment, Noah looked at me and said, "Mommy, you are so beautiful on there!"

"Thank you Noah." Giggle giggle...Now why couldn't the hubby come downstairs and say that to me?? Teach him Noah...Teach Daddy how to use his positive words to make Mommy feel good!

He motivated me...he made me pick up the pace from the walking at 4.3 (Debby, that would be legs walking, arms running hehehehe) to jogging at 4.8.

Now, the sweat started to drip from odd places. At one point I felt a drip run down my elbow and onto the back of my forearm. I thought, "Where'd that come from??" EWW!!!!

Jog....Jog....Jog.....OMG WHAT IS THAT IN FRONT OF ME??? IS THAT DEBBY??? IS SHE DEAD??? OH NO...she ran backwards and saw me coming...She fell on her ass!!!!............. JUMP OVER HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RUN RUN RUN RUN at 5.5 speed LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My treadmill and I.....

Monday, March 24, 2008


Well, fellow visitors, I did it...I went back down to the tredmill and did over 2 more miles!! YEAH!! This time I waited till Sydney went down for a nap! I AM FEELING BETTER ALREADY! Thank you Debby for your motivation!


Okay so this week is spring break for the schools around here, so what better time to jump on the tredmill and get myself started back on my exercise schedule?? I couldn't wait. Sydney, Noah, and I headed to the basement. I planned that they would play and I would walk/jog 2 miles or about 20/30 mins to begin my first day back on since before Christmas. Let's put it this plan did not go as planned!!

I turn on the tube to Sesame Street (just in case the million toys in the basement did not entertain long enough), got on my tredmill, started up to speed 4.0 for warm-up, then after 2 mins turned that baby up to 4.3 speed and began walking. It wasn't even 3 mins in that Sydney came over and stood there beside me on the tredmill and started to cry....As I am walking, trying not to fall on my ass, I tell her to go get your baby and feed her or go down your slide, or watch Sesame Street (OH look Sydney there is Elmo!)...NOTHING!! She just stood there and cried and put her hands up to be held...WHAT IS THIS??? Mommy NEVER comes down here or goes anywhere for herself, can't you understand that????

I tried to ignore her hoping she would give it up and go play, but she was very persistant. She wanted me to pick her up and cuddle....

I made it to over a mile and about 15 mins of a workout....I even jogged at 5 speed (pathetic huh?) for most of the time to outdo myself and try to get something out of the first workout. How discouraging!! I am going to have to wait till she naps in the PM to attempt this. However, I love to do it in the morning!! AHH!!!

How do those disgusing Skinny moms do it???

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter weekend in Review

Friday- We had an egg hunt in our yard and our neighbor's yard. The kids were so excited. It only took Sydney one time of me pointing out an egg under the tree and she was off. We couldn't even keep up with Noah, because he was off on his own looking for every egg he could find. We had the perfect weather. It was sunny and 56! They came inside and had fun opening up each egg!

Today was a fun day! We spent the morning and early afternoon preparing for the Hall/Ritchey Easter at The Shaffers :) Everyone started to arrive around 4ish. My brother, Andrew and his wife arrived first with a cooler full of drinks. (I am one to dish out jobs and make it a pot luck Easter...less work on me LOL!) Then in came my parents (baked corn and green bean casserole) and my grandfather (famous homemade stuffing, Texas sheet cake, and an apple pie). I welcomed my grandfather into the kitchen because this man is a PRO in the kitchen...See Blog on Top 50 Childhood Memories.Then, my brother Mike and his wife, Ashley came bearing rolls and butter. My Uncle Steve and cousins came later with fruit salad!

Is Andrew tearing the chicken apart or eating it?

Sister-in-law Deanna, She is a great dishwasher LOL Just kidding girl! HA!

Mimi and Sydney (Syd said Mimi for the first time today too!)

My dad AKA Pappy chasing Sydney around on his knees...this man is a child at heart!


The Grub!

Sydney waiting for us to eat..

The family ready to eat. :) The kids are hiding lol

Me eating Mama's Baked Corn

After Dinner family are a bunch of nuts!

The Ritchey fam showed up. They were at the Duke vs. West Virginia game....GO WVU!!!

My brother Mike changing our father's diaper! OMG!

Look who got to hold Sydney! My Uncle Steve!

My cousins, Cori & Megan, Me, and my Sister-in-law Ashley!

Cori, Megan, and their exchange student from Germany (Syd just loved her!)

Happy Easter all! None of us wanted to get up this morning...Easter bunny or not! 8:30 was the earliest! We got our baths/showers and then down to see if the Easter bunny came. Sydney wasn't sure what was going on until she saw what Noah found. She went around saying, "Where'd it go?" Then, finally she found it and her face lit up! Noah said, "Look what the Easter Bunny brought me! More dinosaur stuff!!"

Afterwards, we headed out to Hagerstown Park to feed the ducks. It was a little chilly but comfortable to be out for fresh air. The geese, ducks, and swans came over for food along with the squirrels! The kids were a little freaked out by the squirrels! LOL>..kinda reminds them of Hammy off Over the Hedge LMAO... They would run close to Syd to get her bread and then she took off chasing them....

Noah liked the swans the best.

We took some pictures and headed home to color eggs.

The kids enjoyed coloring eggs. Sydney especially liked how they splashed everywhere when she dropped them in the dye. Noah liked putting stickers all over them.