Thursday, March 6, 2008

Brag About Your Husband

My hubby

What is his name: Shane :) Just like the book lol

How long have you been married: It will be 8 years in June!

How long did you date: 6 years from August 1994 to June 2000

How old is he: 31 ( but tell him he looks like he is 24) LOL..he loves that shit!

How old are you: 30

Who eats more sweets: That is tough one...I would say that is pretty equal, cuz we are both sweetys :) I, however, put on the weight from eating them, and he just gets sexier and more manly!

Whose parents do you see most? Well, that is a tough one because the times are so unequal, although some keep tabs....not cool at all, cuz we love them all the same. We try to keep things as fair as possible...but of course I'd rather see mine more LOL

Who said I love you first: I think it was him....I wanted to first but I was too scared.

Who is taller? : Him

Who can sing better: Me :) He can sing to Randy Travis really well, but other than that he stinks!

Who is smarter: He definetly is, but I have more common sense!

Who does the laundry: All me baby! You don't want to see our clothes when he is done with them!

Who does the dishes: Me...he does them once in awhile to help out.

Who pays the bills: Hubby and he is awesome at it, so he is keeping that job!

His guilty pleasure: Coaching and watching TV

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed: Hubby

Who mows the lawn: Hubby

Who has more friends: Me cuz he doesn't like to socialize like I do.

Besides you, who is his best friend: LOL it could be a toss up between Keith and

Who cooks dinner: Me unless I call hubby and have him bring Pizza home :) Then he cooks LOL

Who is more stubborn: Hubby!! NO DOUBT!!!!

Who kissed who first: If you asked him...he would say me, but I know that it was him cuz he was a rubbing my leg at the McBride and the Ride concert at the Bedford County Fair back in August of 1994. He looked over and went in first....NASTY SLOBBERY tongue and all! I just remember pulling back some so I didn't gag!! But I liked him so I kept it going LOL....

Who asked who out first: This one will take a minute...cuz I will NEVER forget this day EVER!! Not even when I am in the hosptial in the final stages of Alzheimers...this day changed my life forever!

Okay, so, I asked him out. My friend Kelly and I went up to the Bedford County Fair for something to do cuz there really is nothing better in that area ta hehehehe...

So, here is how it went:

Here is why I asked him out first...I thought he was pretty cute with the 1-800 HOT HOGS tshirt, jean shorts, and sandals covered in pig shit. He was in there cleaning his pig stall and I thought, "Boy, he is cute!"

So, I continued my all the sudden ability to flirt...I was NEVER good at it till I met him...Love at first sight! I attempted to push him off the side of the pig makes me laugh.... and we talked and talked...I remember a part of our conversation where he noticed that we both had like brown sandals on and they looked similar. I remember standing there all alone as if nothing else was around us and looking down at our sandals....and for the first time I felt comfortable with someone looking at my feet LOL...

There is more to this story where I acted out Ace Ventura Pet Detective but we won't get into that lol You can ask HIM about that hehehehe

My friend Nicki knew him and said that he was a little shy around girls and others said he would never ask me out, so....

He said he would walk me to my car...well, I should have known he like to half ass things cuz he only walked me PART way to my car...which was fine cuz I drove a 1981 BROWN Ford Fairmont and was a little just never know if that pig farmer had a BMW or something! LMAO!! He went to turn around to head back to the pig barn and I said, "Hey, come here..." He approached...My heart skipped a beat or a 10!! I was so nervous! "Would you like to go out sometime?"

AGE 16: New to the driving world, NEW FREEDOM, New experience.....SCARED TO FREAKING DEATH OF BEING REJECTED...but I felt something with him and I knew he felt it too...I wasn't that Niave!!

He answered, "Sure, why don't you come up on Saturday and we can go to the concert?"

I was a little shocked...I mean I knew I was cute, but not as cute as my group I hung out with, not as "attractive" to the boys at my school, cuz I was more the annoying one that they wanted NOTHING to do with, but Shane saw me as a girl...a girl he could date :) Not the annoying girl that always liked the spot light on her...not the girl that no one took seriously....but a cute girl with awesome sandals!!

So, I spent 4 hours getting beautified for my first date with Shane....I went up a hour or so before the concert and went looking for him. After I found him, he said, "Why didn't you come up earlier??"

Well, as all women just don't go EARLY and show you are OVER interested...and of course I had to get ready!!! My goodness...a country concert at the fair was a big event for this country girl! I had to curl my hair, pick out the perfect outfit, and of course apply the simpiliest of makeup and put on those darn sandals he so liked! LOL....

I replied, "Oh I had stuff to do." tahhehehehehhehe....he didn't need to know all that YET!

We talked, went to the concert, had our first kiss, and now 14 years later we are happily married :)

Who proposed: He did...this is another funny story...just the start of our ridiculous funny marriage.

He told me he wanted to take me to Red Lobster for our anniversary of dating 5 years (August 14) so I got all dressed up in the cutest of sundresses, white sandals, and looked hot I might add.

(now months prior to this, I had picked out my ring, so I knew he had it, but never knew when it would happen) So, I was a little skeptical about the Red Lobster thing...thinking this could be the place!

On our way, he wanted to stop by the Fair and see some of his friends up there before heading over to Red Lobster, I said, "Fine." AlthoughI was disappointed cuz I didn't want to step in pig poo with white sandals!

We stopped and visited the barns. He finally took me to the pig barn where we had met 5 years prior. All I remember is the tears, red face, and the smell of pig poo. He dropped down to his knee, dug the ring out of his pocket, and asked me to marry him. I, of course, said NO WAY! Just kidding...I said yes and the little kids around us were giggling! We hugged and I was so happy!

Then, we went to Red Lobster (NOT!!! HE never freaking took me!! You know where we went to celebrate our news??? HE TOOK ME TO FREAKING DAIRY QUEEN WITH HIS SISTER AND HER FRIENDS!!!! OMG I WAS SO DISAPPOINTED!!

Ya know...he still has yet to make that up to me!! err....

Who has more siblings: Me - I have 2 brothers and he only has one sister.

What is your favorite thing about him: His ability to take care of us. He works full-time and still has the energy to come home and help me out. His sense of humor, his work ethic, and always knowing when I am ready to hit my breaking point. He keeps me on my toes! That is for sure!

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