Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter weekend in Review

Friday- We had an egg hunt in our yard and our neighbor's yard. The kids were so excited. It only took Sydney one time of me pointing out an egg under the tree and she was off. We couldn't even keep up with Noah, because he was off on his own looking for every egg he could find. We had the perfect weather. It was sunny and 56! They came inside and had fun opening up each egg!

Today was a fun day! We spent the morning and early afternoon preparing for the Hall/Ritchey Easter at The Shaffers :) Everyone started to arrive around 4ish. My brother, Andrew and his wife arrived first with a cooler full of drinks. (I am one to dish out jobs and make it a pot luck Easter...less work on me LOL!) Then in came my parents (baked corn and green bean casserole) and my grandfather (famous homemade stuffing, Texas sheet cake, and an apple pie). I welcomed my grandfather into the kitchen because this man is a PRO in the kitchen...See Blog on Top 50 Childhood Memories.Then, my brother Mike and his wife, Ashley came bearing rolls and butter. My Uncle Steve and cousins came later with fruit salad!

Is Andrew tearing the chicken apart or eating it?

Sister-in-law Deanna, She is a great dishwasher LOL Just kidding girl! HA!

Mimi and Sydney (Syd said Mimi for the first time today too!)

My dad AKA Pappy chasing Sydney around on his knees...this man is a child at heart!


The Grub!

Sydney waiting for us to eat..

The family ready to eat. :) The kids are hiding lol

Me eating Mama's Baked Corn

After Dinner family are a bunch of nuts!

The Ritchey fam showed up. They were at the Duke vs. West Virginia game....GO WVU!!!

My brother Mike changing our father's diaper! OMG!

Look who got to hold Sydney! My Uncle Steve!

My cousins, Cori & Megan, Me, and my Sister-in-law Ashley!

Cori, Megan, and their exchange student from Germany (Syd just loved her!)

Happy Easter all! None of us wanted to get up this morning...Easter bunny or not! 8:30 was the earliest! We got our baths/showers and then down to see if the Easter bunny came. Sydney wasn't sure what was going on until she saw what Noah found. She went around saying, "Where'd it go?" Then, finally she found it and her face lit up! Noah said, "Look what the Easter Bunny brought me! More dinosaur stuff!!"

Afterwards, we headed out to Hagerstown Park to feed the ducks. It was a little chilly but comfortable to be out for fresh air. The geese, ducks, and swans came over for food along with the squirrels! The kids were a little freaked out by the squirrels! LOL>..kinda reminds them of Hammy off Over the Hedge LMAO... They would run close to Syd to get her bread and then she took off chasing them....

Noah liked the swans the best.

We took some pictures and headed home to color eggs.

The kids enjoyed coloring eggs. Sydney especially liked how they splashed everywhere when she dropped them in the dye. Noah liked putting stickers all over them.


~~~~~d~~~~ said...

tOO CUTE.. YOU'RE SO FAST. I tried.. but coulnd't find the energy to post easter etc.. lo will do tonight now that you have. damn you. :)

very cute.

Mary said...

We had a great time. Thanks for having us over for dinner. It's nice to be with everyone. Too bad john and tracy and the kids couldn't come.