Monday, March 24, 2008


Okay so this week is spring break for the schools around here, so what better time to jump on the tredmill and get myself started back on my exercise schedule?? I couldn't wait. Sydney, Noah, and I headed to the basement. I planned that they would play and I would walk/jog 2 miles or about 20/30 mins to begin my first day back on since before Christmas. Let's put it this plan did not go as planned!!

I turn on the tube to Sesame Street (just in case the million toys in the basement did not entertain long enough), got on my tredmill, started up to speed 4.0 for warm-up, then after 2 mins turned that baby up to 4.3 speed and began walking. It wasn't even 3 mins in that Sydney came over and stood there beside me on the tredmill and started to cry....As I am walking, trying not to fall on my ass, I tell her to go get your baby and feed her or go down your slide, or watch Sesame Street (OH look Sydney there is Elmo!)...NOTHING!! She just stood there and cried and put her hands up to be held...WHAT IS THIS??? Mommy NEVER comes down here or goes anywhere for herself, can't you understand that????

I tried to ignore her hoping she would give it up and go play, but she was very persistant. She wanted me to pick her up and cuddle....

I made it to over a mile and about 15 mins of a workout....I even jogged at 5 speed (pathetic huh?) for most of the time to outdo myself and try to get something out of the first workout. How discouraging!! I am going to have to wait till she naps in the PM to attempt this. However, I love to do it in the morning!! AHH!!!

How do those disgusing Skinny moms do it???


~~~~~d~~~~ said...

OH me me me me. ( hand up ).. I know I know...

THOSE MOMS: use their finger.

GOod job for persisiting. The first few times Pey was like that too. She wasn't used to it.

And lady jane: MY RUNNING PACE .. in order to do 3.5 miles is 4.6 SO BACK OFF. As my friend jenn says.. running ARMS walking feet. LMAO

Mary said...

LOL...sorry, it's just all in the payback packet!!!!!

aliciashaf said...

Thanks mom LOL.... Debby that would be your little short legs doing the same pace as my long ones! 4.6=5.0 LOL