Sunday, March 30, 2008


I can't even discuss last night because it was frustrating VERY VERY frustrating....

All I gotta say is 8 freaking times till I went all Supernanny on his ass!
42 times putting him back and forth in his own bed till he agreed that he would sleep on my floor without complaining....

Longest stretch of sleep: 3 hours
Total sleep: 4 1/2 hours

No nap today...reorganized the basement out of frustration and the need to "control' something in my life. I will add those pics tomorrow!

Tonight we added: fan in his room, chair in the middle of the room, consequence if the animals aren't working: Lock him in a room, probably basement bedroom. I know we have to have something to scare him with cuz us saying we are taking his favorite toys away DID not work! AHH!!

From books to sleep took 30 mins....he is out....I hope Syd doesn't wake him tonight!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Going to watch Big Brother...night people!

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~~~~~d~~~~ said...

Try everything you can think of.
I'm sorry. That must be so frustrating. But you said it to. Harder before better rigth? Maybe this is the harder. Have faith in that little booger: and remember that he is resilient. He'll get over it: whatever you scare him with. Steve told Emma tonight that if she stuck her tongue out at him ONE MORE TIME. He'd glue it to the top of her mouth.

So hey. Dont' feel so bad. SUper Nanny is paid and also leaves. LOL

Here to listen. :)