Monday, March 31, 2008

Getting better...

Last night was the first time that I have felt that Hubby and I have made progress with Noah's sleeping. Short and sweet people...back to reality before/afterschool kids and the baby (who I can't wait to give a big hug and kiss too!)

8:35: Asleep
11:00: Awake (this time it wasn't Sydney's fault) I go sit with him in the middle of the room on the MOST UNCOMFORTABLE 1970's chair....
11:15: He is back to sleep
11:15-1:00: He sleeps in his own bed. (This bloggers has improved from 30 mins to 2 hours!)
1:00: He is BAAAAAAAAACKKKK!!! (This time the persistancy continues....My ears are stomping...I am scared....I have to pee...I need to blow my nose....My ears are stomping....I need Simba (his lovey)....My ears are stomping...blah blah blah......
1:15: after his warning, Hubby picks his 50 lb whiny butt up and starts to carry him down the stairs...kicking and screaming (holds his mouth shut past Syd's room, whom BTW never woke up! opens the garage and asks him if he'd rather sleep in there. He says, "NO NO NO." Hubby says, "So, our floor and your bed doesnt look too bad now does it?" He brings Noah back up and tells him to sleep on the floor or his bed with no talking or whining or crying. I repeat it, hand him Simba, kiss him, cover him up.
1:25-5:00: He sleeps on our floor (Yeah Hubby put the fear in him but he still wanted his own bed at 5:00 this morning.)
5:00: I take him to his bed, tuck him in, kiss him, and sit on my chair... miserable lol
5:10: He is asleep, I leave and go to my bed...he sleeps till 7:30!! YEAH!

Getting better people....

For the record...It is only working because Hubby and I are working together and I am not a lone soldier anymore...I just wish he wouldn't use his "naughty" words in the middle of the night....I don't want Noah to turn into a potty mouth cuz of this. He has yet to know what those "naughty" words are and how to use them!

But Hubby and I are a team! :)

PS...Courtney...maybe the fan in the room on low is helping for the longer stretches of sleep in his own room!! YEAH!!


~~~~~d~~~~ said...


Hey. Middle of the night : rated M for mature audience. Who cares. You're tired. He's tired. Cross that road when you come to it. :)

Keep at it! No turning back. You at least: have your bed to yourself now. ONE STEP AT TIME.! Pats on the back for both of you. ANd shaneL hoo rah.

Tracy said...

Go Shane ....GO! Its about time daddy stepped in......haha....Your almost there....hopfully just a few more nights and you will have sucessfully weaned your son out of your bed....does this mean now that you two are alone in #3?

Lisha said...

Thanks ladies..i will pass your praises onto Shane... LOL... And Tracy...I am blushing hehehe.. actually we are waiting till Syd is about 4 till we start again... 2 more years! You will have your next one before me hehhehe :) If I had my way it would be now! I want baby #3!

Cameron said...

Way to go!!! I am sure it has been rough and you are almost in the clearing...hopefully not long now. Great job!!!! KUDOS TO SHANE AS WELL.....It takes a village or at least two. HHEEHEHE

Didi said...

Hi. Thanks for stopping by on my blog and commenting! I LOVE your background!

I am lovin' being a first-time Mommy & so blessed to be a stay-at-home Mommy. :)

Good luck with the sleeping situation. Ah, what I have to look forward to--hee, hee!

Courtney said...

It sounds like you are doing a great job with the night-time stuff. YAY!