Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Here's Your Sign...

Do you ever say something stupid, but don't realize it till much much later or the next day when it is too freaking late to correct it??

I do that a lot...A FREAKING LOT!!! Probably about twice a week, but most of the time I catch it in time!

On Monday I went to the park with the 3 kiddos cuz it hit about 72 degrees and we desperately needed to get the heck out of this house...major cabin fever around here! We had so much fun! The kids ran around, went up and down the slides, played on the swings, and met new friends.

And they weren't the only ones...I met someone new too....a teacher at a local elementary school who had to call off because her babysitter was sick and she didn't have anyone to back her up, so she took off. Well, long story short, blah, blah, blah.... Here is how part of the conversation went:

She says, "I just feel so guilty for taking off like that." I say, "Well, ya know, the kids are going to be crazy anyway because of the nice weather and it being Friday. So, I wouldn't worry about it and just make the best of the day off with your kids."

HERES YOUR SIGNOkay in case you didn't catch that....cuz obviously I didn't until today when I was driving NOah to school and I was recalling our conversation, cuz I do that a lot.... and I thought...did I actually say that it was FRIDAY??? SHe must have thought I was some kind of an idiot!! OMG!!

Seriously!!! I even retold the story to hubby later that night and told him the same thing... and didn't catch it!!! However, he didn't either, so maybe she didn't...or she did and just thought, this woman is wacko!!

I knew that I had trouble remembering what day of the week it was since I just "SIT" home on my butt all day....but that was pretty bad...

Besides my idiot remark...which I am now chuckling about, we had a blast!! Here are so pics from yesterday! Sydney met a new friend a few weeks younger than her and Noah ran around and played with sticks, climbed rocks, and acted like some sort of wild animal! (Thank God he didn't get down on all 4's though) LOL....

Down the slide...so quick I couldn't catch her!

He holds for the picture ( i have him trained!)

Smile Sara J!

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Cameron said...

I didn't even pick up on your error about Friday when I first read it. Probably because last week, I did the same thing to the grocery clerk. Have a great weekend...and here is was Monday....I am such a loser...hey, we can be losers together. I guess great minds think alike...that is what they say. (= I wouldn't worry about the chick at the park. She'll get over it....she might blog about you but she will ultimately get over it. HEHEHEHE Love ya.