Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hot Mamas!

We had our first Hot Mama's get together
last night as a part of our Mom's Group in
our community. However, even though
only 3 of us showed, it turned out to be the
most fun I have had in a LONG TIME!!
This was needed more than I had realized.
Just to get out of the house and chat and laugh with other adults!
Nothing like some Bacardi, chocolate, and laughter!

Look at me with the midgets! lol


Just the beginning of the night!

Night gets crazy!! We are HOT MAMAS!! Some pictures are too incriminating, so I left them off LMAO!


Cameron said...

BEST NIGHT OUT!!! I NEEDED IT SO MUCH MORE THAN I THOUGHT.....glad u were with me...glad u left off the "incriminating" pics. HEHEHEHE Must do it again!!!!


Mary said...

Was this a jammie party? Fun~