Friday, March 28, 2008

It is on!

It was a very bad night. A very, Very, Very, Very VERY VERY bad night with Noah last night. Bedtime is not a fun thing...nighttimes for that matter. Supernanny has met her match.....I have her number in speed dial!

SNORE...SNORE......Oh sorry, started to fall asleep there.....

Any ideas you have on keeping your child in his/her own bed and staying there all night please pass along....

PS...That sweet tea...going to get it soon.. I REALLY REALLY need it today.


~~~~~d~~~~ said...

The only thing I've ever seen Miss Nanny do is put them back. NO words no contact. No matter how many times they get up.

Knowing me though. Number 5 time: I'm ready to commit some crimes.

Good luck with that.
My kid still has a binky and cries throughout the night. You know what I did last night. I turned the monitor off.

Lisha said...

Do I put a lock on the outside of Noah's door?? I see that keep putting them back would work at the beginning but when he wakes in the middle of the night...I guess I would keep doing that then too....Then, I jeopordize the sleep of my precious Sydney who sleeps 12 hours through...never waking unless sick. What to do what to do??