Thursday, March 6, 2008

List of Ten Guilty Pleasures

A list of some of my most guilty pleasures...things that just make me go hmm....

1. A McDonalds Sweet Tea....and it better be sweet and not taste funny cuz I will go through the drivethru again and complain...that is my hard working earned $1.06. I crave this on a daily basis...I call it my crack...OMG what did I ever do without it??

2. Scrapbooking with Kim...I could not ask for a better person to crop with....Silence while concentrating is never uncomfortable, ideas always welcome, laughter always present (even when kids are driving me and hubby crazy), pages always completed....Gosh...I wish I lived closer!

3. Reading a good book...I love books about other people's lives....typically people who live similar to me or people from the South..Gosh, those people live interesting lives! BTW Mary, we need to swap some books soon, I am running out! :)

4. Taking a shower....I know that sounds crazy, but taking a shower is the MOST refreshing thing I can do for myself. Especially when there are NO Kids present...just taking my time, shaving my legs, washing my face, hair, body (Using a great bodywash), and just standing there feeling the hot water hit my stressed out OVERWORKED body!....I think I need to take one today!! LMAO!

5. Sticking my nose in others' lives....when it is welcome of course...yeah, I know that sounds so terrible, but I am serious...I love to hear details about other peoples lives cuz I am tired of hearing how "perfect" other people live when we all know it is a crop of crap! Seriously, we all have ups and downs and why not talk about them?? We aren't all perfect women, parents, friends, sisters, daughters... So admit to it so others can enjoy your triumphs and turmoils!

6. Having a clean kitchen...this is a must to make me a happy woman. I have to have a clean kitchen, before, during, and after I cook. The kitchen is the center of our world and the survival of germs....IT MUST BE Clean and the sink should be empty and clean :) Now, other peoples' kitchens are fine that way, but if you accept my assistance in cleaning it, I will be the first to help you get it clean and uncluttered :)

7. Hanging out with my mom and my family on her front porch....this is one of my most cherishable things to do when it begins to warm outside well into the autumn. Just sitting on her porch...that my Daddy built with his 2 hands, talking, making memories, reading magazines, and letting the kids run free in the yard is a most favorite thing to do!

8. Listening to 80's, 90's, hip hop, Top 40, and Pop music....I love to blare the radio when I am cleaning, running around the house, or in the car. I sing loud, dance with the kids, and get more done when I have it up loud.... LOVE IT!

9. Blogging/Journaling....totally keeps my mind sane...always has...ever since I got my first diary back in 1989 from my Grandma Ritchey, I have been keeping some sort of recollection of my life. I love memories, I love to write, I love to vent about my life....the Internet has opened up so much for me to be me.....I even keep a journal of more private matters and feelings that i obviously can't say on here LOL....

10. Walking with my friends...this believe it or not is SO much freaking fun....Okay, I can take it... go ahead call me a dork...but I am a social butterfly, I thrive for attention, adult contact, friendships of different sorts, and add in some exercise and competition and I am there! My neighbors and close friends Amy and Mary are the best to walk with...used to have Julie but she moved away from us :( but now that the weather is warming up I can't wait to hit the development with us pushing our strollers around the community, chatting, and burning the calories! CAN'T FREAKING WAIT!

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Mary said...

Ir will soon be time for porch sitting even if we have to do it in our winter coats. That would have to be on my top 10 list too.