Friday, March 21, 2008

Looking back...

So, I have Noah's kindergarten registration on April 14th. If feels just like yesterday that we brought him home and we spent hours sleeping together on the couch, eating his first cereal, taking his first steps, his first words, telling me he loved me for the first time, and then it was already time for preschool....I don't get how time can go so fast.

He is going to be five in a couple weeks!! My little boy is growing up so fast! This is a quick trip down memory lane....

Couple weeks old....OH.....If I could hold you just one more time

3 months old...and teething already

4 months...first cereal....Not sure about this...

Noah at 15 months making his GET TOUGH face

18 cowboy

2 years old....Picking flowers for his little woman, Emma.

27 months...whata ham!

Age 3....that smile and that out of control hair! :)

Age 4...first day of Preschool....


~~~~~d~~~~ said...

Oh hes' so sweet. :0) and :o( at the same time.

Mary said... makes my heart ache. He is growing so fast it makes me sad yet happy that he's growing into such a sweet boy. Love ya Noah!