Monday, March 24, 2008


Well, fellow visitors, I did it...I went back down to the tredmill and did over 2 more miles!! YEAH!! This time I waited till Sydney went down for a nap! I AM FEELING BETTER ALREADY! Thank you Debby for your motivation!


~~~~~d~~~~ said...

yahh you.. i'm goinna have to turn around today when im running to make sure you're not coming up on me.. lmao!

Anonymous said...

Great work! Now... if only I could get the "motivation" bug! Good for you for stickin' with it!

~~~~~d~~~~ said...

Oh i see how it is. Everyman for himself: run over the competition huh?

boy oh boy.
some people

Cameron said...

Good for you, Lisha. I am glad you got your workout in and you feel GREAT!!! It is nice when no one is calling your name. (=

Have a good day!

Mary said...

ok, you guys...enough of the competition. Ok, I worked out for 3 hours today...oh shoot, it was only 15 minutes till I pooped out.