Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Treadmill and I

My treadmill and I out went for a jog. Today, I must admit Debby, I only could jog at speed 4.8. You totally could have got me on the inside lane!

Dying...body hurting, knees stinging, shins pulling and tightening. However, I only wish other parts of my body were tightening. My back, belly, and hips along with my feet hitting the treadmill sounded and felt a little like this.....

Step, BOUNCE, Step, BOUNCE, Step, BOUNCE, Step, BOUNCE (the bouncing is the extra layers that I have accumulated over the past few months)


My ultimate goal is to have no more bounce! I want a solid body jogging away on that treadmill with the only thing bouncing is my breasts (which will be WAY smaller).

Tonight...both kids played throughout the basement and allowed me to get my 30 minute, 2.25 mile workout accomplished. At one point, at my most disgusting, sweat dripping moment, Noah looked at me and said, "Mommy, you are so beautiful on there!"

"Thank you Noah." Giggle giggle...Now why couldn't the hubby come downstairs and say that to me?? Teach him Noah...Teach Daddy how to use his positive words to make Mommy feel good!

He motivated me...he made me pick up the pace from the walking at 4.3 (Debby, that would be legs walking, arms running hehehehe) to jogging at 4.8.

Now, the sweat started to drip from odd places. At one point I felt a drip run down my elbow and onto the back of my forearm. I thought, "Where'd that come from??" EWW!!!!

Jog....Jog....Jog.....OMG WHAT IS THAT IN FRONT OF ME??? IS THAT DEBBY??? IS SHE DEAD??? OH NO...she ran backwards and saw me coming...She fell on her ass!!!!............. JUMP OVER HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RUN RUN RUN RUN at 5.5 speed LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My treadmill and I.....


~~~~~d~~~~ said...

Me likes.
I'll play.

Hey lIsh:
knock knock

(your turn)


( your turn)


Ohhh wait.. what's she doing now??? She's running SIDEWAYS.. and STILLLLL SMOKING YO ASS.

I almost spit out my salad laughing you sneaky little running blogger ho.

I didnt' expect that.

Listen you little blog-her . I'm headed down to a little place I call TREADMILLVILLE.. and I'm not coming back til I whoop your ass or fall over dead.


Hilary said...

Run Forest, Run!!!! Run till the sweat forms a pool in that little divet above your ass!!!!!!!!!!

Mary said...

You can watch me walk if you want to,you want to...In my red high heels in front of all of you treadmill moguls. I can walk for hours and hours (as proved yesterday at a sales event for the bank) red high heels for 15 hours...try that one sneaker people!