Saturday, March 29, 2008

Nightmare Be-Gone Powder

Tonight's bedtime routine took only 30 mins instead of an hour!
He is so positive about the night! He was asleep by 9:00!! :) YEAH!!!

We read If You Give a Moose a Muffin and Moose's Loose Tooth (don't likes Moose :)) But I know another particular person who likes Moose or at least used to when she was my neighbor!

Then, I told him a story about his birthday party.....

After I was done, he said, "Mommy, my heart doesn't want bad dreams tonight."

Quick thinking....oh man....I know...Use my brother-in-law Matt's idea. He said about using powder to sprinkle around the room to get rid of the bad dreams. He said like "Bear Be-gone" or something but since his bad dreams are about lots of things, I called it, "Nightmare Be-Gone Powder." Tracey...your idea was the air freshener...I might do that when the powder loses its novelty! :) Thank you...Oh and Courtney, I do run a fan outside the room on low to drown out the hall way noise and my daughter has an oscillating fan in her room, so I might have to buy a small one to create more white noise for him :) Thanks!

Anyway...back on Topic Lisha...these people got better things to do than hear you ramble!

So, I sprinkle the Nightmare Be-Gone Powder (great visual cuz he sees it floating thoughout the room...probably not good for the lungs, but I did VERY little). Then he asked me to put it on his head cuz that is where his bad dreams come from...AHHHH!!!

He said (Uncle Matt you will love this...), "My heart likes the powder. Sydney doesn't need it in her room anymore. I need it now."

He fell asleep faster and cuddled all up...regardless that my chair was 2 feet from the bed tonight....he didn't need me laying or sitting next to him in bed!! YEAH!!!

Another step forward in my fear is It usually gets worse before it gets you think??? I will fill you in tomorrow on the rest of the night.... 1 hour down and still asleep! :)


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Courtney said...

YAHOO!!! I love the powder idea! Hopefully tonight's as good as last night!

My kids LOVE moose! We read the muffin book at least thrice a day. And my daughter loves the Elliot Moose books - and bonus! - her name is Elliott, so she thinks the books are about her! Both she and my son can make moose noises, too. My husband likes all things moose, and thus he included the moose noise when we would sing "Old MacDonald". Hilarious!

Sweet dreams to everyone!!