Saturday, March 15, 2008

Playdate with Cameron

Today was beautiful! A wonderful 62 degrees. Hubby and I headed up to Hagerstown to do our usual Saturday to the bank, grab lunch, and hit any stores we don't have around here. But today we skipped the shopping and headed to the Hagerstown Park. We walked around the water, fed the fish and ducks, and played on the playground. It was such a nice day! We headed home and Syd fell asleep on the way...So worn out!! (Of course I didn't have my camera!)

The fun didn't stop! Mary text around 4ish (after we both got up from a nap!) and Syd and I went over to their house for a playdate. I left Noah at home to spend time with Daddy. This time I remembered my camera and so did Mary (so I am sure she will be posting lol). Sydney's favorite part of the playdate is how all 4 of us held hands and raced to the fence, touched it, and ran back. She kept saying her "OiOi" for again again... So we did it again and again until Mary and I couldn't breathe!

Here we go a running a running...

We had one episode where they crawled into the clubhouse, Sydney tried to get Cameron to drive the ship, made out with him, looked down his shirt, and attempted to get him to jump off the plank!! Mary and I about sh*t our pants to stop them! AHH!!! But in all, everyone survived, we had fun, and most importantly, I GOT SOME GIRL TIME!! :)

Such a silly boy!

NO kisses are for Cameron!

What is this??

 are my love....


Did you say BIRDY Cameron??

There is the birdy Cam!

Wanna play with the big red ball??


Getting Sleepy and loving Mary swinging me!


Mary said...

I think you have the site just right. Love the play pictures! What sweethearts!

aliciashaf said...

WEll, i keep messing with it LOL

Cameron said...

Thanks for coming over and playing with us! We had a blast! The kids are adorable together. We are blessed to have met you! (((((HUGS)))))