Saturday, March 29, 2008

Supernanny ain't got NOTHING on this BITCH!

Thank you all for your ideas, advice, and thoughts regarding our sleeping issue with Noah.

Jamie-you had a great point about the diet. I have thought about that because Noah is NOT a good eater, but we limit junk and sugar as much as possible (cuz we all know there is hidden sugar in EVERYTHING we eat!). I make sure he has his 3 meals, a snack here and there, and his drinks are mainly milk and 1 juice box a day.

So, I am thinking that maybe the constant thoughts of animals are contributing to the nightmares. I once read somewhere that 80% of kids' nightmares involve animals....But how in the world do you eliminate animals in a child's life? They are everywhere!

Anyway, let me tell you fellow followers how last night went!

We spent the day yesterday discussing over and over again what would happen that night. Noah loves to know what is going on at all times and does better when he is expecting it ( many of us are like that?? for real already.)

After talking to several friends, especially Hilary (behavior plan QUEEN lol) Hubby and I came up with a plan of action.

1. We created a flip book of Mommy drawn/Noah colored pictures of what would take place before bed (bedtime routine all the way up to me leaving his room and he sleeping in his bed). However, Hilary gave me a better idea of actually taking pictures of him doing his routine and making the flip book with the photos! AWESOME! I am so on that.

2. Then, I talked to Noah about how I would sit SIT (not lay anymore)with him until he fell asleep at night. Then, the following night I would sit in a chair by his bed, etc. (going with that approach cuz Noah is just too drama for the Supernanny approach. We can try that one if this doesn't work). Then, I would leave and go to my own room where I would be if he had a bad dream. If he woke up, he could come to our room, sleep on the floor, but was not to wake us or whine by our bed.

3. If and when he came to our bedroom, he was to lay down on the floor and go back to sleep. The consequences for waking us were as follows:

Hilary gave us the idea to have 2 jars. One for Noah's sleepy jar and the other for our jar. Because Noah has been bugging us for 3 days for this pack of animals at Weis market, we went and bought them. We had him pick 4 of the animals and put them in his jar. Every time he woke us up, he got a warning to lay down and go back to sleep. If he continued whining (which he LOVES to do), we took an animal out of the jar and it put it in our jar. Then, by morning he could have whatever was left in his jar.



I took the flip book everywhere we went last night as we got ready for bed. We kept asking him what would happen if he did this or that. He knew the answers, so we knew that he understood the plan. He loved looking through the flip book and seeing what came next.

After we did the bedtime routine, I sat at the bottom of his bed until he fell asleep which was about 9:15 pm.

I left, shut the door, and went downstairs to discuss what happened with Hubby. Everything remained quiet till we took Sydney up to bed at 11:00 (I know that is late, but she sleeps 12 hours so no biggy). Put her in she screamed cuz she lost her binky...err....woke Noah up (whose room is next to hers). He came over..didn't say a word, laid on the floor, and went to sleep!! AMAZING!! So far so good.

He slept on our floor from 11:00 till 2:00 am. Second awakening... he states, I can't sleep because Daddy is snoring (which I couldn't either so it was tempting to just go to Noah's room and sleep, but I stayed tough!). "Noah, your talking either sleep on the floor or go to your quiet bedroom." "Mommy, come sit with me in my room until I fall asleep." "Noah you lost a toy."

I went over with him, sat till he fell asleep, and returned to my bed where my snoring hubby slept like a rock. A LOUD ROCK!

At 4:00 am. Over comes Noah, lays on the floor, tries to sleep, complains of Daddy's Snoring. I say, "Last warning, go to sleep." He whines and complains...."Sit with me in my room till I fall asleep." I say, "You lost a toy, but I will sit with you." He falls asleep, and I leave.

30 mins later, he comes over and lays on our floor and sleeps there till 7:45 am. No complaints....

He was not happy to see he lost 2 toys, but is ready for tonight. He put 4 more animals in his jar for tonight and is already talking about earning them. Tonight I will sit in the chair further from the bed. So far so good!

I will fill you in on Night 2!


tracy said...

Alicia you are so patient.....i can not imagine going through that especially being woken up i would not be that sweet : } keep up the good work...just be consistent and it will work through.....did you ever think of talking to his doctor re the sleep habits. They are usually resourceful.

~~~~~d~~~~ said...

That's great!!what a fun plan! We use ping pong balls for our behaviour plan. I love the book idea though. so cute
can't wait to hear!

and the food: from what i understand its more the types of foods we put in our body that have total behavioural effects. Some of that stuff my sis had me try for sleep; involved food the girls were fed.. especially before bed. Not so much sweets..e tc.. i forget what it is.. i'll have to ask so i can clarify for you.

Hilary said...

I have to say this, Alicia... you are a committed parent. There are so many parents out there that would not take the time for form a plan of action and commit to the "follow-thru." You are extremely resourceful, knowledgeable, and obviously patient so you have everything you need to do this!
Do you know how many people out there wouldn't even take the advice and roll with it? I can count the ones in all the states that I have attempted to work with at some point!
GREAT WORK... We don't pat each other on the back enough! Too many "competi" mommies out there stabbing each other in the back! Hang in there and Godspeed!

Lisha said...

Thank you thank you ladies :) *Taking my bow* LOL...
Debby, I would love to hear about the diet thing...I know I steer clear of that Red Dye # so if there is more I should watch let me know! Tell your sis to educate me!
Thank you Tracey and Hilary! I need your support! It is hard!

~~~~~d~~~~ said...

I';ll call her today. There's all kinds of stuff. :)

Exaclty like you mentioned.