Monday, March 3, 2008

Voting time!

And no I am not talking about Presidental voting, I am talking about my hair people!!


Thank you Thank you...

I have done some research on wavy hair...check out this site: Hair Color Diva...Cuz wavy hair is what I have..however none of the girls have such a round chubby face like here are my ideas SO FAR....

First things first....What I am looking for is:


Who it works for: Those who want a sexy, messy-on-purpose style. Very fine hair might look too sparse with this look.Tell your hairstylist: Keep the layers long. Because the hair is wavy, too many choppy pieces will be prone to frizz. If hair is naturally wavy the razor should be used sparingly as it could cause frizz. If hair is straight and fine then the razor is key for adding some texture.Maintenance: Add some waves to straight hair or amp up natural curl with a curling iron.HAIR CUTS FOR ALL-OUT-SEXY LONG HAIR


Who it works for: Most people, except those with very curly or frizzy hair. Because the layers are adjusted to suit your face shape, it's easy to pull off.Tell your hairstylist: Ask for choppy, uneven, tapered ends. There should be layers in the front and back.Maintenance: Thanks to the uneven, broken-up layers, this hair still looks good when it's grown out, but to keep the look, have it cut every six to eight weeks.

NUMERO 1 hair style/cut




NUMERO 5 (MY FAVORITE...although they all look similar)

Okay people time to keep in mind that I am sitting my butt at home most days, don't always get to wash my hair everyday so pulling it back still needs to be an option. So EASY maintence hair IS A MUST!!



TC said...

I just stumbled across your blog and your pic in your guestbook caught my eye. I read your "about me" and about the wrinkles and your hair, I don't see anything wrong at all. I think your pretty hot. The schedule you keep and still look that good, wow, keep it up! I understand the schedule, I'm a single father of two(13 and 14,boy and girl, both on their own travel team basketball), year-round commercial lobster fisherman, "housekeeper", working part-time, and budding online entrepreneur.
Nice site, keep smiling.
Stop by and visit sometime.

tracy said...

Come on number 5 is what you have daring is that....i vote for can do will be a new you and if you hate it....its just will grow back...i just chopped mine all off...its short and i love manageable and stylish....go for it and post us some pics....!

tracy said...

Dont do your bangs like Numero them like numero 3 or 4....not liking the straight across bang... so i like numero 1 for cut and bang numero 3 o 4.

Mary said...

Ok, I'm voting for the first haircut and I think you should try bangs but make them a little longer then then the first picture. Lots of layers and shaggy would be good with your thick hair.
Don't let them razor, I had a bad fuzzy experience. Go for it!

~~~~~d~~~~ said...

damn.. you got HIT ON ON A BLOG!!LMAO.. AHHHHH..

i SAY 4. AND 1 IS the most daring but oh so cute
i say 4 because you still have length.. your hair is thick like that... and you can do all kinds of stuff with layers.. straighten.. wavey..etc.. I like number 1's bangs.. but that's a big leap.. coming from BANG GIRL HERE..what i have found.. is a LONG bang.. swept to the side.. works very very well. I think 1 is way too much for you though.. i don't think you'll like it.

4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
Kate ... whatever her name is.. is a cruncy granola head anyways. Your bubbly . :)

~~~~~d~~~~ said...

I checked up on lobster man for you. :) Call me bouncer. I like to sit at the door and " check id's." lMao

Cameron said...

OMG YOU GOT HIT ON...THAT ROCKS YOU HOT MAMA YOU....HEY TC, come check out my blog sometime!!!! (=

Ok, now for the hair style...I like number 1 too. If you like bangs, go for it. My hairdresser steered me away from the side bang because she said I would always be moving them out of my way since I have been bangless (oohhh that doesn't sound good) for so long. Anyway, I am glad I went with the longer bang when she wacked 7 inches off last month because I can still tuck it behind ear when needed. You will look great no matter what you chose....Remember that hair grows back and Shane most likely will be pleasantly surprised.