Friday, March 14, 2008

What I Want From Life Part 1

Okay Mother, you got us all hooked. What I want from life is a very deep and difficult question that I am ready to tackle today. I often think of this in my own way mainly because the most important things to me is what I do every day. This is Part 1. What I want from life...Let's begin!

List of things I want from life....

1. My children to have as happy and stable of a childhood as I had.
2. To sit on the beach and read a good, filthy book in my cute bathing suit...and not have to worry about my fat rolls hanging everywhere.
3. An hour to myself every evening to exercise without guilt trips from the hubby and kids.
4. Some new clothes that are flattering to my body type (until I get to that nice beach body) *chuckle*
5. The bag of Reese's peanut butter cups my hubby left by the computer last night....that I am so SO trying to resist (okay that isn't helping my beach body)
6. The kind of passion you see only on television.
7. Braces so I can correct my smile
8. To run off to Hawaii with my hubby for our 10 year anniversary. (which is in 2 years! WAHOO!)
9. To find a home where I want to stay for the rest of my life (well, at least until retirement)
10. Then find the job of my dreams where I never have to leave and I LOVE what I do.

That is about it. That list may change if and when I meet those goals. We will see.....

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Mary said...

So you're a shiny object girl at heart (peanut butter cups). You should write that list down and look at it again in a year.