Sunday, March 16, 2008

Top 50 Childhood Memories....What I Want From Life Part 2

What I Want From Life Part 2 is an extension of the number one thing I want for my kids.... and that is for them to have a stable and happy childhood as I did....

Below is a list of things that remind me of my childhood, nostly things that happened around the house or at the grandparents. Those memories are more vivid for me than at school.

1. Playing outside (with no fences, running free, and being safe)
2. Building clubhouses and teepees in the woods
3. Playing dolls in my room (the room my mom worked so hard on to paint pink for me)
4. Listening to my Grandmother Hall sing in the kitchen while she baked
5. Eating my Grandmother's pickles till I wanted to puke
6. Cabbage Patch dolls, Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, and Barbies
7. My daddy singing, "I've been waiting for a girl like you." Throughout the house.....
8. Mom listening to Phil Collins while she cleaned and cooked us dinner
9. Playing Barbies in the creek and making a "beach" for them
10. George Michael, New Kids on the Block, Debby Gibson, and Tiffany
11. Going to dinners at Wendy's with my Grandma and Pappy Ritchey (we always got a special treat of a FROSTY!!)
12. The fun jokes we played on my Daddy about his stinky feet (my favorite was when Mom put his stinky socks under his pillow before bed so he could smell what we all have been smelling for so long! Love her sense of humor!)
13. Daddy coming home and saying "HI HONEY I'M HOME!"
14. Then when he would lay on the couch and fall asleep with the remote on his belly...we kids would try to quietly take it away so we could watch something
15. Little House on the Prarie books, The Babysitter Club series, and Judy Blume books!
16. Pretending to make mint iced tea by the creek using the wild mint that grew beside the water. We actually drank that stuff!
17. Skipping rocks, boating, fishing, looking for salamanders, iceskating, and sledding onto the pond.
18. Walking the long driveway to the end of the road to catch the bus (until Mom started working at the more long walks. Kinda funny how that road doesnt look so long as you get older!)
19. Having my friends over and them always feel welcome and comfortable
20. The tire swing that my cousin, brothers, and I spent hours on!
21. All of our pets (cats and dogs)
22. Drinking water from a natural spring
23. Visiting my Daddy in the garage as he built things and worked on the car
24. The Aerostar van that wouldn't make it up the little hill in the snow but Daddy's tiny little car hauled all of us to school :)
25. Snow days...built forts, snowmen, and would sled ride for hours...then Mom always had hot chocolate ready!
26. How our house always changed and improved...and felt homier and homier (is that a word?)
27. Summer vacations to Bethany Beach Delaware with the cousins, uncles, aunts, and grandparents
28. Green baby....don't ask lol...the baby wasn't even green!
29. Playing legos on the floor and not cleaning up and then hearing my Mom scream cuz she stepped on one (*giggle*) and now I go through it! ahhahah
30. Playing in my Pappy Hall's barn and jumping through the hay loft into the hay and then itching for days!
31. Taking walks over the Hall property LOTS OF ACRES to a clubhouse my dad and his siblings built years and years ago
32. Swimming in the pool that my daddy built...always pretended to be a mermaid.
33. Crawling up between my Pappy Ritchey's legs (He always put one up bent over the other so we kids could crawl up and over his legs) HE IS SUPER TALL! :)
34. Grandma Ritchey telling my Uncle John and Uncle Steve to move the coffee table before wrestling with us kids so we wouldn't hit our heads (I do that now too...thanks Grandma *Kisses up above*)
35. Picking wild flowers and bringing them home for Mom :) She always said she loved it but we know that it was just messy after day one!)
36. Riding bikes till we dropped...everywhere (even took the main road one day and gave Mom a heart attack!)
37. Daddy's work uniform and how he smelled of deodorant and grease (I loved was comfort cuz he worked so hard for us)
38. My grandmother Ritchey's hands and how she had a drawer in the side table with her lotions and nail polishes....she took such good care of I see that in my mom.
39. Walks to the local Kountry Kettle restaurant to get greasy curly fries and a soda out of the pop machine (we would search the couch cushions for that change!)
40. Slumber parties with my friends
41. Camping trips to Rehobeth Beach, Gettysburg, Hideaway Campground, Shawnee campground...all over the place!
42. Okay, gotta add some food here cuz we all know it is a comfort thing from childhood, so let's begin with my Pap and Gram Ritchey's Ham Pot Pie (OMG...It just melts in your mouth good!)
43. Mom's Pork Chops and Macaroni (major craving for this when i was preggo with my daughter!)
44. My Dad's Sunday breakfasts (Wish I moved closer so I could come every Sunday and make him cook for me :)
45. Grandma Hall's honey pieces on her homemade wheat bread (Oh have no idea! This warm piece of fresh homemade wheat bread with melted butter and honey dripping was a VERY tasty treat as a hungry child)
46. My summer friend Kelly who came up from Florida for a couple summers to stay with her Grandparents who lived close by. We had so much fun playing in the old red shed we converted to a playhouse!
47. Picking Potatoes out of the field with my Pappy Hall
46. Saturday morning cartoons (the Good ones! Like Care Bears, Bugs Bunny, etc.)
47. Wearing the jelly shoes in the creek (pronounced CRICK where I come from hehehe). They were perfect cuz the water swooshed right through them but they never got yucky! LOL
48. Catching Crayfish in the creek and finding the rocks that write (we didn't use chalk back there we used those little creek rocks!
49. Drawing for hours at my little desk in my bedroom. Always princesses with big fluffy dresses and hats with streamers! :) I loved to dream and still do.
50. Picking raspberries along the edge of the wood and with my Pappy Hall and eating them up! They were so tasty! (probably why I don't enjoy other raspberries from the grocery store!)
Okay make it 51..I just remembered a huge one! ahahahha...My dad had a little white car.... What was that thing??? Anyway, he cut the roof off of it and we made it into the LOG DOG and that is how we hauled the wood from the woods down to the furnace! It was hilarious! Mom do you have a picture of that thing anywhere???

Well, those are the top 50 that I can think of right now. I am sure the list will grow as I think. I love to reminisce and remember the good old days.

What are your top 50 memories of being a child??


Mary said...

I love the list, you even have things on there that I forgot. LOL!
Thanks for the memories.

Mary said...

The aerostar van is what i forgot about. Now I remember that dad came in his little shit car and picked us up. Thank God for dads!