Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fun times & Updates

Hubby and I survived the long car trip to Pittsburgh! We even survived Pittsburgh traffic without hurting eachother! YEAH FOR US!!

I had a great time visiting my bestest college buddy in Pittsburgh this past weekend.
Waiting for our sweet teas!
Max & Ermas

She is getting bigger and bigger (along with her ankles...definetly cankles). She is due June 14th and it is quickly approaching. I am so excited for her because I sit and reminence about being a first time mom and all the expectations and anticipation I had! She is going to be a great mom and her hubby will be a great dad! The shower was beautiful and she got just about everything they needed and then some!

When we left Pittsburgh on Sunday afternoon, hubby had to get himself some Eat N Park cookies to munch on the way home. OH HOW DELICIOUS!

But boy did I miss my kids!!!!

They, however, had a great time at their grandparents. Syd was with my mom and Noah was with hubby's mom. They were exhausted from their fun filled weekend. They both zonked out on the ride home.


1. Birds are still in my dryer vent. They won't give it up. They do not see that everytime I hear them I will turn on the dryer and throw their nest onto the ground....this is exactly why it is such an insult to be called a bird brain.

2. The storm door is going to be installed today at noon!! Oh how I can't wait!

3. Sydney still has pink eye, but at least she didn't wake up this morning gooped shut! It is getting better.

4. I still love my hair...LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

5. I started WW at home with my friend Amy. We weigh in on Friday, however I didn't officially start till yesterday!

6. Blogging is going to slow down for me...because spring cleaning has begun!! I NEED MY HOUSE BACK IN ORDER!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Off to Pittsburgh

This is my weekend. With no kids.

I am going to my bestest friend from college, Kim, for her baby shower.

Hubby is riding along and meeting up with a high school friend there.

Me and hubby in the car for 2 1/2 hours there and 2 1/2 hours back ALONE.....

Syd is going to my mom and dads...oh with the dog too...I think I forgot to mention that.....

Noah is going to hubby's mom and dads.

I am so excited for the baby to get here! Finally, I can spoil her kids!

It is so hard going away but I know that I need it.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ramblings from a Crazy Mom

These are my ramblings for today, Thursday, April 23, 2008. Okay forget that because I just typed the wrong date....tells you how I don't pay attention to dates persay but the days of the week.

Beginning again because I am only human...Thank you America for keeping Brooke...we only voted for you 30 million times...okay it was only 30 but that was a lot. She is human...she makes mistakes too....

These are my ramblings for today, Thursday, April 24, 2008. My hubby has declared me as a geek. Yes, a geek. He for the first time checked out my blog ON HIS OWN without me putting the pressure on him. And when he saw my hair pictures I posted all by myself, he looked at me and said, "Lisha, you are such a geek."

I could have handled "dork", but GEEK??? Come on...he doesn't get it because he gets his hair cut every 4-6 weeks depending on when he starts to grow fuzz on the back of his neck......me on the other hand.....The last REAL haircut I got was August of 2006, then a trim last summer, and now this one. Okay so that is three haircuts in the last 2 years. LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

Okay I feel better about that.

Next, I must complain again about the birds in my dryer vent. I swear those UGLY, SMELLY blackbirds are going to be shot with hubby's BB gun tonight...I can't take it anymore!! I am running up my electric bill just running the dryer to keep them little F**KERS out!! OMG!!! They smell so badly! Have you ever "smelled" bird?? Oh they have a smell.... if I could somehow transmit their STENCH through this computer I would...right into your nicely smelling house of apple and cinnamon!

Yes, we went to Lowes and looked for the little screen thing to put over the outside....oh they don't have them. All they have is the complete cover that comes with the screen. So, I guess I will have to measure my dryer vent and return to freaking Lowes where NOONE helps you find what you need or help you buy a freaking GRILL!!! WHEW......

Anywho, as my Grandma Hall says, the darn birds are back...they don't get my subtle hints as I turn on the dryer and throw all their hard work onto the ground....I enjoy watching them fly out to the house roof next to us and wait for the dryer to stop....looking left then right then left then right. Don't forget to look ahead at the barrel of the BB GUN YOU PIECES OF CRAP!!

But then, I felt for them.....I felt for their determination to create a safe place for their offspring....would I not do the same??? Would I not go to the lengths as they?? Of course I would.....so I feel for them....my heart aches.....

However, I don't want a house fire because the birds enjoy lovemaking in my dryer vent!

Okay I feel better now....well, sorta....I will after I get a screen. I will try Home Depot.

My last ramble is the grass that has found its way into my house....I hate when we mow and every little strand of grass makes its way to my floors. I have vaccummed at least 2-3 times a day to keep it from coming back. Yes, we take our shoes off at the door, so where is it coming from??? The grass, the crumbs, the dirt, the pieces of paper, and occasional toy are swept up on a daily to twicedaily basis. I am done. I am banning the vaccum cleaner...

Thank you for listening..I am off to my son's IEP meeting for his speech.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring Cleaning or Bust

Spring has sprung!

spring cleaning

and you know what that means!


It is time to SPRING CLEAN!!!!

spring cleaning

So, my fellow bloggers and friends, I am about to begin my journey through my rather large house (why I wanted it this big is BEYOND me) and get my spring cleaning done.

We have the yard and gardens done, so the outside is looking SUPERB! And the storm door will be installed soon! Oh, how I can't wait!

My first journey is all the closests in my house....BE GONE junk BE GONE! I am tired of empty boxes we kept "just in case" it broke, clothes we can't wear or are don't wear, and FREAKING STUFFED ANIMALS!! Cute ones can stay but some of those crappy ones that were won at the grocery store or at an amusement park ARE GOING!!! BE GONE!!Photos will be taken of the before and the after....so this week Wed-Friday is CLOSET TIME!!

I will begin upstairs in my bedroom. Walk-in closet and linen closet.....
then I will move to Noah's room and then to Sydneys. Then there is the other linen closet in the spare bathroom which holds humidifiers that don't work (why we have kept them I don't know) and then to the spare bedroom closet. That is a total of 6 closets just upstairs...DREAD..... I am biting my nails as I think about it.....

Then I will move to the main floor....there is just 2 here, so that won't be so bad...OR WILL IT???? Both closets are full of a million and one coats that we don't wear or can't wear...sound familiar?? Goodwill here we come! And oh the clutter.....
Then I need to start cleaning my floors, carpet cleaning, cleaning those dusty baseboards (which I need to finish painting errr), and getting on my hands and knees to get the nooks and crannies....DREAD AGAIN!

I found a great spring cleaning list from Martha Stewart.

Martha Stewart

Or I mean......martha

I have printed it and we (OH I MEAN I) will begin spring cleaning my house and then some! I am going to get my handy dandy highlighter out and cross off as I got!
I might get carried away and come to yours....so be prepared. LOL
I only hope that cleaning makes me this happy!

cleaning lady

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The flood....

The rain came and went...but never entered our basement! The weather turned out beautiful today and we so grateful that we made it through another rainstorm with no flooding in the basement...

here is the creek behind us..it was about 30 feet from the neighbors house behind us...it was very high!

The creek (we pronouce it CRICK around these parts!) was at its highest ever!

Check it out (and don't forget to check out my hair blog below!)

Hair DOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe it! I got my hair cut and it is actually DIFFERENT than my usual! No more little girl high school...sorry Hubby...you will get over it!
Thank you Teri!

Noah's response: Mommy, your hair is beautiful! You are beautiful!

Hubby's response: It is nice, but I just don't like haircuts on you. I like your hair long. But it's nice.

Sydney's response: WAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (time for bed!)

My response: I don't care what you think because that big time hour away from home was MY time and I happen to think I look like a cute Mama!

For those of you who know me....it is quite a difference! I am very happy with it!!!

Here's some great shots (NOT!) taken by me...

Like it short??? No .....that isn't all of it..just messing with you! hehehehe

A shorter shag! It still goes up in my Mommy Tail! YEAH!!

Tonight's the night....


Besides that being what my hubby sings when he thinks he's going to get himself some nookie.....Yeah no joke.....

It is actually that tonight ladies and gents, I am getting my hair cut!!


Monday, April 21, 2008

What puncuation mark are you?

I found this on BlogThings. I always wondered what punctuation mark I would be.....

Well, not really, but since I love to write....why not??

You Are a Comma

You are open minded and extremely optimistic.

You enjoy almost all facets of life. You can find the good in almost anything.

You keep yourself busy with tons of friends, activities, and interests.

You find it hard to turn down an opportunity, even if you are pressed for time.

Your friends find you fascinating, charming, and easy to talk to.

(But with so many competing interests, you friends do feel like you hardly have time for them.)

You excel in: Inspiring people

You get along best with: The Question Mark

"Mommy, I had a dream....

that there were frogs in our basement." That was what my 5 year old son said this morning upon awakening.

Needless did he know that I had been down in the basement 15 times from bedtime till when he woke up!

Our sump pump has not stopped running. The water from under and around our house is constantly pouring in...

Hubby and I ran to the basement all through the night to make sure the 3+ inches of rain wasn't flooding our basement for the 4th time! Nothing... in the clear....till......

6:30 this morning....not kidding you either.

Hubby comes back up from the basement and says the rug by the basement door is wet. He said I think the drain is clogged with dirt and mulch. So, does he check?? No, of course not. So, I run down the stairs about falling on my a double s round the corner, flip on the light, and look. Yep, the drain is clogged. I pick up a broom and move everything from the drain. It starts to go down. Thank goodness there was only a little bit of water, enough to be dried up with 2 bath towels. I proceed upstairs to kiss hubby goodbye and return to bed.....

I crawl into my pillowtop bed, pull up the still warm sheets and down feather comforter...one more hour I tell myself....One more hour of sleep. I lay there.....listening for the sump pump to kick on and off.....I hear nothing.....so up out of bed, run down 2 flights of stairs, only to realize that more water came in because of the drain being clogged. The water again easily sopped up by 2 bath towels. As I turn the outside light on to check the drain, my neighbor is walking by and sees me. She comes down and says her basement is flooding. She hasn't had a flood in the 8 years she has lived there. She is stressing. On go the pants and shoes, and out comes the shop vac to the rescue.....

We get to her house and my shop vac isn't going to do much of anything with the quickly rising water. They realize after 8 years that the builders never put a sump pump in their house and thought they never needed one..till now!

So, I remembered Noah's dream and asked them if they found any frogs yet.....cuz when we flooded almost 2 years ago, we had a frog in our basement!

The community came together for some major teamwork. I passed on the damage resortation people we used and offered as much help as I could!

Issue number 2...more rain. It is raining AGAIN and I am so worried that our sump pump won't keep up with the incoming water. So, I am heading downstairs AGAIN for the millionth time to make sure things are picked up...just in case.

I officially HATE basements...especially FINISHED basements!

Issue number 3: I have freaking birds, UGLY, nasty blackbirds trying to build a nest and freaking mate in my dryer vent. They will die.....I will make sure of it if they don't catch on to my subtle hints of beating the dryer hose and turning on the hot dryer to scare them away....but the bastards keep coming back....They are so freaking loud!!

Issue number 4: My house is a wreck. I have never been this far behind. I seriously need just one day to myself to get caught up. I have lost my cleaning motivation....my obsession with keeping up as much as I can with 3 kids, afterschool kids, and an online job. I am done....I give up. I am not doing anything till someone takes my kids away for ONE FREAKING DAY! The community yard sale is coming up and I have yet to get things together.

All I know is that life could be worse. So, I am going to put on my daily smile, keep my butt from landing on that comfy couch, have some of my yummy HOMEMADE sweet tea, and get some stuff done around here!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Good things....

happened this weekend.....

It was absolutely beautiful all week and on Saturday so we took advantage of it.
Friday. we headed to the park with some new friends in our community and my friend Mary and her son. She offered to pile all three of my kids and me in her van to drive to the park.
I can't imagine what she was running through her head when she pulled into my driveway and saw 3 carseats, 2 diaper bags, a double stroller, my purse, and a lunch bag waiting to be loaded into her minivan......she was so positive and loaded it up like a trooper! We drove to the park, first of course stopping for a sweet tea and food, and after finding a parking spot, we unloaded the four kids and ourselves. We got a small glimpse of the life of Jon and Kate Plus 8, minus 4 kids *chuckle*
The temperature hit about 85 degrees and the sun was blazing hot! But nothing stopped us!
We ate lunch, fed the ducks, geese, swans, and fish, walked to playground area number 1, pit stop at the bathrooms, and off to playground area #2. By then the 85 degree weather and blazing hot sun were causing fussiness and sweat to begin dripping.
We decided after playing on playground #2 for about 10 mins that ie was time to get them out of there and keep them awake till we got home!
All day Saturday we spent the entire day and evening outside working in the yard. We planted a weeping cherry tree, flowers, a shrub, and made a new garden. We all got some sun...so no more pale Shaffer fam! It went pretty fast with the help of Amy, my neighbor. Her expertise in the green thumb section has given us the confidence that our garden will survive this year! I will post pictures tomorrow... it is raining to hard to go out and take pictures at the moment! We also went to Lowes and ordered a storm door to be installed very soon! We are so excited to add a little curb appeal to our house. When we got back from Lowes, we headed over to our neighbors' house to hang outside by the fire pit and chit chat. It was fun just to relax with friends and talk!
Today was sit around in the house and vegetate day. I got to sit on the couch for a whole hour! Write that on the freaking calendar! Laundry got done, floors vaccumed, and I read up. Oh read up what is that you ask?? That means we cleaned up around the house....that is a south central PA thing! HA!
Thought I would add some cutie patootie pictures of my girl on here! That way if my blog was boring at least the pictures of my sweetie would provide some excitement!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

People come and go in your life and they leave their mark.....

My focus tonight is on the people who are/were my neighbors....and close friends of mine.

I am blessed.

These people in my life now better NEVER leave me....if you leave distance wise...you better freaking keep in touch.....These people are my neighbors and my friends whom I will never forget. Things they have done for me lately and I can only hope and pray that I can give back to you somehow for all you have done for me!

Amy K: Thank you THANK YOU THANK YOU for helping me with my garden today. It was relaxing just gardening with a friend. It was enjoyable and educational...lol...you know how I am with my green thumb! We can sit and gossip about everything and chat about lifes ups and downs without judement. I love that about us. I hope that I can make it up to you somehow....

Mary G: Thank you for always being there when I need someone to listen to me vent! Thank you for helping me with the kids when I need it and coming for the most relaxing, enjoyable playdates.....I swear I knew you in another life...if I believed in that TAheheheheh. You are amazing and I have been waiting for you to come into my life for quite some time now. I love how you always surprise me with something new about you. Something I never thought was in you...like the Baby Got Back you pulled out and played in the car. Boy, did you surprise Hilary and I.... We knew you had some craziness in you and we love it! I only hope that I can give back to you in someway, someday.

Hilary and Leo: Thank you thank you for your sense of humor and your HUGE hearts. The clothes you have passed on to Sydney have been a blessing! She is now styling in the most comfortable outfits and the cutest of PJs! I am in your debt! And thank you for your recipe for simple syrup when my budget needed it the most! HA! You guys are awesome. We will miss you! I only wish I had met you earlier, but you will be back! I hope I can give to you like you did for me. Thank you.

Debby: After your successful stalking of us when we moved into the community...you became a close friend of mine...one whom I trusted and laughed with the most. With the ups and downs of life, we remained friends. I was so worried when you moved away and dropped off the Internet world for awhile...I thought I lost you....but you are back. I only hope that I can repay you for how much you have influenced Noah. He has become such an amazing little boy. He still calls Alligators Chomp chomps and Cows Moo Moos sometimes...too cute! That was you! I thought the next time we would see you was like in the Will and Grace episode when their kids ended up across eachother in their college dorm rooms and became great friends. Thank you for your humor and ability to make me feel so normal with your blogs! I hope I can make it up to you somehow!

Thank you so much for being a part of my life...for being my friend, even if you don't want to admit it...ha! I can't tell you enough...truly I can't. I want to eat you all up!

Okay enough sappy shit.....I am going to bed.



Hilary's hubby Leo...

Who now looks like this after helping his wife rid the cupboards of junk food...lol....has made all my sweet tea fantasies come true....he has shared his secret in making the best sweet tea that will keep the company returning to visit me just for the delicious WV style Sweet tea!

After the bitches with babies came home from a fun nite we were presented with Simple Syrup from Leo!! I came home and the next morning I made my own sweet tea....minus the McDonald's crack that MiCKEY DEE adds to theirs to keep me coming back. OMG! It tastes just like theirs ONLY BETTER cuz I made it at home....DUDE you can go all Decaf if you wanna! I AM SO PUMPED....so thought I would share his secret.

Recipe for Simple Syrup
He made ours minus the lemon, but you can always add mint and lemon for that special touch! I prefer none of that!

He even put it in this fancy bottle with a label just for me! Mary got one too and we are blessed! :)

Thank you so much!! :) I am one happy woman! I will ALWAYS be satisfied...heheheheh

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Those bitches have babies??!!!???

I just had such a great time with my posse tonight. So, I am going to take a moment and rejoice in the wonderful friendships I have made and hope to hold onto for a very very long time.

In high school, you hold onto your friendships and vow to never let them go EVER. At graduation, we hugged and promised to get together and never forget the friendships we had. Then college comes, you keep in touch, get together two or so times a year. You meet new friends and hold onto their friendships. Emails are sent and updates on your relationships, invites to weddings, baby showers, and before you know it.....they fade into the past.....a memory that makes you smile when you think back.

As a woman...you crave those kind of relationships...you wonder if you will ever have friends like that again. The ones you can open up to with all your secrets and confessions, belly laugh till you pee your pants, and feel so comfortable with even in your most embarrassing moments. You know like when you accidently flash your pink bra at men at the bar and still walk out holding your head high cuz your friends are with you!

Well, I found those friendships again. I found them with Hilary and Mary. Tonight, I get a call and an email from Hilary about walking or going out for a drink....well, I was all about the walk but thinking about how nice it would be to just go shoot the shit and have a drink. Mary had the same thing in mind...so off we went.

We sat at the bar at Applebees, enjoyed our company with the bartender, and the three gentlemen beside us. We decided we were going in as a team to apply to the new bar in town...Daisy Dukes and bar top dance. Why not huh?? Hot Mamas dancing in Daisy Dukes?? You hire us as a group and you can fire us as a group. (No we aren't really, but flirted with the idea of it). We laughed, gave confessions, and went from serious to funny with ease. So comfortable, SO what I needed.

Hilary made a funny about us being "Bitches who have Babies" and we laughed so hard the whole way home!

Throughout the big 2 hours away from home we managed to get drinks and do a driveby at Kmart (for Mary). Lol...we even got some simple syrup from Hilary's hubby....which I am pumped about! I am SO making my own sweet tea tomorrow! The night was great!

We rocked the minivan with Baby Got Back and had a blast!

I feel great and revived. So, now it is time to go and relax with hubby... hehehehehehehehe WINK WINK!!

Monday, April 14, 2008


GEESHH.......how the weekend goes so fast! It just seems like a flash.... I rush the entire week just to get a FLASH of relaxation and fun!

This weekend, we had such a great time with our old college friends. They came down from Clarion, PA. They have 2 little ones, just like us, and have very similar interests.

Their little boy!

We always have a great time every time we get together. As our little boy grows up, their little girl grows up and you know what that means???

That means we get comments at the dinner table like their daughter admitting to us, "We were kissing in the basement today."

Yeah, I am not shittin you! She really said that...age 4...OMG!

Noah, age 5, looks at us and says, "Yep!"

So, our entire meal, we had to keep our kids separated because they couldn't keep their lips off each other! Wonder what the future holds?

We see them about 4-5 times a year since we are about 4 hours apart, so as the years go on, it will be interesting to see how their relationship blossoms.....

They got Noah a soccer goal and ball for his birthday present, so he has been out practicing in our backyard so he can get better. Daddy was playing with him tonight, but we have to lengthen his attention span.... tonight he stopped to pick dandelions! HA! We will see what soccer season brings this year!

This morning we had Noah's kindergarten registration at his school. It was so inviting the way they set things up. They called it the Kindergarten Big Top and had it all set up like a circus, which is right up my son's alley!

He loved all the animals, how they put footsteps from station to station, the animal prizes, the clown, the popcorn, and the teachers and principal were super nice! It was very organized and not a bit stressful!

Because of that, we were in and out within in 45 mins! Noah was so comfortable that nothing turned out to be a fight to do! He is growing up so much!

Then I got new sunglasses today! Isn't it funny how just buying one thing for yourself can make you feel a heck of a lot better about yourself?? I think it was just getting myself something for the first time in months that made me take the pitstop at my hair stylist's shop! YEP PEOPLE I stopped and made an appointment for next Tuesday the 22nd! I am doing it...I am getting my haircut! I finally took the step to do something for ME!

I feel pretty, so I took a picture of myself lol lol....Okay Courtney..pull out the camera and take a REALLY good Middle School picture of yourself :) We all do it! Let's see the hair!!

As for the treadmill...Jamie and Debby are kicking my butt in treadmillville cuz I have been so busy that I haven't found the time get on the darn thing....Tomorrow I vow to go running in my community just to spice up my life! I will have to drive the miles to see what I did!

Peace out people!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Noah is such a ham!

Noah cracks me up everyday witht the funny things he does. He always has a way of making us laugh!

For his birthday he got a card from Shawn, Kelli, and Baby Sara J which was one of those singing cards where you open it up and it plays music. Well, during the party he tossed to the side with all the other cards and left it there for later.

Later came along and he was ready to actually look at the cards. As soon as he opened up the card he started dancing. It was hilarious....it reminded me of the the Saturday Night Live episodes where Jim Carrey and his friends go out on the town and when the music plays they toss their heads to one side....

That would be my Noah!

Check out the Noah's video for yourself.....hope it makes you laugh as hard as we did!

Friday, April 11, 2008

I proudly introduce you to.....


This is just a tidbit of the snoring episodes of the night that I must endure just to sleep in my own bed! It gets much worse where I feel like the kids and I along with the house is being sucked in! HUGE gasps of air! AHH!!! HELP ME!!!

Your turn ladies...how badly does your man snore!??!

Note to self:


Always look down when stepping out of your car in Sheetz parking lot...for you may step/slip in a pile of chewed up and spit out snuff from someone's nasty mouth or maybe splash your newly shaved legs and painted toenails in some 3 day old coffee someone decided to rid of right on the yellow line......

Thursday, April 10, 2008

It is time to bitch....

I don't normally complain about my hubby cuz 95% of the time he is a damn good one and good father at that, but some of his comments tonight are getting to me BIG TIME!

For one day I want someone to follow me around with a video camera, you know like on Jon and Kate Plus 8 and video everything I do in my day. The stress levels of having 3-4 kids during the day, up to 8 from the time of 4:00-6:00 pm, keeping a house clean, making dinner for him, mending wounds, giving time-outs, doing crafts, cleaning up crafts, chasing kids outside, giving little life lessons, car-pooling back and forth with 3 kids to preschool and back, diaper changes, changing garbage, reorganizing the house, running errands, making lunch for all 4 of us and then cleaning up lunch, doing dishes, laundry, and the list goes on.....just for one freaking day so he can watch it.

You know what his comment was tonight?? Oh wait...going off topic for a second....do you know why I am blogging at 11:00 pm when I should be sleeping?? Because his ass is up there snoring like a train on crack and I can't sleep. When I told him to roll over so he would not snore in my ear, he says, "I have to work tomorrow. I need to sleep." WHAT THE HECK AM I?? CHOPPED LIVER?? DO I NOT WORK?? DO I NOT NEED SLEEP?? OMFG!! My butt is taking the camera up tonight so i can video his snoring.....Debby we can see if mine or your man snores worse!

Back on topic...our conversations laying in bed at night are usually a review of the day, chuckling and having a good time but tonight report cards were obviously stressing him out. We went to bed and it was complaining about how I went to a TS party tonight (Thanks Amy BTW for the invite) and how I didn't get Noah to bed till 9:00 instead of 8:30. He said QUOTE, "You don't appreciate staying home anymore. You have to sacrifice. Everyone says it that when you get used to staying home you will start not appreciating it."

I would like to know who these EVERYONE's are...cuz if they are people who are jealous of me cuz I get to stay home or imaginary people he makes up to make is argument stronger I WANT TO KNOW...cuz I will trade you one of my "SAHM" days for one of yours....I am not just a stay at home mom... I bust my ass to make extra money for this family and he doesn't appreciate what I sacrifice to do that. I would probably spend more time with my kids if I were working full time....truly.....Sydney spends most of her days playing by herself or with Noah and napping. Noah spends most of his time getting yelled at by me, in time-outs for needing my attention, and playing with Sydney than they do with me. Wanna know why?? Cuz I am OBSESSED with keeping my house spotless....

The only evaluations I get are when people tell me how great my house looks. Thank you for my evaluations people. Hubby gives bad evals at times and forgets the good ones....ignores them....but sometimes focuses on the negative...and frankly, I am pretty damn perfect if I do say so myself.....


This is hard, cuz I love Hubby with all my heart, but sometimes I just want to scream. I know there are worse things I could complain about... he could be abusive, a cheater, or whatever, but right now during MY time to vent and be miserable (which is rare people, cuz I see myself as a pretty positive person) I need him to do is say, "Lisha, you bust you butt to do things for us and I think you DESERVE to do something for yourself! Honey why don't you go to the basement and workout WITHOUT the kids? Or even better honey, why don't you call your BFF and see if she wants to go out for dessert with you just to talk??"

I would say, "Honey...I love you. You want BJ??"


I would say FOR REAL, "Honey, I love you. This is why I don't complain on my blogs or to my friends about you cuz you always think about what I might need and not just what you need. You are simply the best."

Thanks for listening...I don't need judgements cuz I have a wonderful marriage but GOSH SOMETIMES MEN CAN BE SO FREAKING BLIND!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It is the sweet, simple things of life, which are the real ones after all. ~Laura Ingalls Wilder

My little girl is just shy a month of turning two and each and every day she amazes me with what she picks up.

Here is a little poem that reminds me of Sydney: (Yep, I gonna have to scrapbook this one!)

She's a bundle of sweetness and brightness and fun
The beauty of springtime,the warmth of the sun.
She's Innocence covered with mud, sand and soot
She's Motherhood dragging a doll by the foot.
She's a composite picture of giggles and tears
Of tantrums, excitement, amusement and fears.
A bundle of mischief and often a tease
A creature of moods not too easy to please.
She can capture your heart with her pixie-like grin
Or chatter and beg till your patience wears thin.
But obedient, naughty, mischievous or coy
She's Mom's little Darling and Dad's pride and joy.

Why am I gooing and awing over Sydney today on my blog??

Wellllllllll........it is just time to brag about my wonderful little girl!! heheheheheh!!

Sydney was making me laugh as usual today. Yesterday, she started a new game of hide and seek with my cell phone. She takes my phone and then runs and hides it. Upon her return, she looks at me, flips her hands up in the air, and says, "Where'd it go?" She giggles and looks all around. But Mommy has found her hiding spot...she hides it with her cell phone...

So, while upstairs I asked her where my cell phone was to see if she remembered....

She came back with her cell phone (which remember was in the same drawer as mine) and this was our conversation ....Mother..you are going to love this one! She says MIMI!!

Check out the video on Youtube. It was too big for Blogger video. :(

Here's the Link!


I took Noah to preschool this morning and as I passed the gas station, I almost choked....WTF is up with gas??? $3.45!!! OMG!!!

My eyes then dropped to my gauge. I saw that my tank was on 1/2 tank....I made a quick prayer up above that the gas will drop by the time I need it....

This SAHM can NOT afford to even drive her son to preschool in town 10 mins! WTF???

This is getting to be ridiculous....I guess I will have to load up the kids on the bike...one in the seat on the back and 2 in on of those pull along things and head to school....wonder how long it will take me to get there?? That is a LOT of hills.....hmmm.....that is my new diet plan! hehehehehhehe

kids in bike cart

No those aren't my kids HAHAHA

Or here's an idea....
kids on bike

My neighbor/friend Amy sent me an email forward today...and these are a few of the pictures from it!

Here is my hubby....heehehehehhe

What will we do???

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What's on your grocery list?

So, I need groceries...and I am making my list.

Wouldn't you know that our weekly grocery list always looks the same!??!

Side note:My wardrobe always looks the same too....Hot mama hair bun, no makeup, screaming kids, worn out jeans, sweatshirt, and sneakers....hot I know....Boy am I glad that I am taken HAHAHAHA!!

It is the same foods, the same snacks, the same everything! Nothing exciting....

We seriously need to spice up our grocery list!

Our list looks a little like this and coupons give me a little grocery orgasm!

Weekly Grocery List
2 gallons of 2% milk and 1 gallon of 1% milk
A loaf of bread
Motts Pear applesauce
Potato Smiles
Speghetti Oh's (about 3 cans)
Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (2 boxes, one regular and one spiral)
Size 4 Luvs Diapers
Goodnights size small
Huggies wipes (they are the best!)
Double Stuff Oreos (for the hubby)
Reduced Fat Pringles
Cheese sticks
Granola bars (choc. chip)
100% juice boxes
Sugar Free generic Koolaid (usually grape)
Hubby's Boston Market Sal. Steak and Mac & Cheese (BLAH!)
Hubby's Smart Ones Chicken Fet. (much better)
Cereal (2 boxes...usually different each week WOW EXCITEMENT!)
Frozen Pizza
Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts
Salmon (We love Salmon!)
Bag of Potatoes
Frozen corn and broc.
Downy fabric softener
Tide detergent
Electrosol Dishwaster Gel Pacs (gosh I love those things!)
Viva paper towels

Oh that is about it...I won't bore you with more...but grocery lists can be boring and I am ready to spice mine up!

Hubby WILL learn to eat some new foods, so I can do some spicing!


Or maybe I could spice up my Grocery shopping wardrobe and look more like this while I shop.....

bag lady


What's on your grocery list??? AND what do you wear to the grocery store???