Thursday, April 3, 2008

Catch Up.... (KETCHUP??)

Sounds like lol lol...

Anyway, let me give you fellow bloggers a big KETCHUP on our lives here on Caledonia Drive....

1. Today is my little boy's 5th birthday....He woke up the first time to Daddy giving him kisses and telling him Happy Birthday and then I woke him the second time to tell him Happy Birthday. He says, "I am 5 today!" Can't believe how fast time goes.....

2. He didn't come over to our room last night until 2:20 am....that is a stretch of almost 6 freaking hours!! He had bad dreams though...cuz he had problems going back to sleep but he wanted to stay in his room, so I took him over twice within in a 40 minute period, but as soon as he fell asleep he had bad dreams about monsters. After warning him about the garage, he finally laid down on our floor and slept the rest of the night.

3. I was putting my earrings on this morning and wouldn't you know that I dropped the little rubber thing twice.....and they are so TINY!! But all I gotta say is Thank goodness for cleavage...cuz it fell both times down the cleavage into the bra! I was happy to have big boobs.

4. Noah is having his birthday party at school today. He is so excited to share his cupcakes with his friends and teachers.

5. I have been working on everything for Noah's birthday party this Saturday. He just had to pick a difficult theme this year, however, I am am using creativity to come up with things to do. We decided not to invited a bunch of kids and limit it 1 for each age this year so we would not have tons of kids running around. It should be tons of fun anyway for Noah! Now, I gotta pick a theme for Sydney's birthday in May!

6. I got my voice back!! Thank goodness for that Tylenol Liquid stuff with Cool burst! I got rest and can talk again!! YEAH!!

7. I AM getting on my treadmill tonight REGARDLESS of anything else going on...the house can be crumbling down on me, and I WILL be running my big belly off! NO ONE will stop me. I am tired of not having the time for myself to just exercise.

That is about it for now! Have a super duper day!


~~~~~d~~~~ said...

OOHHHH happy birthday big boy!!!

Emma says:

Happy birfday noah :)

Enjoy his .

love d

and cleavage: hilarious
paintings????? wall clings? waht are those.. awesome!!

Heather said...

Happy 5th Birthday Noah!!!
Love ya,
Uncle Matt, Aunt Heather & Isaac

Lisha said...

The characters, I used Hubby's overhead projector, coloring book pages printed off the computer, and painted them. I am using them for decorations!! Noah loves them. I am going to use them in the play room after the party!

Mary said...

Happy Birthday to my big boy! I love Noah!