Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fun times & Updates

Hubby and I survived the long car trip to Pittsburgh! We even survived Pittsburgh traffic without hurting eachother! YEAH FOR US!!

I had a great time visiting my bestest college buddy in Pittsburgh this past weekend.
Waiting for our sweet teas!
Max & Ermas

She is getting bigger and bigger (along with her ankles...definetly cankles). She is due June 14th and it is quickly approaching. I am so excited for her because I sit and reminence about being a first time mom and all the expectations and anticipation I had! She is going to be a great mom and her hubby will be a great dad! The shower was beautiful and she got just about everything they needed and then some!

When we left Pittsburgh on Sunday afternoon, hubby had to get himself some Eat N Park cookies to munch on the way home. OH HOW DELICIOUS!

But boy did I miss my kids!!!!

They, however, had a great time at their grandparents. Syd was with my mom and Noah was with hubby's mom. They were exhausted from their fun filled weekend. They both zonked out on the ride home.


1. Birds are still in my dryer vent. They won't give it up. They do not see that everytime I hear them I will turn on the dryer and throw their nest onto the ground....this is exactly why it is such an insult to be called a bird brain.

2. The storm door is going to be installed today at noon!! Oh how I can't wait!

3. Sydney still has pink eye, but at least she didn't wake up this morning gooped shut! It is getting better.

4. I still love my hair...LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

5. I started WW at home with my friend Amy. We weigh in on Friday, however I didn't officially start till yesterday!

6. Blogging is going to slow down for me...because spring cleaning has begun!! I NEED MY HOUSE BACK IN ORDER!!


Mary said...

I'm excited for Kim. I'm happy everything is going well. Poor Sydney, she is such a trooper with the eye drops. I hope next time she comes up it isn't so muddy and she doesn't have to look at her pants and say UhOh...
We had a good weekend! I'm glad you and Shane did too!

Cameron said...

Glad you had a good time. Kim looks beautiful! The Eat N Park cookies look yummy. Good Luck with WW...you will do great! I am glad Sydney's eyes are getting better. Can't wait to see the storm door. Miss you.

Hilary said...

Welcome! Welcome! Weight Watchers groupie... Or should I say... victim! I know you can do this... how do you feel about a little competition... tee hee hee!!!
I am glad that you had a great time!