Monday, April 14, 2008

GEESHH!!!! the weekend goes so fast! It just seems like a flash.... I rush the entire week just to get a FLASH of relaxation and fun!

This weekend, we had such a great time with our old college friends. They came down from Clarion, PA. They have 2 little ones, just like us, and have very similar interests.

Their little boy!

We always have a great time every time we get together. As our little boy grows up, their little girl grows up and you know what that means???

That means we get comments at the dinner table like their daughter admitting to us, "We were kissing in the basement today."

Yeah, I am not shittin you! She really said that...age 4...OMG!

Noah, age 5, looks at us and says, "Yep!"

So, our entire meal, we had to keep our kids separated because they couldn't keep their lips off each other! Wonder what the future holds?

We see them about 4-5 times a year since we are about 4 hours apart, so as the years go on, it will be interesting to see how their relationship blossoms.....

They got Noah a soccer goal and ball for his birthday present, so he has been out practicing in our backyard so he can get better. Daddy was playing with him tonight, but we have to lengthen his attention span.... tonight he stopped to pick dandelions! HA! We will see what soccer season brings this year!

This morning we had Noah's kindergarten registration at his school. It was so inviting the way they set things up. They called it the Kindergarten Big Top and had it all set up like a circus, which is right up my son's alley!

He loved all the animals, how they put footsteps from station to station, the animal prizes, the clown, the popcorn, and the teachers and principal were super nice! It was very organized and not a bit stressful!

Because of that, we were in and out within in 45 mins! Noah was so comfortable that nothing turned out to be a fight to do! He is growing up so much!

Then I got new sunglasses today! Isn't it funny how just buying one thing for yourself can make you feel a heck of a lot better about yourself?? I think it was just getting myself something for the first time in months that made me take the pitstop at my hair stylist's shop! YEP PEOPLE I stopped and made an appointment for next Tuesday the 22nd! I am doing it...I am getting my haircut! I finally took the step to do something for ME!

I feel pretty, so I took a picture of myself lol lol....Okay Courtney..pull out the camera and take a REALLY good Middle School picture of yourself :) We all do it! Let's see the hair!!

As for the treadmill...Jamie and Debby are kicking my butt in treadmillville cuz I have been so busy that I haven't found the time get on the darn thing....Tomorrow I vow to go running in my community just to spice up my life! I will have to drive the miles to see what I did!

Peace out people!


Tracy said...

Love the sunglasses....i cant wait to see your new are gonna feel so good....did your mom get hers done. I have been looking at her blog and nothing yet.

hilary said...

Cool sunglasses! What kinda hairdo are you gonna get?
Don't ya want your hair blowin' in the wind as you are smokin' me on the treadmill... or for that matter, while I'm walkin'?

Mary said...

Cool sunglasses. I love sunglasses. Hope your hair goes better then mine.

Kim said...

Hey Girl! I'm getting my haircut the same day! Just wish I could do something about the color! I'm still waiting until after the baby is born! Cool sunglasses, btw!