Sunday, April 20, 2008

Good things....

happened this weekend.....

It was absolutely beautiful all week and on Saturday so we took advantage of it.
Friday. we headed to the park with some new friends in our community and my friend Mary and her son. She offered to pile all three of my kids and me in her van to drive to the park.
I can't imagine what she was running through her head when she pulled into my driveway and saw 3 carseats, 2 diaper bags, a double stroller, my purse, and a lunch bag waiting to be loaded into her minivan......she was so positive and loaded it up like a trooper! We drove to the park, first of course stopping for a sweet tea and food, and after finding a parking spot, we unloaded the four kids and ourselves. We got a small glimpse of the life of Jon and Kate Plus 8, minus 4 kids *chuckle*
The temperature hit about 85 degrees and the sun was blazing hot! But nothing stopped us!
We ate lunch, fed the ducks, geese, swans, and fish, walked to playground area number 1, pit stop at the bathrooms, and off to playground area #2. By then the 85 degree weather and blazing hot sun were causing fussiness and sweat to begin dripping.
We decided after playing on playground #2 for about 10 mins that ie was time to get them out of there and keep them awake till we got home!
All day Saturday we spent the entire day and evening outside working in the yard. We planted a weeping cherry tree, flowers, a shrub, and made a new garden. We all got some no more pale Shaffer fam! It went pretty fast with the help of Amy, my neighbor. Her expertise in the green thumb section has given us the confidence that our garden will survive this year! I will post pictures tomorrow... it is raining to hard to go out and take pictures at the moment! We also went to Lowes and ordered a storm door to be installed very soon! We are so excited to add a little curb appeal to our house. When we got back from Lowes, we headed over to our neighbors' house to hang outside by the fire pit and chit chat. It was fun just to relax with friends and talk!
Today was sit around in the house and vegetate day. I got to sit on the couch for a whole hour! Write that on the freaking calendar! Laundry got done, floors vaccumed, and I read up. Oh read up what is that you ask?? That means we cleaned up around the house....that is a south central PA thing! HA!
Thought I would add some cutie patootie pictures of my girl on here! That way if my blog was boring at least the pictures of my sweetie would provide some excitement!


Mary said...

Great Pictures!! Not sure what your post said...nah, just kidding. Sounds like a fun weekend.

Courtney said...

Read up!!! I'm a Northeastern PA girl!! While I've never actually used the phrase, I've heard it lots and lots!!

Sounds like you guys had a great weekend! We did, too. Upstate NY weather was also gorgeous!