Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hair DOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe it! I got my hair cut and it is actually DIFFERENT than my usual! No more little girl high school...sorry Hubby...you will get over it!
Thank you Teri!

Noah's response: Mommy, your hair is beautiful! You are beautiful!

Hubby's response: It is nice, but I just don't like haircuts on you. I like your hair long. But it's nice.

Sydney's response: WAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (time for bed!)

My response: I don't care what you think because that big time hour away from home was MY time and I happen to think I look like a cute Mama!

For those of you who know me....it is quite a difference! I am very happy with it!!!

Here's some great shots (NOT!) taken by me...

Like it short??? No .....that isn't all of it..just messing with you! hehehehe

A shorter shag! It still goes up in my Mommy Tail! YEAH!!


Cameron said...


I LOVE IT!!!! YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL! ONE HOT MAMA! I am so glad you took the time for yourself tonight, got away, and got pampered. You DESERVE IT!!!!

Hilary said...

I LOVE IT! Now, we have to take you and your "do" out for another two hours of fun! Let's get it on the schedule chickas!
How did it feel to have time alone???? I am so glad that you did this for yourself!!!!

Courtney said...

You look beautiful! My husband has that hair cut attitude, too. He told me that if I cut it off (or dyed it black) he might not sleep in the same bed with me until it went back to "normal". Is it wrong that it is soooooo tempting to cut it all off and then dye it just for spite?

~d said...

Ohh soo cute LIsh!! LOve it.