Monday, April 21, 2008

"Mommy, I had a dream....

that there were frogs in our basement." That was what my 5 year old son said this morning upon awakening.

Needless did he know that I had been down in the basement 15 times from bedtime till when he woke up!

Our sump pump has not stopped running. The water from under and around our house is constantly pouring in...

Hubby and I ran to the basement all through the night to make sure the 3+ inches of rain wasn't flooding our basement for the 4th time! Nothing... in the clear....till......

6:30 this morning....not kidding you either.

Hubby comes back up from the basement and says the rug by the basement door is wet. He said I think the drain is clogged with dirt and mulch. So, does he check?? No, of course not. So, I run down the stairs about falling on my a double s round the corner, flip on the light, and look. Yep, the drain is clogged. I pick up a broom and move everything from the drain. It starts to go down. Thank goodness there was only a little bit of water, enough to be dried up with 2 bath towels. I proceed upstairs to kiss hubby goodbye and return to bed.....

I crawl into my pillowtop bed, pull up the still warm sheets and down feather more hour I tell myself....One more hour of sleep. I lay there.....listening for the sump pump to kick on and off.....I hear up out of bed, run down 2 flights of stairs, only to realize that more water came in because of the drain being clogged. The water again easily sopped up by 2 bath towels. As I turn the outside light on to check the drain, my neighbor is walking by and sees me. She comes down and says her basement is flooding. She hasn't had a flood in the 8 years she has lived there. She is stressing. On go the pants and shoes, and out comes the shop vac to the rescue.....

We get to her house and my shop vac isn't going to do much of anything with the quickly rising water. They realize after 8 years that the builders never put a sump pump in their house and thought they never needed one..till now!

So, I remembered Noah's dream and asked them if they found any frogs yet.....cuz when we flooded almost 2 years ago, we had a frog in our basement!

The community came together for some major teamwork. I passed on the damage resortation people we used and offered as much help as I could!

Issue number 2...more rain. It is raining AGAIN and I am so worried that our sump pump won't keep up with the incoming water. So, I am heading downstairs AGAIN for the millionth time to make sure things are picked up...just in case.

I officially HATE basements...especially FINISHED basements!

Issue number 3: I have freaking birds, UGLY, nasty blackbirds trying to build a nest and freaking mate in my dryer vent. They will die.....I will make sure of it if they don't catch on to my subtle hints of beating the dryer hose and turning on the hot dryer to scare them away....but the bastards keep coming back....They are so freaking loud!!

Issue number 4: My house is a wreck. I have never been this far behind. I seriously need just one day to myself to get caught up. I have lost my cleaning obsession with keeping up as much as I can with 3 kids, afterschool kids, and an online job. I am done....I give up. I am not doing anything till someone takes my kids away for ONE FREAKING DAY! The community yard sale is coming up and I have yet to get things together.

All I know is that life could be worse. So, I am going to put on my daily smile, keep my butt from landing on that comfy couch, have some of my yummy HOMEMADE sweet tea, and get some stuff done around here!

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Mary said...

Hopefully all is well and life in a dry basement will go on. Hang in there.