Saturday, April 12, 2008

Noah is such a ham!

Noah cracks me up everyday witht the funny things he does. He always has a way of making us laugh!

For his birthday he got a card from Shawn, Kelli, and Baby Sara J which was one of those singing cards where you open it up and it plays music. Well, during the party he tossed to the side with all the other cards and left it there for later.

Later came along and he was ready to actually look at the cards. As soon as he opened up the card he started dancing. It was reminded me of the the Saturday Night Live episodes where Jim Carrey and his friends go out on the town and when the music plays they toss their heads to one side....

That would be my Noah!

Check out the Noah's video for yourself.....hope it makes you laugh as hard as we did!


Mary said...

He could make his own tv show right beside Jim Carrey. Love you Noah!

Hilary said...

That's okay... my students used to say I looked like Molly Shannon! That is why we call Alden... Mary Catherine Gallagher! Noah could be my partner in comedy!
Love the dance! He has a future of fun ahead of him!

~~~~~d~~~~ said...

sooo cute

pey loves it